Fire Cop For Punching Woman in Face

Target: Kevin Treadway, Flagstaff, Arizona Chief of Police

Goal: Fire the officer who was recorded on video punching a woman in the face.

A police officer in Flagstaff, Ariz., was caught on video punching a woman in the face. The woman was hit after apparently questioning the officer on why she was being arrested. This kind of behavior from a public servant is scary, disgusting and unacceptable. Demand this officer be fired for behaving so irresponsibly.

Flagstaff police officer Jeff Bonar was supposed to be arresting Marissa Morris for an outstanding warrant. Morris denied that she had any warrants and asked to be shown the warrant, saying it was unjust for her to be arrested without it. Officer Bonar then punched Morris right in the face.

Officer Bonar claims that Morris kicked him before the punch, but the video doesn’t appear to show this and Morris claims this is untrue. The warrant for Morris’ arrest was later determined to be outdated.

Punching a woman in the face while she is exercising her lawful rights is wrong. This officer should have known better than to resort to such brutality. Demand the police department fire this officer.


Dear Chief Treadway,

As you know, one of your officers was caught on tape punching a woman in the face after she apparently questioned why she is being arrested. It was later shown the woman had no reason to be arrested and was right to question this.

Punching a woman in the face shows rash behavior and an extreme lack of judgement in this officer, and this is not acceptable. I demand you fire this officer for his actions.


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  1. Rodney Hytonen says:

    Bottom line, what happens to YOU,
    if you Punch a COP in the face?
    Do you JUST lose your job?
    “Different level of authority?”
    THEN there’s also, from asumed and required training and resources, as well as “authority,”
    a different level of RESPONSIBILITY for that cop.
    There is no way he couldn’t have subdued her without causing harm. NO way. – or he’s incompetent and should at LEAST lose his job (authority) anyway, before he abuses other resources and kills someone.

    He was overcome with emotion (and HUBRIS) he’s NOT supposed to be ruled by – by training, and by selection.

  2. He should be fired and never allowed to have a position of authority again in this lifetime.

  3. Yank cops are the trash of the planet.Give this filthy oinker pig cop the same treatment.An eye for an eye!

  4. If he is not fired, it denotes that the whole department is like him!

  5. Gene Sengstake says:

    “Fire Cop For Punching Woman in Face”??? Who’s kidding who? Most likely he’ll get a promotion – – –

  6. What a disgusting, cowardly, act of thuggery! This vile individual DISCREDITS THE ENTIRE FORCE. He should face an assault charge… NOT JUST THE SACK!!

  7. For the moment, this man clearly lacks the control required to be an officer. This is ridiculous.

    It would also be nice to see more action being taken against officers who do the same to men (among others). Whoever you are, being assaulted by someone who is supposed to be protecting you is one of the things wrong about humanity

  8. If you watch the video closely it shows the she kneed him in his groin area. She deserved to get punched!!! I’m sure if any other man is kneed there , they would react in the same way!!!
    He should NOT be fired!!!

  9. Well if you all think you can do better job go for it

  10. But when you feel scared dont call the police really you all need to grow up


  12. Did anybody see the video? Cause it wasn’t shown here. Talk about knee jerk reaction. Get your facts people.

  13. Coward, I hope some gang cath him and punch him a lot. COWARD LITTLE B*TCH.

  14. From England my point of view probably puss you off but it seems that the police are a law to themselves just looking at the way they treat black people in the U S

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