Find and Punish Sadistic Abuser Who Broke A Cat’s Jaw

Target: Stephen House, Chief Constable of Police Scotland

Goal: Find whoever is responsible for sadistically torturing a cat, leaving her with a broken jaw and unable to use the bathroom.

A cat who’d been missing for two days was reportedly abused before showing back up at her owner’s home. The cat had a broken jaw and her tail had been pulled so hard that it was difficult for the animal to use the bathroom. The owners had to take her to the vet twice a day to have her bladder emptied. The veterinarian said that someone intentionally caused this cat to suffer in a cruel way.

The Inspector for the SPCA told outlets that pulling a cat’s tail can cause so much damage that in severe cases, a feline may have to be put to sleep over it. The Scottish SPCA officers have asked the public to help provide information regarding this case. So far, the sadistic monster who did this remains at large.

Please sign this petition to demand that authorities get involved and do everything possible to find this person and bring this cat the justice she deserves.


Dear Chief House,

A cat was reportedly abused in a horrific attack that left her with a broken jaw. The veterinarian said that her tail had been pulled so hard that she couldn’t use the bathroom. Two days after the cat went missing, she was returned to her owner in this condition.

Whoever is responsible for this sadistic act of cruelty must be found and removed from the streets before more lives are put at risk. We urge you to do everything in your power to make sure this person is found and punished to the most severe extent possible.


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Photo credit: Tony Cyphert

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  1. yes, it is very important that this “person” be found and severely prosecuted. but, I am so sick to death of reading these stories about cats who got injured because someone wasn’t caring enough to keep their “beloved pet” safe inside. I have no sympathy for the money this owner has to spend at the vet. all my sympathy goes to the cat and any cat she gets in the future because she probly won’t learn that she can’t let her pets run free and unprotected.

    • I agree.. people should keep their cats safe inside with them!

    • Please! Not all people who let their cats out are being irresponsible and not protecting their animals! My cats are MISERABLE if I don’t let them out to play. And I have been accused by many in my life of being overprotective of my animals.

      • I would rather have a miserable cat that’s safe & lives long than a happy cat that dies the worst miserable death by cars, abusers etc plus you can make it less miserable for a cat to stay indoors by providing cat tress, scratchers, activity furniture built

    • I couldn’t have said it any better!
      It is “not safe” to let your Pets roam the streets!
      Keep them in the house, as you would your young child!

    • Caroline Burton says:

      I’m guessing you are American, because in the UK, as in many other ‘pet-loving’ countries, cats are not kept indoors. In fact, it is considered to be cruel to keep your cat permanently locked inside. My feelings are that if you do keep a cat indoors (such as apartment living), it is essential to provide them with a bowl of grass, rain water (with a river stone in it), a place whereby the window can be opened safely for them to sunbathe and many many climbers and toys. And DO NOT bath your cat~! If you don’t like this, don’t get a cat. We have always had one cat, always a rescued cat, always brought indoors at night and we have always ensured s/he has a cat friendly garden. Such cats, once they have established which is their territory, usually stay in that space and spend most of the day sunbathing and chasing butterflies…. in a perfect world. Do not judge people who live by different customs. These people do care about their cat and are traumatised by what has happened to her. There are evil people in the world who torture and kill animals and people; such POS often abduct and do the same to small children and we are all shocked when it happens, but we cannot keep our children indoors permanently because that would be cruel. We have to allow them to live normally and we should allow our pets to live normally. By all means, make your garden cat-proof, bring him or her indoors every night, but do not sentence your cat to a life imprisoned indoors… THAT is what is cruel.

  2. This violent sadist has to caught and soon. Which decent person could imagine themselves acting in this mindless manner. Give him the medicine he won’t forget. Treat him/her like the evil moron that he is and throw the book at the devil.

  3. theres no way this person will be found but when an animal has been tortured or killed and you do know who did it please pleas jail them for it and for a long time. as for the people blaming the cats owner have a heart. we don’t know the full story. I am a responsible cat and my cats get let outside every day. they have been de sexed, have collars with bells and id. but they do get locked in every night without fail. its people who don’t de sex their cats and don’t lock them in at night that bug me


  5. I hope someone turns this POS in – no cat should suffer this abuse. This is a CRIME and needs to be addressed ASAP. This isn’t the first time this monster did this, but please make it the last time.

    AND PLEASE DO NOT euthanasia this cat. I’ve seen cats and dogs with nerve damage that was supposed to be permanent, and their control and feeling CAN come back with time and love.
    PLEASE don’t kill this already abused cat. Thank you.

  6. Caroline Burton says:

    This is sickening and the psychopath that tortured this cat should be eliminated. Laws everywhere that purport to protect animals, do not. We are all angry each time something like this happens and most of us want justice to be done, but it never is. Prison is the least of what should happen, yet even this is seldom handed down as punishment. POS that commit such horrendous crimes against defenceless beings will continue their evil until the day they die, so let’s hope there are those amongst us who will hurry that day along. This particular POS should endure exactly the same pain that s/he inflicted on this poor cat. This kind of justice would be a good start~!

  7. Poor response so far signature-wise. How disappointing.

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