Punish Man Who Reportedly Attacked a Dog with a Machete

Target: Elizabeth Trible, Commonwealth Attorney for Richmond County, Virginia

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the man who allegedly attacked his neighbor’s dog with a machete.

A Virginia man reportedly slashed his neighbor’s dog with a machete, seriously wounding the dog. The man claimed that he was trying to protect his livestock from the dog, who was reportedly on a hunt. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

“It hurt me real bad when I saw the dog. I didn’t understand why someone would do this to a dog,” stated Dameon Brooks. His 9-month-old deer hound, Butch, sustained a deep laceration to his side after he was reportedly attacked by Cortland Daniel McBeth. McBeth reportedly admitted to attacking Butch, but claimed that he was trying to protect his livestock.

McBeth was charged with animal cruelty and impeding a hunt. Butch is slowly recovering from his injury, but may never hunt again. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Attorney Trible,

A dog sustained a severe laceration after he was reportedly attacked with a machete. The attacker claimed that he was trying to protect his livestock. We demand justice for this innocent animal.

“He’s not himself. He’s in a lot of pain. I would hate to see another dog owner go through what I’m going through,” stated Dameon Brooks, the dog’s owner. Butch, a deer hound, was on a hunt when a neighbor reportedly attacked him with a machete. Brooks rushed him to the Warsaw Animal Clinic, where he underwent surgery.

This cruelty cannot go unpunished. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Meli1670

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  1. I am rady,willing and able to help enact the required PERMANENT payback to any dog abuser! OH YES!!!! Death is required!

    • A cancer curse on the bastard and all those human cretins who hunt and kill innocent animals and those who use innocent animals in their barbaric acts. Hang the bastard in public, the only punishment for animal abusers.

  2. Hit this man with a machete and leave him to suffer for what he did. He was angry and it was not about his livestock

  3. I wonder what would have happened if that bastard committed a similar act on a human being? My point is that animals have rights too !!!! Secondly, anyone who would attack a helpless dog (and only a 9 mo old puppy) with a machete should not be allowed near animals of any kind – i.e. his or others. Don’t let this sick bastard get away with this. Hope he doesn’t have children …

  4. Tina shurtleff says:

    There is no excuse for such cruelty. This man could have talked to the dogs owner if he was concerned for his livestock. I do not like the use of dogs in hunting. It’s usually the dog that pays the price instead of the owner. Where I live dogs hunting dogs are left out in the cold, abandoned or even killed if they do not hunt correctly. Our shelters are full of hunting dogs

    • Yes, excellent point to those who aren’t “in the know” about “hunting” dogs as a rule. Just like farmed animals, many aren’t intrinsically valued for THEMSELVES, and are ALSO being exploited, harmed, or simply killed off, as if they were nothing but inanimate chattel.

      So I feel terrible for this jackass’s dog, but NOT for the jackass himself. HE’s busy killing innocent wildlife and making his dog an accomplice to these vicious, unnecessary acts. Bet Dameon just “gets rid of” Butch if he can’t do his appointed ‘job’ anymore, and/or just gets ANOTHER “hunting dog” despite his neighbor being a huge risk to their safety.

      BOTH of these male brutes need massive lessons in compassion for other species!!

  5. I don’t think a 9 month old puppy could harm his livestock. This subhuman is a menace to society and animals. He should not even be allowed livestock after this god only knows how he treats them if he can do this to a defenseless PUPPY!!!

  6. There is no excuse for this cruelty but I might add that it was a hunting dog running free. What was it hunting and how about the cruelty of the hunted animal. There is no need to be hunting with dogs, it shouldn’t be allowed. Nothing is the dogs fault. It is the owners fault. I’m not saying that the man who attacked the dog was justified either. To me, it looks like they are equally bad people. I might also add that I was a rancher who loved my ranch animals as much as anyone who loves a dog. If there were a dog running free attacking my animals I would defend them in anyway I could. Hopefully humanely. There were several dogs come through my ranch chasing my animals. I would lure them into a building and lock them up and call the animal warden. They had to pay a $500 fine each time they retrieved their dogs. Some had to pay more than once and the fine went up. This punished the owner instead of the animal.

    • Christine Jones says:

      Well said Sheryl. The hunter was out there using one animal to try and kill other animals. If he hadn’t been, none of this would have happened in the first place. The poor dog was collateral damage.

  7. This putrid dog attacker must be punished to the fullest extent of our inadequate animal abuse laws!

  8. Dogs are no threat to livestock. The rancher is a dog-hater and needed an excuse to hurt Butch. Anyone who’d do something so hateful to a living creature is a menace.

  9. Clearly a person that should be locked up until death!

  10. Arthur Hornblower says:

    The easiest way to keep your dog alive is to keep it off my property. Strange animal on my land harassing my livestock. I’d do the same. Dog owners need to stop expecting me to cater to their careless​ selfish behavior.

  11. Cruel evil twisted vile worthless heartless scum. Should be punished severely for causing this poor dog pain and distress. Lock him up and throw away the key. Hope he rots in evil scum hell.

  12. Helen Tanguis says:

    Yeah, that puppy had the taste for blood. BULLSHIT! Trying to justify your behavior by using the “breed” excuse?

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