Stop Canada’s Deadly Refining of Tar Sands Oil

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Halt Canada’s investment in the dirty, climate-destroying Alberta Tar Sands.

The Alberta Tar Sands in NW Canada allows the country to be the largest producer of oil in the Western Hemisphere, making it one of the biggest in the world, beating out many middle eastern countries we think of as rich in oil.  The refining process and the oil found in these tar sands, however, have massive, negative effects on the environment; effects even worse than the problems created by conventional crude oil use.

The oil comes from bitumen, a substance similar to tar. It is refined in an extremely energy intensive way, which creates many environmental issues: water pollution from tailings ponds, high levels of C02 production, and overall land and water use, all of which threaten the Alberta area. The Canadian government has made a plan to catch and store the carbon produced, but that technology is not a proven fix just yet. And the runoff from the refining process is kept in large tailing ponds that seep into waterways and threaten animal habitats.

Native American and indigenous communities, as well as wild animals, bare the brunt of these effects. The tailing ponds, which now cover almost 50 square miles, pollute their water sources and land, threatening an already marginalized community. In addition, the water required for the processing of the oil depletes their already scarce resources. If this continues, we will all start to feel the negative effects of the tar sands oil.

In addition, oil pipelines are being built to transport the Canadian oil to coastal areas of the United States for shipment all over the world. This threatens habitats all over North America, and spreads this dirty oil and its effects to all corners of the globe.

Sign this petition to tell Trudeau and the Canadian government to stop investment in and use of, the Alberta Tar Sands.


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

Please stop immediately the investment in, and use of, the Alberta Tar Sands oil. The use and production of this oil has negative effects on the natural and human environments, which cannot be wholly contained by carbon capture plans set out by your government.

Environmental health is more important than the financial gain that will come from the use and sale of this oil. Instead, make your investments into clean and sustainable energy sectors. By stopping the use of this oil, Canada can truly become one of the world leaders in alternative energy and sustainability.

Mr. Trudeau, you have the power to save the lives of countless animals, wild and human, as well as the natural environment of your country. Stop the use and production of Alberta Tar Sands oil.


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Photo Credit: Dru Oja Jay

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  1. the dirty tar sands need to end now to save the environment here now.

  2. This should never have been allowed to happen!! Clean this disaster up and stop polluting and destroying the planet you money obsessed bastards!!

  3. we have to do everything ! to save the only and most beautiful planet Earth. we need to take care so much now to save it for our future children. what do you want they heritage in 40 – 80 years? this is the last and only chance now. to act. aswell we need to change all to EV cars. Benzin cars are poisoning the Earth . in 100 years what you think how will be Earth. well, this is when your grand CHILDREN NEED A CLEAN AIR AND CLEAR WATER. AND ALL ANIMALS WILL DIE WHEN WE DO NOT TAKE EXTREME AND STRICT MEASURES. STARTING BY CHANGE CARS IN ELECTRIC BATTERY CARS IS An EXTREMELY NESSESSARY STEP. AND WE DON T HAVE TIME TO THINK ANOTHER 30 YEARS. GOVERNMENTS MUST TAKE CARE NOW THAT THERE ARE ENOUGH Battery fill stations. this is so necessary for people for change from benzene to an electric car. they will but many hesitate because there are not enough battery fill stations yet. this is governments homework to provide enough stations. if they keep on dreaming and chewing all other problems over and over. then they risk that time is running out for save our beautiful and only planet Earth for our children’s children. they will suffer the consequences if we all and especially governments did not do enough, for now, is their primary goal. it is your family who will suffer. why can t you still see it coming like you could see coming to an accident? ?

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