Dog With 46 lb Tumor Abandoned – Justice for Henry

Target: Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney for Orange County, California

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the woman accused of abandoning her dog with a 46 lb cancerous tumor in his side.

A woman is accused of abandoning her dog with a giant tumor in his side. The tumor doubled the dog’s body weight and made it difficult for him to walk and relieve himself. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Sherri Haughton reportedly brought her golden retriever named Henry into the Newport Beach animal hospital with claims that she had found him wandering in the sand. A visible mass on Henry’s side concerned veterinarians, but Haughton vanished before they could talk to her about treatment. Per reports, Haughton has since been identified as Henry’s owner.

Henry was turned over to Newport Beach animal control, where he had surgery to remove the tumor. He is recovering well. Haughton has been charged with misdemeanor counts of animal neglect, failure to care for an animal, animal abuse causing life-threatening injuries and interfering with Newport Beach animal control officers’ investigation. Sign below to demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear District Attorney Rackauckas,

A dog named Henry was reportedly abandoned at an animal hospital. His owner reportedly lied to the staff, claiming to not know anything about his condition. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

When Henry arrived at the Newport Beach animal hospital, he could barely walk. The mass on his right side protruded so much that it made it difficult for him to urinate. Sherri Haughton, Henry’s owner, had allegedly brought him to the vet previously, but did not seek treatment after being informed of his condition.

By apparently lying to the animal hospital, Haughton delayed the treatment that was crucial to Henry’s survival. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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  1. I certainly hope this woman is charged with the maximum sentence of two years. She willfully let this cancerous tumor grow to approximately 46 lbs after previously seeking vet care. The dog is a golden retriever – there are rescue groups that will assist and would have probably taken this dog. Sometimes, love for your dog means you let someone else help you, even if it means giving her up.

  2. I hope you can say that if you have kids. Yes she should have taken the animal to the vet or had it put to sleep. Because the more l think about it. Henrey ended up suffering because she didn’t take him to the vet sooner or had him put to sleep. But if you didn’t have a way of paying for your kids medical bills or if they worent severely ill. You would want someone to say your a horrible parent.lm glad Henry’s doing well.

  3. Lock her up for 30 days I take that back make it 90 days. SHE’S SO VOID OF EMPATHY,‼️ I absolutely no more patience for these things anymore if u don’t thinK 90 days is enough to do the trick more isn’t gonna hurt my feelings. Maybe a vet can tell us how many days she watched her dog suffer and we can TRIPLE IT‼️??????

  4. Tina shurtleff says:

    She should never be allowed to own an animal again. I cannot imagine letting any living creature let alone a beautiful dog like this suffer this long. Jail and banned from animal ownership plus vet fees

    • at least try to make it appear you are different people, Tina……instead of using variants of your name which anybody can figure out……this is pretty sloppy, your ‘angry pitchfork carrying villagers from Frankenstein’ parody that is.

  5. God help me but I ABSOLUTELY am starting to hate people! Is there no end to Animal Abuse and or Neglect!an Animal is your responsibility…. DON’T OWN if YOU CAN’T accept this!

  6. This woman is proven guilty by her actions: ALLOED the tumor to grow that large and DELAYED treatment, LIED to the vet staff stating she found him wandering on the beach and then she skips out. Selfish, shady bitch and yes, she was aware of her mistreatment of Henry, she NEGLECTED early on care for this innocent dog. Henry was betrayed by his awful owner. It’s about being an accountable pet owner, being held responsible, being proactive and having compassion. Where is the ” good intention”? because I clearly do not see it.

  7. You have her – throw the book at her A lengthy prison sentence and a ban on owning any animal in the future. She is nothing but a low life piece of scum and I too am beginning to hate mankind for he kind of abuse and cruelty they dish out on defenceless animals and ESPECIALLY in America What kind of deranged people live in the States? If the Judge doesn’t ive her a lengthy sentence then he/she is no better than the accused!

  8. She nothing but a bitch never own an animal for life put her in jail . What’s wrong with people let her die. There is vets and animal welfare to help.Nothing but a cruel heartless mongrel.

  9. If she has children they should be taken into care at once. My sentence for this cruel disgusting apology for a human being would be no medical care of any kind for the rest of her miserable life.

    • How many fake accounts do you have here, Carolyn Boardman aka Tina , etc…….those fooled by him/her raise your hands

  10. Nona VanDamme says:

    FOR THOSE THAT DONT WANT TO JUDGE THIS PERSON, READ UP &&^^%%$$When Henry arrived at the Newport Beach animal hospital, he could barely walk. The mass on his right side protruded so much that it made it difficult for him to urinate.

    Sherri Haughton, Henry’s owner, had allegedly brought him to the vet previously, but did not seek treatment after being informed of his condition.


  11. Lynne Cameron says:

    Hope she serves a long time in prison and is never allowed to own ANY animal ever again.

  12. There is a place in hell waiting for this woman. Cruel and heartless do not begin to describe her actions. Please punish her to the full extent of the law.

  13. This bitch is sickening!!! She deserves to be UNDER the jail for the suffering she put that poor creature through!! I hope and pray that she is never allowed to own an animal again!!!!

  14. Shame on you for not helping your pet, bitch.

  15. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Isn’t it sad that whoever harms innocent people and children
    never turns on animal abusers. The owner needs to pay and face jail time. Shave her head and tattoo her face to recognize her as the monster she is. It was done in WWII to traitors.

  16. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:


  17. A quick search of the white pages will reveal her address on Auvergne St in Newport Coast. Look her up and send her a quick letter letting her know what a dirtbag she is.

  18. WHAT EVER BECAME OF THIS POOR DOG?? I hate these type of petitions that NEVER update!!!☹️


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