Reinstate Ban on Cruel Foie Gras

Target: Xavier Becerra, incoming California Attorney General

Goal: Reinstate California’s ban on foie gras, a food made by force-feeding ducks and geese under torturous conditions.

Back in 2012, California banned the sale of foie gras. Foie gras is fattened duck or goose liver and it is made by shoving a food pipe down the animal’s throat and pumping a mixture of grain and fat into the animal three to four times a day. The process is barbaric and the fattened livers cause numerous health problems in the animal.

Many of the ducks and geese used for foie gras die from the force-feeding or from choking on their own vomit. Many of the animals suffer from debilitating ailments including foot infections, fungal infections, lesions, diarrhea, fractures and impaired liver function. The lives of these animals are short and filled with misery and pain.

Unfortunately, in 2015 a federal judge overturned the ban and now foie gras is legal to sell in California. Thankfully the state appealed, and the ban may be reinstated. Sign this petition and ask the attorney general to strongly defend California’s foie gras ban.


Dear Mr. Becerra,

Unfortunately, back in 2015, California’s foie gras ban was lifted and foie gras appeared on shelves again. Foie gras is fattened duck or goose liver and the process of making it is barbaric.

Animals used for foie gras have a pipe shoved down their throat and are force fed three to four times a day. The force-feeding can often result in death and leads to many ailments. The animals used for foie gras often suffer from foot infections, fungal infections, lesions, diarrhea, fractures and impaired liver function. These animals’ day to day lives are filled with pain, misery and fear.

Please make a strong push to overturn the 2015 court ruling and reinstate California’s ban on foie gras. These animals suffer more than one can even imagine, all for a 20 minute meal which the person will forget about shortly after eating.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Gaia (Global Action in the Interest of Animals)

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  1. must ban the cruelty on force feeding of birds now for foie gras now.

  2. Petya Ryazkova says:

    It’s cruel

  3. Do NOT eat that disgusting stuff !!!

  4. Reinstate ban on foie gras, now! Human don’t need this stuff to live happily. This is a most disturbing and disgusting form of animal abuse. Ban this unnecessary and torturous practice, now!

  5. The individuals who can afford foie gras are not economically poor but rather the wealthy one percent. Obviously, banning foie gras and the cruelty involved will not force these foodies into starvation. Let them eat cake! And bring back the ban that will stop this barbaric cruelty. And yes, I am a vegetarian.

  6. And while you’re at it, get rid of that idiot Federal judge who reinstated the ban.

  7. Horrific sadistic cruelty–just for a delicacy item for selfish wealthy idiots!

    ANY action that causes such barbaric suffering MUST BE BANNED, permanently!

  8. This is totally uncalled for. Absolutely inhumane and against nature. It must be banned and made IRREVERSIBLE PERMANENTLY.

  9. Denise Devereux says:

    Barbaric Cowards. Soon your time will come where we will force food down your neck and watch you choke. May the wraith of God come down like a spear on the torturers and enablers. May they and theirs feel the fear and pain these animals do. BURN IN HELL. Satan is coming for you.

  10. how brave must the idiot that does this evil vile thing tyo a sweet helpless animals, if only we could do the same thing to who ever does this, what a wonderful thing that would be, i would just love to shove it down their throat, and just watch them struggle, barbaric bastards.

    • I agree with you 100%! Every creep who has this job should be force feed like these poor animals, several times a day! It should be a requirement! See how fast that would put this industry out of it’s sadistic business! POS!!!

  11. Well people can be horrible things because by nature humans as a whole are destructive and destroy new things that appear because they don’t want change and the wealthy people should see how it feels to be homeless so they don’t think that there so indebted by the world and the world should bow before them but of corse they won’t do that because they can bribe and corrupt people into doing things that they wouldn’t do if they even had a heart.

  12. It needs to be stop now shove it do the peoples f**king throat all this middle eastern countries are cruel and laws need to change now. Heartless bastards.

  13. Marilyn Santos says:

    Signed n Noted

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