Praise Jail Time For Woman Who Kidnapped and Killed Elderly Neighbor’s Pet

Target: Judge Mary Jane Bowes, Superior Court of Pennsylvania

Goal: Applaud judge for upholding the conviction of a woman who stole and killed a cancer patient’s pet.

A woman will face three to six months in jail for kidnapping and euthanizing her neighbor’s pet after a judge recently denied her appeal. Gisele Paris of Pennsylvania was convicted in 2015 of theft and animal cruelty for stealing her cancer-stricken elderly neighbor’s dog. She then kept the dog for two months before euthanizing it in her own home after police came to her house to question her.

Paris took the dog after animal welfare officers refused to remove the dog from her neighbor after she made an animal abuse complaint. She claimed that the 8-year-old animal was being neglected, though investigating officers said the husky, named Thor, was in good health. She kept it for two months before taking it to a veterinary clinic, where staff reported her for possession of a dog that was reported stolen. According to Assistant District Attorney Matthew Wholey, Paris paid to euthanize the dog merely to “destroy the evidence” of her crimes.

A recent appeal to her conviction was unsuccessful. According to the original judge on the case, Paris showed no indication of remorse for her conduct.

Stealing someone’s pet is an incredibly cruel thing to do, particularly when it is the sole companion of an elderly cancer patient. By upholding this conviction, the judge has sent a strong message that the theft of animals is a serious crime and will not be taken lightly. Sign the petition to applaud this tough stance against such a cruel crime.


Dear Judge Bowes,

You recently upheld a conviction against Gisele Paris, who stole her elderly neighbor’s dog and killed it. Paris kept the dog for two months before euthanizing it when an officer showed up at her home to investigate the crime. According to Assistant District Attorney Matthew Wholey, Paris paid to euthanize the dog merely to “destroy the evidence” of her crimes.

Stealing the sole companion of an elderly cancer patient and killing it is a cruel thing to do to both the animal and the elderly man. By upholding this conviction, you are sending the message that crimes like these will be taken seriously. We, the undersigned, applaud you for your tough stance against the theft of pets.


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  1. Karma will find this despicable and heartless human being.

  2. I believe in very stern penalties to those who harm the innocent whether or not it is a child, an animal, a disabled person or the elderly. There is not a place on this earth those those who do not care one bit about those who can not speak for themselves……….six months is such a short time for all the pain she caused! I hope that her fame will be known for this extremely cruel act to not only the beautiful dog but his very ill elderly owner…….what a low life thug this supposed human is. I hope her Karma comes back a million fold! I am so saddened for the owner… horrible for her to go through all that she has…..God bless her and may she be reunited with her dog in heaven at the Rainbow Bridge!


  4. AND what about the veterinarian who apparently euthanized this dog even though he/she may have known it was stolen?

    If I read the article right, that was implied….no vet HAS to euthanize an animal just because someone is willing to pay to have it done.

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      L.L You are so correct, Why??? The first vet she went to reported her for theft… WHY didn’t they just take the dog out to a kennel, and call the police to have Thor returned to his rightful owner?
      “Gisele Paris was accused of taking the Siberian husky, Thor, from the garden of her Pittsburgh neighbour Mark Boehler in November 2013. She had the dog euthanised in her home by a licensed veterinarian on February 10″…. This vet said the dog was in good health? Then why euthanaze Him?
      Mark, turned up in court with stage 3 cancer, and he’d offered rewards for info and return of Thor. She had the dog all along!
      Sorry the sentence could be 3-6 month listed here,which is far too lenient. According to the news report could be as high as 10 years! Now that sounds more like it!

      • The veterinarian who performed the euthanasia was a mobile vet, not the veterinarian she took the dog to that knew the dog was stolen from a client of his practice. The mobile vet who euthanized Thor was told by this woman that she was Thor’s owner. There was no wrongdoing on the part of either vet she d dealings with concerning Thor.

  5. ROSEMARY Anderson says:

    Well done judge at last someone with compassion and a sense of justice, although this vile human being should have had a longer jail sentence.

  6. At least she went to jail. Sentencing for a year, fine and no ownership of any animal EVER would be more appropriate. These people get off easy, 100% are repeat abusers because sentencing is weak. Thank you for at least some jail time though.

  7. annie vallet says:


  8. That ‘woman’— Gisele Paris— who stole Thor was/is nothing but a MONSTER!!! However, the veterinarian who reportedly euthanized Thor is guilty as well!!! My heart bleeds for Thor and his owner, Mark Boehler. Despite Mr.Boehler’s cancer, I hope that he is still with us. RIP Thor.

    • The veterinarian was unaware that Thor was not owned by this woman. She was a witness in the case against Giselle Paris.

  9. Death wish for this animal murdering bitch.Death is required when least expected!!!!! OH YES!! What is that noise!!!!!

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