Dog Suffering From Maggots and Tumor Abandoned – Demand Justice

Target: Ian Stewart, Police Commissioner of Queensland, Australia

Goal: Find and severely punish the person who abandoned a dog that was found covered in maggots and suffering from a tumor.

A Shetland sheepdog had to be euthanized after being found suffering from a large tumor on her hind leg and covered in maggots. The poor dog, named Honey, had feces matted in her fur so badly that it caused a maggot infestation to develop. Investigators believe that Honey was abandoned and left for dead.

RSPCA investigators are now trying to track down the people responsible for cruelly abandoning Honey. They say she was bred to be a show and breeding dog before being sold in 2007. And then in 2009, they believe she was given to a woman and son from Narangba. The RSPCA inspector has asked for information from the public, but so far the heartless people are still at large.

This innocent dog suffered unnecessarily all because someone was too cruel to take care of her. Please sign this petition to demand that authorities help find whoever did this and severely punish them.


Dear Mr. Stewart,

A Shetland sheep dog had to be euthanized due to a tumor on her hind leg and a maggot infestation. The poor dog had been cruelly abandoned and left to suffer an agonizing death. The RSPCA is currently trying to find the heartless person who abandoned the animal.

We urge you to do everything possible to help find the cruel person who chose to abandon the sick dog instead of seeking treatment or even putting her up for adoption. Please see to it that this person is found and charged with neglect and cruelty to animals.


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Photo credit: RSPCA

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  1. Magaly Junqueira says:

    Que ele ou ela sofra muito mais que o pobre peludo, que tenha câncer gereralizado sem qualquer chance de cura ou alívio para suas dores!!!!!!

  2. Nadine brundage says:

    Just find the mindless people and exterminate. Hate animal abusers. The world is a better place when scum are eliminated.

  3. Does Australia have any laws to protect animals? It certainly has a dreadful track record. Look at the miserable cruelty which goes on- quite above board- in their production of wool. Heard of mulesing? Look it up, it will make you sick.

    • To mutilate without painkillers is obscene. Better husbandry is the answer, not mutilating sheep.
      They can be spared through human methods but obviously laziness and greed, hunger for profit and an easy fast buck, gets in the way… It’s criminal and disgusting (should be shut down), just like the abandonment of Honey in her time of need…most likely “too much trouble” for someone lazy and selfish, a creep.
      Justice needs to be served and we need to bring back standards, humanity, and laws with teeth.

  4. Dorothy Fasack says:

    So not human. People are so cruel. Why project it onto any innocent furry baby. Makes me sick to see such unjust treatment to sweet animals that only want to give love. It is so unthinkable.

  5. I love dogs, for Honey to loose her life by neglect is criminal to me. I have a Dogue de Bordeaux, the most loving dog you can have. I am retired, my dog is my life line, she is all I have got, she knows that and so loves me back. I cannot understand people who abuse their dog,the best friend you can ever have in your life.

  6. Jean robinson says:

    Who do these people think they are neglecting a dog then dumping it I would fine them to pay for all treatment and damages to the dog

  7. The perpetrator/s of this despicable act of unbelievable cruelty MUST be found and dealt with. This poor innocent little dog did not deserve to be neglected, mistreated and abandoned and whoever did this must be severely punished. Whoever did this to Honey deserves to be severely punished, served with a long jail sentence and banned from ownership of ANY animal. Honey must have suffered so terribly. There must be justice for her.

  8. “we would like to see justice for Honey, it is disturbing knowing she was left on her own with health issues and abandoned. We ask her case to be looked into and given consideration. Thank you”
    I think it’s a shame and sad when animals are abused, yet there is a more compassionate way to convey this message.

  9. Some people are just scum bags, as this owner and want wiping off the face of the earth.PDQ

  10. Jacinta Copeland says:

    All the scum of the earth needs to go live on their own planet and destroy one abother. I’ve had enough of these abuse cases. What is wrong with this subhuman trash?


  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared ?

  13. KARMA GET THOUS BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. What a low-life! May Karma get even!

  15. All Countries, including that of our Own, Treat ANIMALS like worthless garbage, & those that Continue to ABUSE, NEGLECT, TORTURE, & KILL Are Given IF They are EVEN FOUND, Or CHARGED, Given no more than a Slap on the wrist. I’m praying they ALL & ALWAYS Receive THE BEST “KARMA” can Possibly THROW AT THEM ALL..& May it Be, Longer LASTING< More PAINFUL, & Forever. That's what EVERY SINGLE ONE, male or female TRUE "BEASTS & MEMBERS OF A SUB SPECIES" Not OF the HUMAN RACE at all, Yet ALWAYS Those RESPONSIBLE FOR CRIMES & Heinous BARBARIC, HEART-LESS, SOUL-LESS, & BRAIN-LESS, also LACKING ANY COMPASSION & A CONSCIENCE, therefore NOT DESERVING OF A LIFE AT ALL. Until the WORLD RIDS US OF these TRUE "BEASTS" Who Can SO thoughtlessly Commit Crimes like these, WE WILL NEVER Live in a Peaceful, Loving Society, no matter WHERE IT EXISTS OR Where WE EXIST among POS like these, which ARE..EVERYWHERE. ALL Day, ALL Night, & THEY ARE the 'BEASTS" That NEED to be EXTERMINATED, ELIMINATED & become..EXTINCT.

  16. Crimes against animals MUST be taken seriously — there are way too many idiot-monsters loose in our world — think of the suffering underwent by this beautiful dog — UNNECESSARILY, I might add — Why is society allowing psychos to get away with this horrific abuse !! — we MUST round up these idiots & ensure they will NEVER be in possession of any animal EVER again — DO whatever it takes to ensure these irresponsible, depraved imbeciles NOT repeat their demented crimes — LENGTHY prison terms — along with slapping them with hefty fines — we want NO repeats of abuse to animals, EVER !

  17. the hell is going to bring you

  18. As has been well-aired on other posts, those who cause untold suffering to our trusting four-paw pals, are only one step away from inflicting similar torments on humans, starting with defenceless small children.

    That poor pup: dumped and deserted in her hour of need. None of us posting on here will be able to understand the [I think] psychotic behaviour of individual[s] responsible for the ghastly life-end of an innocent little dog. The penalty for such unwarranted cruelty has to be severe: none of this half-baked charge of “misdemeanour” – a couple of days inside with animal lovers; plus the Rescuers’ and Vet’s costs, the Court costs and a huge fine [which, all-in-all, would have made it cheaper, quicker and kinder to have taken Honey to the Vet in the first place].

    Rest in peace sweet Honey – your pain is over.

  19. natasha polychuk says:

    disgusting bitch!

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