Dog With 46 lb Tumor Abandoned – Justice for Henry

Target: Tony Rackauckas, District Attorney for Orange County, California

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the woman accused of abandoning her dog with a 46 lb cancerous tumor in his side.

A woman is accused of abandoning her dog with a giant tumor in his side. The tumor doubled the dog’s body weight and made it difficult for him to walk and relieve himself. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Sherri Haughton reportedly brought her golden retriever named Henry into the Newport Beach animal hospital with claims that she had found him wandering in the sand. A visible mass on Henry’s side concerned veterinarians, but Haughton vanished before they could talk to her about treatment. Per reports, Haughton has since been identified as Henry’s owner.

Henry was turned over to Newport Beach animal control, where he had surgery to remove the tumor. He is recovering well. Haughton has been charged with misdemeanor counts of animal neglect, failure to care for an animal, animal abuse causing life-threatening injuries and interfering with Newport Beach animal control officers’ investigation. Sign below to demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear District Attorney Rackauckas,

A dog named Henry was reportedly abandoned at an animal hospital. His owner reportedly lied to the staff, claiming to not know anything about his condition. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

When Henry arrived at the Newport Beach animal hospital, he could barely walk. The mass on his right side protruded so much that it made it difficult for him to urinate. Sherri Haughton, Henry’s owner, had allegedly brought him to the vet previously, but did not seek treatment after being informed of his condition.

By apparently lying to the animal hospital, Haughton delayed the treatment that was crucial to Henry’s survival. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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    • TruthSeeker says:

      Shelters are bad news, and kill animals. They do not treat them, except to abuse. The vaccines most likely caused the tumor, and many animal lovers cannot afford outrageously high vet bills, nor do they have medical, and dental insurance for themselves.

    • Aileen~Unfortunately, that is not the case. The owner, Sherri Haughton, lives in Newport Beach, CA after moving there from Beverly Hills, CA. She had more than enough money to get her dog, Henry, the veterinary care he so needed and deserved. She just did not want to spend her money on her dog, so she lied. She told the people at the Newport Beach Animal Hospital that she had found the dog as a stray, wandering the beach. This was in May of 2016. Her deceit prolonged Henry’s care even further as authorities tried to find his rightful owner. Henry was finally operated on in June of 2016. He died sometime in 2017. Perhaps he would still be around if she had gotten him medical care sooner. With cancer, time is of the essence….always. But, she abandoned her dog when he needed her most. She left him with strangers. Now, he was someone else’s ‘problem.’ She is a disgrace to humanity, a real POS. There is a lot of information online if you Google her name. One post said that she set up a Go Fund Me account for her dog, but spent the money on herself instead. Unforgivable. As far as I am concerned, this scumbag needs to burn in hell.

      • michelle mitchell says:

        I dare this vile bitch animal abuser to make direct face to face contact with me.This bitch needs to be taught a permanent lesson.OH YESSSSSSS!!

    • Nona VanDamme says:

      she had money to pay a vet and she ended up taking it in and lying about it any way, so why wait so long. if someone cant afford a vet, then ask for help, or then surrender to a shelter. I hope you dont have a dog.


  3. TruthSeeker says:

    Judge NOT, or you will be judged. Get ALL the facts first. Vaccines are KILLING animals, and people. Our children are dying from vaccines. Vaccines cause cancer, and other horrible, deadly diseases. Get educated already. Do NOT believe pharmaceutical companies, doctors, veterinarians, nor the media. They ALL profit from deadly drugs, and vaccines. The media has been bought off, and forced to lie to the public, and cooperate. Maybe that lady is terrible, but what if she is not, and is only poor, and desperate? How would you like to be in her shoes? Those veterinarians demand to be paid up front, because there are people who never paid them for their services, after promising to pay. Vets are really expensive. Rescuing animals is a good thing, but forced vaccination is wrong. Vaccines are poisonous, and are made from murdered animals, and diseased pus, plus chemicals proven to cause cancer. Vaccines are a racket. Vaccines are FRAUD, and have NEVER even been proven to work. The bigger the lie, the more people sheeple believe it. Get educated!

    • Shut your ugly hole.

    • TruthSeeker~I did get the facts. I Googled the owner. There is a lot of information online about her and the ‘real’ story. Read my reply under Aileen samaro’s post above. She is neither poor nor desperate. She is just a piece of sh*t.

    • This is not the forum to try and push your agenda.

    • Brenda Dumont says:

      Wow a little angry are ya???? You have the right to your beliefs but not here this is not the place. That dog suffered and that’s all he should never have been treated like he was. If that were a human being everything that can be done would have been done. I disagree with you as far as vaccines because I have been in healthcare for 36 years and have personally seen things that you obviously have not. I think you are the one who needs to reevaluate your education.

  4. The fact that the tumor had grown so large tells me that the owner most likely had plenty of time to watch this dog suffer.Some clinics are very reasonably priced and she had plenty of time to try to find money and the right place to get the poor dog help.Some clinics will even offer services to dogs at no cost of owner is indigent. There’s no excuse for this abuse! The fact that she abandoned the dog disgusts me even more. Give her the max!

    • Jess~You are exactly right. Sherri Haughton, the owner, watched poor Henry suffer for a very long time. Also, she lives in Newport Beach after moving there from Beverly Hills. These are two of the most expensive places in California to live. She obviously has money, she just chose not to spend it on her beautiful companion. Please read my replies above, if you get this. There are two of them, both dated for today. I found a ton of information online about this scumbag.

  5. What a vile excuse of subhuman!

  6. I say someone should infect her with a long-lasting incurable AND MOST OF ALL PAINFUL disease and watch her waste away while doing absolutely nothing to ease her departure. Toss her filthy carcass into a trash heap where it belongs.

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