Don’t Stop The Fight Against Trump

Target: Cory A. Booker, United States Senator

Goal: Continue the fight to expose Trump and block his agenda.

In the last few weeks, we have obtained proof that the Russians intervened in the election in Trump’s favor, as well as continuous proof that Trump’s campaign promises were all lies. No matter what the outcome of the electoral vote, we must not give up the fight against Trump’s agenda or to expose his alleged treason.

Donald Trump is a conceited, clueless celebrity billionaire who is working only in the interest of other billionaires. He favors Wall Street over the working class, tells lies to save face and earn votes, and overall is not a good choice for leader of these United States. No matter what happens, we cannot allow his poor choices and lack of consideration for those outside his circle destroy democracy as we know it.

We must continue to fight his cabinet choices, to block these people from obtaining their positions. We must preserve the legacy of Barack Obama’s eight years in office, as well as the rights we have obtained and the rights we still fight for. Sign this petition to demand Congress and the Senate do not take the possible impending Trump presidency lying down.


Dear Senator Booker,

No matter what the outcome of the electoral vote, we cannot allow Donald Trump to turn America into a playground for the rich at the expense of the working class and poverty-stricken. He intends to fill his cabinet with billionaires and oil supporters, but you have the power to help block their nominations. He has reportedly committed treason, among other crimes, and he must be held accountable for his actions and convicted.

Promise America that you will continue to help us fight Trump’s agenda and ensure that he is punished for his alleged crimes. Even if he does enter the White House on January 20th, promise us that you will not stop fighting to expose his lies, alleged crimes and agenda. This man does not care for the future of all of America, and we must protect our country from him.


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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    do not listen to trump! listen to me for once now! i was the former teacher and a current 5 yr retiree and i’m still educating you how trump is now evil like hitler. this is not the hitler era! this is 21st century and you need to fight the rights back like i did. i suffered enough of shame already. protect the country or move to another safe country like iceland!

  2. Trump is just telling people what they want to hear. How he’s suddenly going to ‘fix’ the US and when he’s done everyone will be living a perfect life. And a very large number of Americans believe him. But Trump is simply out for everything he can get. He is only interested in money and power, and he won’t care what he treads on to get that. Protecting the environment? He’s a climate change denier, and he and his family are well-known hunting advocates. Equal rights for everyone and everything? He’s racist, homophobic and sexist. And as for the promises he’s made to bring back jobs and bring taxes down, they’re all empty promises and he and the people who believe in him will discover that it’s not that easy, soon enough. He is a dangerous man. Every nation is in danger if he gets himself into the White House.

  3. Ridiculous, not signing.

    • This is a petition for those who want to sign. No one needs to know or cares about those who don’t!

    • Agreed! Can’t understand why forcecharge has emailed it to me when I have never had any interest in this kind of petition. Interesting tactic, You will lose supporters if you continue to force your personal agenda on people.

  4. Jennifer Ferguson says:

    Give me a break! And the people criticizing Trump have never sworn or used coarse language! LOL! You are the perpetrators of hate! Just look at the “Mob Rule” you instigate into Ferguson, Missouri, Portland, OR, etc., where you chant, “Kill Cops!” and other disrespect for the people who protect you daily from thieves and thugs, while you smash business owners’ windows, steal their property, smash cars, destroy public property by defecating and urinating in public parks (where your Black Lives Matter groups take over) that MY tax dollars pay for! Now everyone’s insurance rates go UP because of you destroying property because you don’t listen to the FACTS! You are SO IGNORANT!

  5. You snowflakes are whining about your next president. You LOST…get over it. I can’t believe that as much of a slob as trump is that he would be worse than a woman who sold access to our government for her personal profit. She has been slime for almost all of her adult life and has fed at the public trough for most of it. She threatened our very country with her actions and you think she’s the woman of the year? You whiners are sick!

  6. Wow! Still acting like uneducated spoiled kids. When is this anti Trump “propaganda” going to stop? You Never Trumper must be out of a job or have no hobby to have time to waste on stupid petitions. Get out and help underprivileged children or animals in need. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE, YOU CRY BABIES!

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