Require Animal Abusers to Register Themselves

Target: Rick Snyder, Governor of Michigan

Goal: Sign law requiring all animal abusers to put their names on a registry.

Animal abusers could soon be required to put their names on a registry thanks to a proposed law now approved by the State House and Senate. If signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder, names of those who have hurt animals will appear on the Internet Criminal History Access Tool (ICHAT). The law also requires shelters and animal control to check the registry prior to completing an adoption, meaning no Michigan animal abuser would be allowed to own a pet for at least five years after being convicted.

Known as Logan’s Law, this new piece of legislature was named after a husky that was attacked in his sleep and later died from his injuries. Some lawmakers criticize the bill for costing too much, and Snyder has a deadline by which he must sign the law in order for it to take effect. Demand that Logan’s Law be signed so that animal abusers will have to register their names and be banned from adopting pets.


Dear Governor Snyder,

Your signature is needed on a law that would require all animal abusers to place their names on a registry. If this law were to go into effect, those who have been convicted of harming animals will be banned from adopting pets.

While some lawmakers raise concerns about the costs this new law will incur, I hope you will look past that to see all the good Logan’s Law will bring. I demand that you sign this piece of legislature to help ensure that no pet will ever have to go home with a convicted animal abuser.


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Photo Credit: Jocelyn Augustino

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  1. Death sentence thats all

  2. Paula Eggleston says:

    Please establish this registry for animal abusers! They should never be allowed to own an animal again, and this would be one way to prevent this from happening. Studies have shown that abusers do not reform on their own and it usually escalates to worse neglect or torture. These people have no empathy for animals and enjoy or ignore their suffering. We, as caring, feeling, rational people need to protect these innocent, trusting, and defenseless beings from these predators.

  3. This needs to be done across the country. Maybe if we had photos of these pieces of shit like child molesters have a registry then people like me could make them cement feet and throw them into a vat of shit. Even that is too good for some of these pieces of scum.

  4. This should be all over the world


  6. Animal abuse registers are needed badly in this country. Why can we register child abusers but not animal abusers. Its all the same abusing an innocent soul.

  7. Animal Abuse Registry will do more to deter animal cruelty than most all of our other legislation, as long as they are long-term and required enough information. It should NOT be limited to 5 years!. Anyone cruel enough to abuse animals, will always be a threat to them and, most likely, humans.

    Cost is NO excuse! Protection of the lives of our animals should be the main concern. Animal cruelty crimes are rampant! We MUST do more to prevent them, especially, serial crimes. If it reduces the number of crimes, than it will also reduce cost.

    Animal Abuse Registry should be in every state and on a federal basis. We need more protection of innocent and helpless animals!

  8. Govenor Snyder, do what’s right. Animals have rights. Child abuse, spouse and animal abuse all link up. Laws MUST be strengthened and ENFORCED. Stop Letting abuse and torture continue.

  9. An abuser registry will contribute to countless lives being saved, ending a cycle of repeated offense.
    As animal shelters and nonprofit rescue organizations will be using ICHAT, a program already in existence, this does not, in fact, look costly at all…the minimal costs incurred are nothing in relation to countless lives saved, the expense of a continual investigation and the cycle of repeated re-offense… A five year ban is not long enough considering that, statistically, many abusers are ill and not “rehabilitable”, as is the case with pedophiles. Mandated re-registration every two years…?? On a minor note, job creation, and isn’t it that jobs bolster an economy…
    Much gratitude to the legislators. MAY this registry go through…and, in relation to an appalling epidemic sweeping the landscape, unchecked, a National registry created in the future.

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