Puppy Whose Legs Were Cruelly Cut Off Deserves Justice

Target: Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi, India Chief Minister

Goal: Push for a harsher penalty for man who was only fined for allegedly chopping puppy’s legs off.

A puppy’s legs were allegedly cut off by a man who reportedly admitted to using a hacksaw to cut through the poor puppy’s bones. According to outlets, he told authorities that he chopped the puppy’s legs off, then beat his wife the same day for trying to protect it because he was drunk. Unfortunately his only punishment was a fine of 50 rupees, because the crime occurred in a country where laws don’t protect strays from cruelty.

The dog, now a double amputee, has been maimed and an innocent woman abused. Not only that, but his wife said that he once hacked a monkey to death, and neighbors reported seeing him roasting and eating pigeons. This is undeniably consistent with the violent behavior often displayed by dangerous and deadly people.

This disgusting injustice sends a dangerous message that violence against animals will be tolerated and go unpunished. This form of “punishment” allows people to commit atrocious acts of cruelty and only suffer a fine. Sign the petition below to tell officials to stop allowing animals to be tortured and demand that this disgusting injustice be replaced with an appropriate sentence.


Dear Chief Minister Kejriwal,

A man reportedly admitted to using a hacksaw to cut a puppy’s legs off, and then beat his wife for trying to protect it. Neighbors said the man would catch and roast pigeons to eat, and his wife says he once hacked a monkey to death. This is unacceptable behavior that must be punished harshly.

Despite the fact that he’s obviously capable of harming and possibly killing animals and people, his only punishment was a fine. We demand that this disgusting injustice be reversed and a severe sentence given to people who commit animal cruelty, even against stray animals.


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Photo credit: Mark Robinson

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  5. Donna Jones says:

    It’s been proven over and over that defenseless animals and women don’t mean that much in most parts of the world. Sad, sad, sad. It’s also been proven that low-life’s like this will keep repeating his actions on animals, kids, older individuals, etc. unless he has to start paying for his actions.

  6. Rosalinda Albright says:

    We need laws of extreme punishment for FUCKERS like this.

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  8. This bastard must be exterminated in a slow and painful manner when least expected.

  9. Shelli Schmidt says:

    How can this surprise anyone, look at the high rate of women raped & murdered there & with no punishment..India is a toilet, because of backward stains like this & the judicial system is even worse.Being drunk is a valid excuse to hacksaw a dogs legs off & beat your wife, Be proud India, be very proud.

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