Justice for Dog Allegedly Set on Fire and Burned Alive

Target: Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office

Goal: Seek maximum possible punishment for man accused of burning a dog to death.

A small dog was reportedly burned alive by the owner’s boyfriend. The body of the dead Shih Tzu was found near a bottle of accelerant. Police say the animal’s dead body was covered in severe burns, an indication of what must’ve been an agonizing death.

Westly Didlake has been charged with killing and torturing animals, resisting and obstructing police, and abandonment resulting in the death of an animal. The 27-year-old man is scheduled to have a probable cause conference and a preliminary hearing soon. Unfortunately, this alleged animal torturer was recently arraigned and allowed to post bond.

There will be nothing preventing this person from torturing and killing more helpless animals unless enough people stand up for them. That’s why it’s imperative that we start putting pressure on officials immediately. Sign this petition to demand that animals be protected from this allegedly violent dog killer and that he be brought to justice, if found guilty.


Dear Prosecutor,

Westly Didlake was charged with killing and torturing animals after allegedly setting a small dog, belonging to his girlfriend, on fire. The animal’s body was severely burned and found next to a bottle of accelerant, according to reports.

Tormenting helpless animals to death rarely stops with one isolated incident, and if he isn’t punished, more lives will be in danger. We urge you to see to it that he receives the maximum possible penalty and a permanent ban from owning animals, if found guilty.


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Photo credit: Dottie Flower and Candy Shih Tzu

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  1. He must be jailed and fined .he will torture more innocence and move on to humans.

  2. this turd will burn in hell soon enough for killing this great dog now.

  3. I hope and pray that someone sees this SUBHUMAN and makes sure he feels every single torturous bit of pain intimately. This filth should not be allowed to live!!! Who IS THE MORON THAT SET HIM LOOSE???!!!

  4. This vile bastard must die a slow and painful death when least expected

  5. This inhuman monster must be dealt with severely and put away where he can exercise his twisted pleasures no more. He is evil, sadistic and not fit to live amongst decent people. Make an example of him, make his vile ideas public, or other low lives will copy him in the knowledge that they will get away with a slap on the wrist. Please think about it.

  6. Tina shurtleff says:

    If nothing is done next time it will be a girlfriend or her child or someone else. They always escalate! Poor little dog. If it were mine he wouldn’t be here anymore

  7. This heartless ass should be set on fire so that he can feel the pain this poor Dog suffered through!!

  8. Fines are not enough! Life in prison for useless bastards like him. Working him on a chain-gang.

  9. Laurie Mcdougall says:

    Zero tolerance for all animal abuse!!!!

  10. I recently read that the only answer to hate is love. But how the hell do you reconcile this with love? This is frightening behavior. It scares me a bit to know I’d like to see this monster Westly Didlake have some horrible thing done to him.
    That little pup did not deserve to suffer.

  11. A ‘killer in the making’? I’d say a homicidal maniac. Disgusting torture and murder of a defenceless animal – frightening and appalling. Keep him as far away as possible from any animal – or human – for the rest of his life. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  12. It is sickening to see how once again this scumbags are not severly punished for their horrible crimes. We are talking about the torture and murder of a beautiful animal. Just because they are not human is that we should tolerate and turn a blind eye to this type of crimes and allow them to go unpunishede. All animals deserve our respect, compassion and love. RIP beautiful soul Run free in heaven.

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Set that mutha fckr on fire & let em feel the burn❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  14. The only way to make this stop is for all of us to step up and take action. Extremely strict laws need to be established, enforced and instilled in all of us.

  15. The only way to make this stop is for all of us to step up and take action. Extremely strict laws need to be established, enforced and instilled in all of us.

  16. The only way to make this stop is for all of us to step up and take action. Extremely strict laws need to be established, enforced and instilled in all of us.

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