Expel Bullies Who Allegedly Beat Up Black Student and Told Him to Go Back to the Cotton Farm

Target: Britt Colon, Spanish Lake, Louisisana Primary School Principal

Goal: Expel and punish the students who reportedly beat up another student and made a racist comment to him to go back to the cotton farm.

An 8-year-old in Louisiana was reportedly beat up so badly he had to be hospitalized. He was told to go back to the cotton farm after protecting himself and his 4-year-old sister while waiting to be picked up from school. Demand that the school expel and punish these bullies for their sickening violent behavior and racist words.

Jordan Jackson was allegedly waiting with his younger sister to be picked up from school when three white children began throwing mulch at Jackson and his sister. When Jackson told the bullies to stop, he was reportedly pushed and slammed to the ground, later resulting in hospitalization for a broken arm and a concussion. Jackson was also told he needs to go back to the cotton farm.

After this racially charged attack, Jackson’s family is left with mounting hospital bills and a decision to homeschool their children for their safety. With tense race relations and a racially charged political climate, this incident must be taken seriously. Demand that the school expel and punish these students for their racist and violent actions.


Dear Principal Colon,

As you know, students at your school are accused of throwing mulch at a young boy and his sister. When the boy told them to stop, the students reportedly beat him up and injured him to the point where he is now hospitalized. On top of his family having to emotionally recover from this situation, they are faced with medical bills caused by bullies.

This kind of behavior absolutely cannot be condoned and must be punished strictly and quickly. I demand you expel these students for their racist behavior.


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Photo credit: Amanda Lopes

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    now these days slavery was abolished here but why less farms?

  2. So your basically looking for money your scam artists.

  3. This is absolutely sickening!
    Those poor babies.
    Those lil bastard bullies need their asses beat down.
    Im sure mommy and daddy don’t give a shit cause the lil ignorant brats learned that behavior some where. I bet mommy and daddy are useless assholes just like their lil asshole brats.
    The parents of the racist lil bully twits should be paying any and ALL of the poor babies medical bills or should be getting sued.

    Sick sick sick the amount of hate in the world these days and these kids are all still so young.
    Scary these racist lil bullies are our future GOD HELP US!
    Next they will be on to beating and raping lil girls or killing innocent animals.

  4. Eliane Biourd says:

    I agree with you Kristin. just look at what led up to this pres election to know where all this hate is coming from. now that the great leader of “let’s make America great again” was openly condoning violence and racial hatred all during his campaign. so them, dumber-than-dirt shit-for-brains can now come out into the open and follow their GREAT LEADER with mommy’s and daddy’s blessings. oh right, the first lady is going to make her pet project “bullying”……….start at home………

  5. Jacqui skill says:

    The kids that did this should be more than expelled they should be before into a rehabilitation community service program and be educated the right way and their parents should be investigated ! This is outrageous in another consequence of having a racist bully for president elect.. it is totally criminal and I am disgusted .

    • Rosslyn Osborne says:

      I totally agree that these children (as old as 13 years) should be educated to respect other people….! Yet, I see the school is backing down as noted below…
      “The school reportedly informed the Jackson family that they were sorry but were not liable because the incident occurred after official school hours and also involved at least one person who was not a student of the school.
      The page also notes that Jordan has made three trips to the emergency room since the incident due to his post-concussion syndrome.”

      No child or adult should be body-slammed to the ground, so hard to suffer concussion and broken bones. Jordan is only 8 years old, for goodness sake and was trying to protect himself and his little sister. What thugs, they were all older than him and more of them. Jordan didn’t stand a chance. The nightmares both children will suffer will go on for many years.
      I sincerely hope these thugs parents do chastise their kids for their ugliness of racism, and intolerable behaviour.

  6. I wasn’t there. Can’t sign.

  7. Angela Rabon says:

    Wow! You are not there for any event that you sign petitions for but my guess is if you are on a petition web site, you have probably signed petitions before!!! An innocent child is beaten by other children and you cannot sign??? Makes no sense to me!!!

  8. When a country chooses a person for their leader who has spent month after month loudly declaring violence is acceptable, that people of color, people of different religions, people of different lifestyles, people of different belief systems are all wrong and do not deserve to have their rights protected, then this is the direct result. The shame of our nation has been laid bare. An unconscionable number if American citizens have voted to accept and condone the mistreatment, assault, degradation, humiliation and bullying of anyone who is different. They have said it is acceptable to demean and bully others and this is an acceptable way to behave. And now we see the results of this willingness to accept this kind of evil.

    To those who voted for trump, you can disclaim this kind of behavior, you can attempt to distance yourself from it, you can claim you aren’t responsible because you do not believe this way. You can say there is no evidence these kinds of incidents aren’t related to trump because bullying had been around forever. You can try to cover, divert or redirect the attention. But it just doesn’t wash. Trump specifically, vocally, vehemently and repeatedly called for violence, modeled bullying, promoted hatred, fear and prejudice and every single person who cast a vote to ignore that is responsible for the results.

    I hope you can sleep nights knowing an eight year old boy and his sister were viciously and horribly attacked, that mosques across the country are being threatened with violence (interesting that bigots target Muslims because they are supposedly violent and yet it is they who are being victimized), that schools and churches are being vandalized in the name of trump and his white nationalist, extremist, terroristic agenda and rhetoric. You cannot escape responsible for the agenda promoted by trump and approved of by you by means of your vote.

  9. Wendy Morrison says:

    These bullies should be expelled from school,but these bullies probably learned from their parents too. Their parents should be made to pay all this innocent victim’s hospital bills!!!

  10. Janet Lynch says:

    Principle Colon, you must act swiftly and decisively to condemn this act, punish the perpetrators, and implement educational programs to make it clear that such violence and hatred will not be tolerated in your school This is one of the most heinous incidents I’ve heard of and that is saying a lot.

    Not only should the bullies be expelled; such despicable crimes are just the sort of thing which the juvenile justice system is intended to punish. If the perpetrators were adults, they would be prosecuted for the crime of assault and battery, because that is exactly what they did. With a bit of contemptible racial hate speech thrown in. They should be required to work in community service to help pay the victim’s hospital bills, and yes, I agree with Wendy that the parents should be held financially accountable. If they are unable to pay, then their insurance should pay. Failing that, the school’s liability insurance should pay.

    It is beyond comprehension that a school would not immediately expel students for such criminal acts. The school obviously also urgently needs to do much more to educate its students on tolerance, or at the bare minimum, on basic mandatory standards of decent behavior expected of all students. The America that I know and love takes care of its kids- ALL of its kids. What happened at your school is heinous, cruel, violent, and against every good thing for which our country stands. All Americans pay taxes to fund public schools, and those schools exist for the children of all Americans. No child should fear violence from their fellow students- or anyone else- at school, and no family should fear sending their children to public schools which exist for all students in the community. Public schools belong to us all, and at bare minimum, we owe it to all of America’s children to keep them safe in the public institutions intended for their benefit and education.

    In closing, I am deeply saddened to say that I also agree with Dena, who points out that the election of mr. trump has created a sickening atmosphere of tolerance for racism, bigotry and violence, because mr. trump has promoted such contemptible and hateful behavior and actively fanned the flames of these dangerous and corrosive attitudes and hatreds. God help us all when some ignorant pale kids think it is okay to offensively, racially bully and beat up defenseless kids based on their darker skin color. But hey, trump himself is a blatantly racist bully who has not shied away from the basest of racist, bigoted and misogynist slurs in furthering his own self-aggrandizing ends. Disgustingly, he has made a career out of discriminating against and disparaging people of color, other nationalities and faiths, women who are over 120 pounds and/ or over the age of 35 and/ or with an above-average IQ, and well, I could go on. Ironically, trump’s skin color looks remarkably more like the skin of a rotten tomato than that of an actual human being, so he’d better watch his back from those white supremacist slime whom he has been encouraging to crawl out of the sewers, as they apparently only like people with lily white skin. As ye sow, so shall ye reap, as the old saying goes…

  11. Expel the bloody white pieces of shit.

  12. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Oh absolutely Signed & Shared❗️?
    This is very wrong❗️?

  13. The parents of the bullies should pay the medical bills and bills for any future therapy both those children will probably need.
    The obnoxious, racist, little shit heads should be expelled and prosecuted. Their parents should be charged with abuse (for the way they have raised their own little monsters and the abuse those innocent children suffered at their spawn).

    I agree, Thanks to Trump things are only going to get worse. No matter what he says now, his whole campaign was based on hate. Now the ignorant, stupid, in-bred morons feel free to victimize anyone they choose.

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