Cancel Amazon Prime Show Advocating Cruelty Against Animals

Target: Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive Officer of Amazon

Goal: Cancel The Grand Tour for continuing to air episodes which promote animal cruelty.

Depictions of animal cruelty have twice been included in episodes of a new show on Amazon Prime called The Grand Tour. The first incidence was when the show’s hosts constructed a vehicle out of meat and bones. In another episode, the hosts attempted to compare the weight of cars to cows, goats, and camels. When the animals were deemed too difficult to get on the scales, one host said, “I think it’s better if I kill them. If they’re dead, they won’t mind,” and the next scene shows the dead, skinned carcasses of various animals.

Whether or not Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson, and James May (the show’s hosts) actually killed the animals they used to compare weights is beside the point. These scenes show a blatant disregard for animal life and suggest that they can be killed for man’s trivial needs. Demand that these former Top Gear presenters’ show be canceled immediately.


Dear Mr. Bezos,

A show produced by your studios is using its airtime to depict images of animal cruelty. In addition to constructing a car out of meat and bones, they compared the weight of their cars to the dead carcasses of cows, goats, and camels. This shows an obvious disregard for the lives of animals.

Already many activists are angry with this show and their repeated stunts including the bodies of dead animals. I am writing to demand that you cancel this show immediately.


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Photo Credit: Tony Harrison

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  1. Perhaps they wouldn’t ‘mind’ if they were killed just to see their weight compared to one of their cars! How absolutely uncivilized and pathetic these males (they’re NOT men!) are!! I refuse to watch this joke of a show and hope Amazon has the intellect required to get rid of it for good! I would hate to purchase less from them, since they’re one of the online retailers I buy from the most as are my son, daughter and friends who will all hear about this.

  2. Sorry, I meant as do my son, daughter etc.

  3. This channel and highly offensive television program must be immediately shut down.Animal abuse WILL NOT be tolerated!

  4. Linda Cummings says:

    Um, what the hell is wrong with these people

  5. Bezos? Shouldn’t his name be BOZOS?! I would NEVER watch such a gruesome, animal-hating show!! And unless it’s cancelled and taken off the air, bye-bye Amazon!!!! I can live without you and your wares and it won’t kill ME.

  6. Amazon’s reputation is worsening for a variety of reasons, and, disrespect for animals is inexcusable!

    As a result of some of their atrocious policies, I no longer purchase all the products that I used to. This show just gives me an additional justification………..

  7. Those morons get away with anything they are three bullies who need to be culled.

  8. The wee midget loves fox hunting he must look like the prince in shreck. Big horse wi a wee tit on its back, as for the other two… I could go on forever.

  9. Bezos, Stand up for empathy and humane standards; be what only you and a few others can be now and going forward, a strong counterforce against a vicious, dangerously insecure pres.-elect. For a Bezos man who is inspired by space, show the country that space endeavors make you a better man, and maybe all of us can lift our sights; show us that space knowledge gives your a clearer and more admirable mind than the mind of a manipulative salesman. Show the world that you do not fund your space dreams and projects by exploiting animals. We need good models of men (and women) now: so, Bezos, serve the world without forever dirtying yourself and tainting your worthy cause of space science and exploration.


  11. Common Sense says:

    Do you honestly think they killed those animals? HIGHLY DOUBTFUL! They were in Morocco! Have you ever seen a meat market in another country? Just remember every time you buy your meat at the grocery store that animal was SLAUGHTER and often not humanely! Sure a bolt gun is quick but really cruel when you think about it. Keep in mind it is a television show they’re not out hunting lions or elephants buying a dead cow is not unheard of. Oh wait I forgot it is acceptable if it is cut into a filet and placed on a styrofoam plate with a saran wrap top and a price label.

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