Dear Trump: Stop Being a Sore Winner

Target: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan
Goal: Ensure that president-elect Trump is not allowed to undermine our country and democracy.

President-elect Trump is falsely complaining that “millions of people voted illegally,” which is a bizarre and paranoid assertion from someone who just won the U.S. presidency. Even more hypocritical of Trump is that, despite his unfounded claim that millions voted illegally, he is also opposed to recounting any votes, a legitimate process which is well-established in our democracy and intended to ensure all votes are properly counted. One has to wonder, if Trump is so positive that there was widespread fraud in the voting that handed him the presidency, why is he also opposed to auditing the vote result?

Furthermore, Trump’s claim that Jill Stein’s attempts to audit the vote is the same as Trump’s refusal during his campaign to accept the results of the election if he lost, clearly illustrates that Trump has little understanding of the democratic process, or is willfully ignorant. Legal requests, such as that made by Jill Stein, to audit or recount close election results is a process as old as voting itself and respects the democratic process. This process is designed to ensure all votes are counted fairly and properly, without corruption or undue influence.

In stark contrast, Trump’s claims during the campaign that the entire election was “rigged” and that he “wouldn’t accept the results” if he lost, are the exact opposite of respecting the democratic process. Instead, Trump thought he was going to lose and apparently thought his best chance for remaining relevant in the future was to inflame his base by falsely claiming that there was some vast conspiracy to prevent people’s votes from counting. Now that Jill Stein wants to ensure everyone’s votes were accurately counted, Trump is back on Twitter parroting fake news stories promoted by the same alt-right talking head who thinks the Sandy Hook mass child shooting was a secret operation conducted by the U.S. government.

It is hard to argue with crazy, but lies, fake news and our president-elect are attempting to undermine the strongest democracy in the world. We must take a stand against Trump’s lies and efforts to undermine our democracy, which is far more precious than any political party or person.


Dear Speaker of the House Paul Ryan,

The president-elect of the United States has, once again, taken to promoting fake news stories in an attempt to undermine our democracy and enhance his support with his base. While it may be true that the president-elect wouldn’t have lost any votes if he “shot someone on Fifth Avenue,” that doesn’t mean he is above the law.

If the president-elect becomes the president, it will be your responsibility to ensure that, like with Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton, our new president is not above the law or democratic norms.

As a member of Trump’s Republican party, and Speaker of the House, you will have a unique opportunity to hold Trump accountable for his lies, self-dealings and possible constitutional violations. Please take this duty and responsibility seriously. Our country and democracy are more valuable than any one man’s political career or party loyalties.

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Photo credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. neil moorcroft says:

    Yeah America should have voted for Clinton, then we could had fun building our Nuclear Bomb Shelters…

    • PLEASE!! Do you watch Fox? Can’t imagine how else you’d come to this bizarre conclusion……it was TRUMP who as a candidate was given a security screening that showed him various “hot spots” around the globe and three different times he said “nuke ’em”…….SOON he’ll have his finger on the button!!

  2. Trump won PA by around 24,000 which was his closest win. Hillary won 3 of her states by less than 10,000 votes. So logic would tell us if any of the states should be audited it should be the states won by less than 10,000 votes, BUT, they only want to audit the states Trump won. Real coincidence there huh people??? Open your eyes !!!

  3. Frank Staples says:

    You know, we are not the ones rioting, beating people, and burning buildings…so let me be the first to tell you where you can stick your petition. When you’ve corrected the problems I spoke of in my first sentence then maybe we can start working together and start correcting the problems that eight years of the current liar in chief have given us.

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