Release Video of Trump Reportedly Saying ‘N*gger’ and ‘C*nt’

Target: Tom Arnold
Goal: Release vulgar and racist Trump video you reportedly have in your possession.

Actor Tom Arnold has been concealing a top secret Trump video that shows the president-elect using the words “n*gger” and “c*nt” according to a recent report. In an interview, Arnold admits that he’s in possession of the notorious outtakes video from the reality television show, the Apprentice.

We ask that Tom Arnold release any videos he is holding to the public. The office of the President of the United States is the most powerful job on the planet, and the world has the right to see the soon-to-be “leader” of the free world’s racist, sexist and vulgar statements on full display.

Arnold explained on KIRO radio’s “The Dori Monson Show,” that he was emailed the vulgar and racist outtakes video as part of a Christmas montage made by producers of the show. Apparently the video was created years ago when Trump announced his candidacy and no one thought he had any chance of winning.

“I have the outtakes to ‘The Apprentice’ where he says every bad thing ever, every offensive, racist thing ever,” Arnold claimed.

“It was him sitting in that chair saying the N-word, saying the C-word, calling his son a retard, just being so mean to his own children.”

According to Arnold, he was contacted by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s agent, who pleaded with him to release the video before the election. Arnold refused to release the tape then. While it is too late to prevent Trump from becoming president, Arnold still has a duty to the public to release any tapes he holds in his possession.

An American citizen holding a video that reportedly confirms that the country’s president-elect is a racist monster has a patriotic obligation to release it.


Dear Tom Arnold,

You said you have a tape that shows Donald Trump using the words “n*gger” and “c*nt”. You’ve admitted that you’re in possession of this notorious outtakes video from the reality television show, the Apprentice. We ask that you release any videos you are holding to the public.

American is about to have a president who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. Donald Trump’s coming presidency has been built upon lies and hatred. The office of the President of the United States is the most powerful job on the planet, and the world has the right to see the soon-to-be “leader” of the free world’s racist, sexist and vulgar statements on full display.

You are an American citizen that is apparently holding a video that confirms that the country’s president-elect is a racist monster and you have a patriotic obligation to release it.

[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. FORCECHANGE….i cannot believe you have stooped this low and Grant Grayson…get over it. We can’t always get what we want, didn’t your parents teach you this, oh, i guess not. Spewing more hate, shame on you!

  2. When someone has a private conversation, it’s a private conversation, no one has a right to know what is being said. Stop trying to dig up dirt on Trump, the election is over and he won.

    • We don’t want someone like him in office. For alot of reason. He is a disgrace to this country!!!!!!

      • So you don’t care about the (easy to access) video of Obama saying N*gg*r?

        Sounds like a double standard to me.

        How about we apply all the same rules to everyone.

      • And we don’t want libtards like you in this country due to libtards, including you, being a disgrace to this wonderful country.

        If you don’t like it all that much, go live in Germany with Merkel.

  3. “Make Russia great again” T-shirt?
    Do you believe that hoax? The same people that forced upon us Yellow Cake, and WMD told us the Russia hack lie. They are Neo-Cons. And Clinton is a war maniac that wants a catastrophic war with Russia.
    And the word C#unt is NOT sexist. I use it daily – usually with cars – (with no idea who is driving it).

    • Christine Hornsleth says:

      Yeah cuz that’s why the Russians didn’t want Hillary. She’s not a pushover like trump AND his supporters who are cult-like in excusing his vile narcissistic behavior.

      • I’m surprised Russia didn’t want Hillary – you can have her and her influence for the right price. Just ask China and India.

    • Christine Hornsleth says:

      Shame on u for using that term daily. But it does explain a lot. I guess most of his supporters gave up decency in our English language with all the teenagers. You and trump were made for each other. Aren’t you lucky.

    • It may not be used in a sexist way by you but it is generally used against a Woman and refers to a certain part of a Womans anatomy. Most people use it rarely as it is considered hugely VULGAR!!

  4. Maria Gallegos says:

    It’s unbelievable how low this organization has gone. As of today I will unsubscribe there are many other organizations that are more reputable and honorable than this one.

  5. I so do not support the petition! Wow! Damn liberals reaching & grasping at straws. How about you damn liberals accept defeat, get over it, & see how Trump does. Who cares what kind of video “Tom Arnold” has. Trump is already on track to be better than Obama. Just this week, Obama just released 150+ prisoners early, for no reason. Plus do your research! The top people in Trump’so company are a woman & a black man, whom of which will that Trump is not racist or sexist.

    • Christine Hornsleth says:

      Yeah cuz that’s why the Russians didn’t want Hillary. She’s not a pushover like trump AND his supporters who are cult-like in excusing his vile narcissistic behavior.
      BTW, we will never get over it so get used to us trashing your President like you did Obama. What goes around, comes around. Good luck trying to get anything done. The country will vote again in two years.

      • For yor info I voted 4 Obama! U r sore losers. A lot of Hillary supporters r sexist cos u wanted a woman 2 win. We dont call u lesbians! Hillary is a security risk but u don’t mention that in yor dribble. Trump supporters aren’t all stupid! I run a very successful business& I employ c*”ts &
        ni#*-rs. Give Trump a chance. Wat will u say if he’s the best president eva? U won’t admit u r rong.

    • Barbara H. Vinson says:

      Stephanie C: You can read my post. I was referring to your type when I wrote it.

  6. Trump along with everyone else….time to get your sh*t together. Don’t you think????

  7. Barbara H. Vinson says:

    That man (term used loosely) is despicable. Those are two words I would never tolerate coming from anyone, and here he uses both just as willy-nilly as he pleases. I can’t stand the sight of him, and to think he was voted in by Americans probably as stupid as he is, is sickening. What rotten luck we are having with that thing as president. He is no more presidential material than I could be a math major. He might be rich but he has no class whatsoever and no culture. I find him disgusting–just rich white trash.

  8. Barbara H. Vinson says:

    JOAN BASILICATA: You’re not getting it at all–a very typical Trump supporter. One does not use filthy language like that even in a private conversation. It shows precisely what kind of idiot one might be. As for digging up dirt about that Orange Moron, you don’t HAVE to dig any up–it’s all over him and shows in his ugly face.

  9. I refuse to stoop so low as to read the content of this petition. Why is it that your petitions are always pro-liberal BS? Guess what? Y’ll lost the election so GET OVER IT! We graciously put up w/ the “reign of terror” for the past 8 yrs., losing job hrs., jobs, & eithre loss of health care or exorbitant fees to maintain it. Grow up, display appropriate behaviour, & suck it up just like we’ve done for the last 8 yrs., plus 8 yrs. of Clintonian reign. Speaking of which, the Obama & Clinton yrs. have been less than socially & legally acceptable. Ironic how those faux pas are simply dismissed as meer mistakes.

  10. Hey – I remember when tit was Pres Clinton using nasty terms, and heard on tape. Obama has been heard saying not-too-nice things either. Get over it.

  11. Does Arnold even have this tape? I’m sure he’s been offered good money for it; and the way his career is going these days, he probably can use it, not to mention he’ll be a big Hollywood hero for releasing it.

  12. What amazes me with these kinds of articles is that they profess to think Trump is so vulgar because of his words…..but, these leftist communists don’t give a sh*t about Bill Clinton raping young women and Hillary making the victims lives miserable and frightening ….WTH???? Priorities anymore are really screwed up!

    • This is about Trump. Why bring anyone else into the discussion? Trump has been shocking people for decades. It doesn’t matter what someone else has done. That sounds like playground arguing. Stop being on the defensive and consider his actions objectively like a rational and educated human.

      • Because of the double standard with the libtards. It’s ok for Obama to say n!gg@ (which is slang for n!gg!r meaning exactly the same thing and equally degrading). Anyone else? Oh! Then the term “Hate Crime” comes into it.

    • You would think that the anti-Trump people would be held to a higher standard, but time and again they manage to speak with ugliness that defies logic. Hypocritical to say the least.

  13. I have read these comments and many of you assume that people who find Trump offensive are liberals. First the definition of liberal dismisses that theory. Second 60% of Americans don’t follow either party as we are independent thinkers and don’t let a party do our thinking for us. He IS rude and vulgar. If you cannot see that it just shows us you are as uncouth as he is so we’re not really interested in your opinion.

  14. Kitty Elizabeth says:

    ForceChange, any more stunts like this and I’m through with you. Like Maria Gallegos said, there are plenty of other activist sites for animals I can access. Be careful, ForceChange, or you’ll lose 50% of your potential base. Just like Hillary.

    • I totally agree with you Kitty, there is no place for idiotic petitions that are simply a venue for spewing more political pointless hate. I, and many others come here for the purpose of helping animals and the health of the planet. I don’t see many updates on these petitions anyway.

  15. DONE w/ Force Change. You’ve stooped to your lowest. I signed up to help animals. Now they have their own petition sites. Dropped Care2 also. You should have stayed out of politics!

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