Stop Clubbing Dogs to Death at Meat Markets

Target: TR Zeliang, Chief Minister of Nagaland, India

Goal: Shut down illegal dog meat markets in Nagaland, India.

Thousands of dogs are brutally killed each year at illegal meat markets in Nagaland, India. Every year, approximately 30,000 dogs are rounded up, muzzled, and bundled into sacks. This includes both stray dogs and pet dogs that are stolen from their homes. These captive dogs are taken to local markets, where they’re kept in the sacks. While they’re waiting to be butchered, they’re forced to sit alongside the remains of dogs that came before them. Buyers will often choose the dog they want to eat, and will then watch the dog get clubbed to death.

These dog meat markets are completely illegal under Indian law. Eating dog meat was made illegal in India under the Food Safety and Standards Regulation of 2011. Also, the cruel transportation and treatment of dogs was banned under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. Nagaland’s dog meat markets blatantly disregard both of these laws. But local authorities are failing to upload the laws, allowing the dog meat markets to thrive.

These horrific and completely illegal dog meat markets need to be shut down, and the inhumane traders must be punished for their actions. Sign our petition and tell the state of Nagaland’s government that they must shut down these cruel and illegal dog meat markets.


Dear Mr. Zeliang,

Throughout Nagaland, there are illegal markets where dogs are butchered for their meat. Approximately 30,000 dogs are killed each year, including both stray dogs and pet dogs stolen from their owners. These dogs are muzzled and transported in sacks to markets, where they stay until they are clubbed to death.

You have the power to shut down these illegal markets that kill thousands of dogs every year. Eating dog meat was made illegal under the Food Safety and Standards Regulation of 2011. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 also bans the cruel treatment and transportation of animals. By upholding these laws, you’ll be able to save the lives of thousands of innocent dogs.

I urge you to shut down all of the illegal dog meat markets in Nagaland. Please work with local authorities to stop these traders who steal stray and pet dogs for their cruel markets.


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Photo Credit: Amaya Eguizabal

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  1. Nadine brundage says:

    More subhuman evil, heartless scum. Thought it was China, you people are no better. A disgrace to the world.

    • I thought more of India am very shocked
      what happened to their religions of not hurting animals? hindu, Buddhist?

      hope they don’t go the route of the Asians very sad

    • I thought more of India am very shocked
      what happened to their religions of not hurting animals? hindu, Buddhist?

      hope they don’t go the route of the Asians very sad

    • nancy zebracki says:

      thought better of India what happened to their religions Buddhism, Hindu

      hope they don’t go the way of China, etc.

  2. What kind of society allows this? Will not spend my American dollars on travel to India, nor any products. Truly barbaric and primitive.

    • In India half the population are vegetarian,western countries have massive factory farms, polluting the environment and making people sick, not to mention killing billions of animals….so who is really primitive?

  3. This country deserves to be bombed and destroyed, pos, disgusting evil devils to do this to precious animals!

    • In America 5,000 dogs are exterminated in so called humane shelters per day,should that country be destroyed too? Curb your ethnocentrism and go meatless if you truly care.

  4. Claudia Graham says:

    Barbaric and subhuman. I cannot call you brother. I know India is not alone. The US does horrid things as well, just to different animals. I call on you as a leader to set a higher standard for you people. Please try to image how it would feel if someone five times bigger than you stuffed you in a sack and then beat you to death. You can image how awful that would be, correct?

  5. Club those f**cking low life cruel bastards .Why are people so bloody cruel .Torch those bastards. Whats wrong with these mongrel countries they deserve the death penlty

  6. I’m heart sick for the innocent and voiceless who must suffer at the selfish, uncaring hands of the inhumane. We must remember that there are good and evil beings all around the world. It is our duty to do the best we can for those who cannot help themselves. Plead with the governments that have laws against animal cruelty to enforce them to the strongest measures.

  7. It is helpful to let Indian government know about the illegal dog meat trade, yet realistically there will be no punishment. They may or may not close these markets down. The reality is it may be looked into, and they may do some enforcement but the culture there is very different. They don’t see brutality as the West does, it’s all part of their survival, and part and parcel of their culture. I’m not saying I agree with the brutality of any kind of animal slaughtering, but I do understand the reality of what their livelihood is. I hope it will be looked into and enforced, chances are more of these illegal markets will pop up.

  8. Sick,sick,sick! Definitely boycotting anything to do with India ! Money talks! !!!!

  9. So much for India’s “Ahimsa” historical principles and religious preaching of non-violence and vegetarianism! Nothing but a bunch of bald-faced LIARS now, enacting useless animal ‘protection’ laws they have NO intention of upholding. Just a marketing ploy to make them look to the rest of the world like they have integrity. Where’s Deepak Chopra when you need him??

  10. Mr. Zeliang – The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth; they have just as much a right to live on this planet as we humans claim to have. The brutal killing of these Dogs is a crime against the Earth itself. Please put an end to this barbaric practice and teach your people by example to respect the other species that we share this world with.

  11. Julie Berberi says:

    This is a horrible crime against animals

  12. Gangland’s dog meat markets blatantly disregard Indian Laws.
    These dog meat markets are completely illegal under Indian law.
    The Indian Law must be made effective by putting the dog torturers and the consumers to death.This would stop the Indian monsters from torturing such precious and innocent dogs to death by the vilest of heinous torture and suffering that these animal torturing Indian monsters can commit.
    Kill everyone of these dog torturers and the consumers of their battered and tortured bodies. Then they will know what is ahead of them if they continue this sadism and evilness against the innocent. Absolutely sickening and unforgivable.
    I just cannot comprehend the unimaginable atrocities the heartless and sadistic human species commit against the innocent.
    They are as vile and evil as China, South Korea and all the other Asian countries that participate in this heartless and evil sadism committed against such precious and innocent sentient beings.

  13. Lilian Caughlin says:

    That’s why I only buy US made products and forget about 3rd world nations that can not reign in their population in regards to new and acceptable world behavior. Throughout the whole planet it has been proven that dogs are the most loyal and intelligent human companions if allowed to be put into that position. The so called civilized world should financially distance themselves from places that spit into the face of such belief. India and such places are environmental disasters without a soul. Bought a popular pain pill (made in India) and took it right back to the store. No donations for disaster relief in the future. Feel sorry for the handful of good people there.

  14. Drago Bandas says:

    Humans ??? Where is the HUMANITY in Humans ?????
    Boycott all products from INDIA, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA Worldwide !!!
    Expose these CRIMES everywhere possible !!! Start with Facebook, Twitter etc.

  15. I agree with the sentiments voiced on here however I hope you are all vegans or vegetarian D’s. Do you know what happens in abattoirs? Mankind seems to think animals are there for our benefit. We should live alongside them and stop thinking of them as food and clothing and sport. It’s a sad sad world.It doesn’t seem to get any better. I’ve been vegetarian for forty five years and brought my children up the same way. To respect.

  16. Jacinta Copeland says:

    Horrible. HOW COULD YOU? Pure scum.

  17. Again, This is One Country, where the ABUSE, SADISTIC, BARBARIC, & INHUMANE Treatment of ANIMALS, who Cannot of course Defend, Protect or Speak UP for themselves, Are Consistently Slaughtered, Routinely like they have NO WORTH except for MONEY. This is NOT unfortunately the ONLY Country who is this SADISTIC & BARBARIC. ADD EVERY Asian Territory, Country, EVERY Canadian, Every area of Mexico, & yes, INDIA has also been JUST AS BARBARIC & SADISTIC, Just as INHUMANE & beyond Just CRUEL, when it Comes to THEIR LACK OF HUMANITY, IT IS SERIOUSLY, DISGUSTING, & It SAYS A LOT, when these are BEINGS< who are Totally Defenseless, Totally Helpless, & WE ARE THE ONLY VOICES they HAVE. Look how SPAIN has been for Decades, Centuries, with their Sadistic Bull Fighting, aka..Slaughtering. NO Country, Nation or Territory GETS IT yet, that ALL BEINGS DESERVE TO BE RESPECTED. Their Lives DO matter. However, the SUB SPECIES?? Those for Centuries have been MISTAKEN FOR "HUMAN BEINGS?"..Theirs are those that SHOULD be Made EXTINCT, EXTERMINATED, & ELIMINATED, Until that EVER HAPPENS, NO SPECIES, OR BEINGS Will Ever Truly be able to LIVE in a World of Kindness & TRUE..HUMANITY. GREED, SELFISHNESS & those of the SUB SPECIES will ALWAYS be the CAUSE for ALL THE PAIN & SUFFERING OF ALL OTHER BEINGS & SPECIES. TRUTHS.

  18. Throw these monsters in jail — make the punishment severe, serious & lengthy along with adding financial penalties — WE DO NOT WANT REPEATS OF crimes of ABUSE, SUFFERING & DEATH TO ANIMALS! == DO NOT LET these monsters GET AWAY WITH such sadistic CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS == if we don’t hold these people accountable, they WILL continue repeating their brutal, depraved, negligent, unconscionable horrific ways against animals — the unspeakable suffering these dogs undergo boggles the mind ==== Society must NOT accept this!

  19. I’m so sick and tired of the torture and abuse dogs and cats endure in this horrible asiatic countries. I don’t know how this countries are considered to be developed when they treat animals in this horrible way. This is simply barbaric, inmorale and inhumane! No animal deserves this. Economic sanctions should be imposed on them may be in this way they will learn to respect and proctect all animals.

  20. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time for Negan to get Lucille❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

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