Trump: Stop Corporate Welfare Handout for Technology Giant

Target: President-Elect Donald Trump

Goal: Demand Donald Trump rescind unfair, unbalanced deal with United Technologies.

Donald Trump has signed a deal with United Technologies that entitles them to a tax cut, a direct contradiction to his demands that the company pay its taxes months earlier. This will enable the company to outsource jobs to other countries just to save money, as this tax cut will excuse them from paying the tax expected of companies that outsource jobs and build factories in other countries. This, in turn, will endanger the job security of millions of American workers, as well as force the working-class to pay higher taxes.

What Trump has done is essentially support taking money from the pockets and food from the mouths of the working class so that a company that is in no financial trouble can put a little more in their own pockets. Not only is this incredibly unfair to the working class, it shows that Trump cannot be counted on to keep his promises. It is yet more proof that he merely tells people what they want to hear and does not have the country’s best interests at heart.

United Technologies does not need the extra money such a tax cut would award them, and Donald Trump should not renege on his promise to make them along with other larger companies “pay their damn taxes.” Sign this petition to demand Trump rescind this deal with United Technologies and make it pay its taxes, as he promised he would.


Dear President-Elect Trump,

You recently broke one of your campaign’s key promises to make companies such as United Technologies “pay a damn tax” by allowing them a generous tax cut, allowing them to outsource as many jobs as they like without paying a cent. This will cost many American workers their jobs and force them to pay higher taxes to benefit a company that does not need the extra money. United Technologies is far from broke, and it will not harm them to pay the taxes you promised to make them pay.

You made a major promise in your campaign, and it is not right to break it simply to give a break to a company that does not need one. Rescind your deal with United Technologies. Do not give it a tax cut, demand it pays its taxes. United Technologies does not need the assistance, but the working class does. Do not break your initial promises to them if you truly wish to “make America great again.”


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Photo Credit: Michael Vadon

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    I knew he would not keep jobs in America!!! You all who voted for Trump will slowly see him ruin this country!!!

    • Wilf L Conduct says:

      Of course he was not going to do this. Trump will only follow money and will not give a rat’s arse about where it comes from. RIP America, and probably the world.

    • Angela Rabon says:

      I agree!! The man could not keep his lies straight during the campaign!! Can’t believe anybody would believe him, much less vote for him!!

    • Lauren Goldman says:

      This is the Republican Party that Abraham Lincoln warned about in 1863; the party of the rich, by the rich, for the rich.
      I can’t wait to be able to watch all of this from my home in Haifa, after I move to Israel.

    • Get a grip, he is not even in office an you want to jump from the 23 floor.

    • Name one politician that has kept their promises. THEY ALL go back on their word. (“Read my lips, I will not raise the middle class taxes”. So said Clinton). Clinton is also responsible for the “free trade agreement. I’m pretty sure Trump is going to be as big a liar as his predecessors.

  2. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    you broke democracy u evil tyrant!

    • Lauren Goldman says:

      He lied his way throughout the campaign, and he will continue to lie during his presidency; that’s how he rolls.
      This is just a replay of the corporate gains tax giveaway provided by Reagan. He said it was so the corporations would invest it, to make more jobs in America. Of course, these same corporations used the money to relocate to foreign countries.

  3. I AGREE with all those above comments. How could so called intelligent Americans have even considered electing such a dishonest,insincere,greedy, self-serving person to represent our nation. I pray everyday he steps down.Even His vice president would do far better. We won’t survive 4 years of his administration. So long America…

  4. Jane Morrow says:

    What do you expect, he doesn’t even pay his own taxes. How could Americans be so sucked in by this guy.

    • Howie Grabbedersnatch says:

      Real Americans who work dont pay taxes to support hoodboogers. This country was founded on shit like that. FUCK you

      • True
        Kennedy and other social elite these commenter grovel at were born from corruption
        Go take a history class when your not excused from the election trauma

  5. of course he’s not going to do anything he said he’s going to do – fortunately. i wonder how long it will take all the idiots that voted for him to realize they were duped.

  6. Howie Grabbedersnatch says:

    Give it time libtards, fucking somebody like United takes patience and a trap. Sorry you were left behind in reality school, suck it up cupcakes and get a clue as to the finess of telling somebody to go fuck themselves and making them thank you for it. As for me, no finess necessary, go fuck yourselves, straight up, no lube.

    • Wilf L Conduct says:

      Howie, I don’t mean to sound rude or ignorant, but I don’t understand your replies. Are you for Trump or against? It is not clear. I don’t know what ‘lube’ is.

  7. How did he get in, if nobody voted for him, it seems almost like Adolf, nobody voted for him either,-after, he wrecked the country. history repeating itself?

    • Your idiots. Trump did just what he is good at..bargaining…United Technologies did not not necessarily make out like fat cats. Trump leveraged their DEPENDANCE on Dept. Of Defense contracts. The contracts will ultimately be renegotiated too, you watch. Boeing has already made contact..”we are willing to sit down and talk”…over Trump’s demand to cancel the new Air Force 1 aircrafts. Trump has realized, has known how askew, how outrageous those contacts are. You would too, if you had paid attention to the real news throughout the years.

      Go ahead and keep your heads in the ground…America is more safe that way…your inability to see things for what they are and you irrational rationalizations are and have been detrimental to the welfare of America.

      Oh, by the way Jasmin..obviously you flunked history class..Hitler was democratically elected. Need I say more why your type should keep your heads in the San???

      • Wilf L Conduct says:

        Actually D, I think Hitler was elected by charasma and lies. It might have been democratic but people voted for similar reasons to Trump. They wanted change. However, they didn’t want their country to responsible for genocide and to have every nation hate them for decades. But hey ho, that’s what happened. I am not suggesting gas chambers as no one would get away with that in the world of internet, but I am suggesting that something insidious this way comes.

  8. Hang in there. He’ll either be impeached or otherwise removed from office. Hope it’s real soon.

  9. You don’t have the facts straight
    Will be unsubscibing from this dribble

  10. I’m not going to take the time to read through all the comments so maybe someone else has asked, Trump is not the President yet, how does he have the power to give tax cuts?

  11. justsayin320 says:

    Liberals are pathetic. All the little snowflakes here search for their safe space. The US would be a much better place without you whinny liberals.

    • Wilf L Conduct says:

      Well justayin320. Let’s all justayin our bunkers for the next few years. Come on man, you have to have half a brain at least.

  12. No big surprise. Just one of many broken promises in our future, as well as, potentially, many unconstitutional decisions and appointments.
    There is something seriously wrong with the minds of people who believe that it is okay for Trump to pathologically, lie, make stupid harmful decisions and destroy our country–just to make the wealthy, wealthier and more powerful–especially, his business enterprise. Everything he gives to the 1% will be taken from the other 99%.

    Pres. James Madison predicted that unregulated capitalism would result in an oligarchy–guess what?! That’s just what we have! Hopefully, not an authoritarian dictatorship (which Trump would like)!

  13. Linda Wilson says:

    American people please watch “The Coming War on China” on ITV you have 27 days left to watch it.
    See who the world should really be frightened of and now with this man Trump even more so.
    Many countries have terrible histories and secrets and have done dreadful things but what your country has done and continues to do to people in their own countries is an abhorrence.
    Check out this documentary by John Pilger. “THE COMING WAR ON CHINA” it will open your eyes to how utterly awful the people who run your country on your behalf have been and still are and with Trump in charge will not get any better.
    America 5 % of the worlds population who use up 25% of the worlds resources. Wildlife 50% of it gone in 40 years.
    Look at your children and imagine the world they and their children are going to inherit it’s not looking good.

    • Wilf L Conduct says:

      Thank you Linda. I don’t live in the USA and clearly you don’t. We are all at risk from harmful decisions by this man and most people are very scared. I know I am.

  14. Heather Brophy says:


  15. Shelli Schmidt says:

    Same old bullshit, both parties are corrupt, nothing new here.

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