Tell L’Oreal to Stop Testing on Animals

Target: L’Oreal
Goal: Stop L’Oreal from testing their cosmetics on animals.

L’Oreal is the largest cosmetics and beauty company in the world. Despite claims that they would go “cruelty-free” in 2013 there is little evidence that they have started the process or will stop animal testing. Animal testing uses mice, rats, cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, monkeys, and other animals to test products. Animal testing is cruel and unnecessary. Animals react to substances differently than humans do, which makes animal testing unreliable and means little for the health of humans. Additionally, many tests produce inaccurate or misleading results. The Federal Drug Administration requires some animal testing, but many tests that are performed are not required.

Animal testing is inhumane. The animals are locked in cages and abused until they are killed or die. Some of the animals develop neurotic behavior from the stress and fear of the product testing. The animals are subjected to terrible treatment, like having cosmetic products rubbed into their eyes, before they eventually are left to die, alone and suffering from immense physical pain. More than 100 million animals are tortured to death for product testing every year. Every minute, just in United States labs, 219 animals are killed.

The animals painful and unnecessary deaths need to be stopped. Please, tell L’Oreal to stop testing on animals and end this needless torture.


Dear L’Oreal,

As the largest cosmetics and beauty industry in the world you are responsible for a lot of products, but also a lot of product testing on animals. Animal testing is cruel and needless. Animals have different reactions to substances than humans do. Animal testing is not reliable and teaches us little about how the product will affect a human. Many tests done on animals produce misleading or unreliable results. The Food and Drug Administration may require some animal testing, but most tests are not required and should not be performed.

Animals that are tested on are treated terribly. Some of the animals develop neurotic behavior from the stress and fear of the product testing. They are kept in small cages, where products are rubbed into their skin and eyes. The animals eventually are killed or left to die alone and in pain. In United States labs, 219 animals are killed every minute and more than 100 million animals are tortured to death for product testing every year.

The painful and unnecessary deaths from animal testing need to be stopped. Please, stop testing your products on animals and end this outdated torture.


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  1. sad and sickening. all the money being wasted on all these stupid tests, supposedly to save humans. WHAT FOR? WHEN THEY HAVE KILLED ALL THE ANIMALS ALL OVER THE WORLD and theres none left what will they do then?… Start on humans.?? . Thats what they should be doing now. Use the Prisoners that have done wrong. Let them squake and squeal in pain. POOr ANIMALS suffering all the time.

  2. So disturbing. These chemicals have been tested over and over again – do not buy from subsidiaries of L’Oreal either – like Ralph Lauren perfume!

  3. jean farrow says:

    wont be buyin anything from L’Oreal, its just NOT worth it girls!!

  4. Mary Leader says:

    Avon is another one that tests on animals

  5. klarika Nettleton says:

    For crying out loud – stop the torture !!
    I have stopped long ago using your products.
    I tell everybody to do the same – I even put it on our community notice board and newsletters.
    Klarika Bloubosrand Community Forum Johannesburg

  6. Sad employee says:

    I’m so sad right now. Our company has been lying to us. The body shop is own by lorel.. They stree how lorel is changin there ways but I never did the research till today. Lorel isn’t!! They haven’t made any changes to what try are doing to stop it. Although the body shop personally doesn’t I don’t think they should be concerned part of leaping bunny… This is just SICK!!

  7. porfavor detengan este abusooo!!!!! es muy triste que hagan estas cosas..!!! lamentable realmente!!!!!


  9. Animals are worth it too,I wont be buying from L’Oreal

  10. Ofelia BarlettaChacon says:

    What a disgrace! Your company has lost one more buyer. You will contInue loosing costumers and money. You lost prestige and respect. Shame on you: barbarians testing on animals. SO OUT!
    Testing on animals is Not Popular! Is not right and is for loosers. Don’t you get it?

  11. Debbie Bemister says:

    L’Oreal, you are greedy, soulless and barbaric for torturing innocent little creatures. You are no better than Hitler. You are committing an Animal Holocaust, and hopefully you will be imprisoned some day soon for these horrific atrocities.

  12. leeann ivie says:

    Boycotted .how horrible torturing helpless ,living beings .sickos .demented ,psychopathic subhumans

  13. Kim Baxter says:

    These tests are meaningless! Animals do not use human products! Humans should test these products! The tests are painful & cruel, the results are worthless!

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