Stop Deadly and Cruel Experiments on Dogs

Target: Michael K. Young, president of Texas A&M University

Goal: Stop funding of cruel and unnecessary experiments on dogs.

At a research lab at Texas A&M University, golden retrievers are bred with painful muscular dystrophy and spend their lives being experimented on. The puppies at this lab are born weak and sickly, and by the time they’re 6 weeks old, their hind legs have shifted forward, making walking painful. Many of the puppies can barely open their jaws, so they’re forced to eat a diet of thin gruel. To see how much the dogs’ muscles have deteriorated, researchers stretch their legs with a torturous motorized lever that causes painful muscle tears. Although these experiments have been going on for 30 years, they still have not led to a cure or even a better treatment for muscular dystrophy. All they’ve done is expose generations of dogs to a life of pain.

The dogs forced to perform in these experiments are reportedly also kept in horrid conditions. They allegedly spend their lives in small metal cages in concrete rooms, without even a blanket to cover the slats. The distressed dogs have been reported to pace back and forth and bite the bars of their cage. The university has released a statement claiming that the dogs are well cared for, but has failed to respond directly to the most important allegations of abuse.

Even after decades of experimentation, the studies using dogs have produced no results that can help people with muscular dystrophy. Instead of funding cruel experiments, Texas A&M should try studying promising non-animal therapies, such as transplanting healthy muscle cells into the muscles of patients with muscular dystrophy. Sign this petition to urge Texas A&M to stop experimenting on dogs, and instead, focus on treatments that do not require animal experimentation.


Dear Mr. Young,

Golden retrievers used in the muscular dystrophy experiments at your university face a lifetime of pain and misery. The dogs are born weak and sickly, and they can barely open their jaws or walk. To test how much their muscles have deteriorated, a motorized lever is used to cause painful muscle tears. After being experimented on all day, the dogs go home to small metal cages that do not even have blankets.

These experiments have been going on for 30 years, but they have not produced any results that can help people who have muscular dystrophy. They haven’t even helped researchers discover better treatment options. There are many cutting-edge, non-animal therapies that are much more promising, including transplanting healthy muscle cells into patients with muscular dystrophy.

For the good of the golden retrievers who spend their short and miserable lives trapped in cages, I urge you stop experimenting on dogs. Please shut down the cruel muscular dystrophy research program, and instead, fund non-animal therapies that are much more promising.


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Photo Credit: PETA

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  1. This horrific and cruel treatment of animals is animal abuse and it must be stopped now!!

    Those involved should be punished.

  2. todd fletcher says:

    Texas A&M! Your falling deep behind the times!!!! I Thought this school is better than that!

  3. Animal testing needs to be COMPLETELY OUTLAWED EVERYWHERE – these poor animals have feelings just like us humans do. They feel pain and suffering, and loneliness and depression. What is wrong with people (and corporations) who could allow this to go on? Animal testing should be a THING OF THE PAST. This is outdated and antiquated and CRUEL. LET’S END THIS!!

  4. Follow the innovation of PCRM (Physicians For Responsible Medicine), instead of outdated, useless and cruel “research”. I am a registered nurse. This is disgraceful.

  5. Why are they still doing experiments ?They have not found a cure in 30 years this has to stop now you aremonsters ?Why can’t funding be cut off for this at Texas A M .PLEASE GIVE THESE DOGS SWEET DOGS A EARLY Christmas GIFT STOP STOP THIS HORRIBLE THING YOU DO . I now know why I never liked T/AM


  7. The whole idea of this is horrific. Stop this cruelty now, there are other methods of research – use them and stop torturing dogs.

  8. Lilian Caughlin says:

    This is horrific. Time to end all experiments on animals and move on to other methods. It’s cheaper and more convenient to continue with animals. The pain and suffering is horrific and anyone with a soul should put a stop to this. Golden Retrievers are one of the smartest and sensitive dogs they don’t deserve this. No animal period.

  9. you human wastes are doing NOTHING but lining your f#$@%g pockets at the precious animal’s expense … may karma grace you and all your loved ones with death …

  10. Typical $$$$$ GREED…and we call ISIS barbaric…will American corporations look at their own page and see how cruel they are…ridiculous … Ridiculous
    Animal testing is the worst insensitive quality these corporations can show….in reality 90% don’t even corrospond to HUMANS….because ANIMALS AND HUMANS bodies don’t work alike…FACT.

  11. This is a travesty! There is no valid reason to use animals for experimentation. They do NOT have the same genes as humans. This practice needs to cease immediately!

  12. Mike – Why don’t you visit some of our country’s prison systems and collect the scum that sits on death row? They are going to die anyway so why not test on them? I don’t know how you sleep at night, knowing that innocent dogs are being tortured under your watch. Karma Mike…Karma.

  13. give the treatment to those cruel bastards how can the justice let this happen. Whats wrong with this world bloody help this innocent animals they don’t need this .do it to the people . Kill these cruel people

  14. WOW! I am a biological scientist, experienced in medical research, as are these people, who would have a similar education and work history to mine. But we would have never even proposed such a set of experiments, and for 30 years? With no decent results? These people are just going through the motions to get the dollars and maintain their research space. It is not unusual; people get stale at their science and just keep turning the crank until they can retire, but most are not torturing generations of purposely bred genetically defective dogs. These people have no souls, and should be reported on charges of cruelty to animals. This is NOT science!

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

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