Justly Punish Woman Accused of Slowly Killing Thousands of Pets

Target: Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Minister of the Interior, Spain

Goal: Demand a heavier sentence for woman accused of running a shelter that euthanized over 2,000 animals in a slow and horrific manner to increase profits in Torremolinos, Spain.

Prosecutors are seeking a measly four-year sentence for a woman who is accused of torturing and killing thousands of cats and dogs. Police claim that Carmen Marin Aguilar would give pets a low dosage of a euthanasia drug in an improper manner so that she could save on costs. This would have resulted in the poor animals suffering long excruciating deaths just so she could save on drug and housing costs.

There is no chance that a person would have not noticed that there was a problem with the amount and way that the drug was administered. The animals would have writhed and howled in pain for hours. Investigators claim that the woman would disconnect security cameras and play loud music to mask the sound of the agonized animals, so that her crimes would go undiscovered. She is also accused of operating a veterinary clinic without having any certification. People entrusted an apparent fraud with the lives of their pets. She still denies these allegations and claims to love animals.

To cause so many animals such horrific deaths in such a calculating manner without the faintest hint of regret is unthinkable. If this woman is proved to have committed this crime, she deserves to be punished more severely than a four-year sentence, especially if she is pleading not guilty. Sign this petition to urge Spain to give her a heavier sentence to deter people from committing crimes of this nature.


Dear Minister Diaz,

As Minister of the Interior you oversee the National Police Force. Prosecutors are seeking a four year sentence in a case where Carmen Marin Aguilar is accused of torturing and slowly killing over 2,000 cats and dogs to save money. Investigators also claim that she fraudulently set up a pet clinic without certification. Surely giving her such a light sentence for such serious crimes emboldens other criminals to commit acts of cruelty and fraud for profit.

If this woman is found guilty, then she coldly administered a drug that would have made these animals suffer hours of agonizing pain before finally dying. She was entrusted with the wellbeing of these animals and she should be held responsible for what took place in her facility. I urge you to reevaluate the severity of the crimes that she is accused of and increase the punishment accordingly.


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Photo credit: Screenshot from video by ElRefugioTV

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    She sounds like one mentally disturbed, money hungry, sadistic lowlife, human being!
    She definitely need psychiatric counselling and a very long jail term of, about a year, for each animal, sound lenient enough? During the rest of her pathetic life she is never to be anywhere near any animals ever again…And keep her away from children too.
    Out of all her money saving profits, she must donate everything to a dedicated proper shelter, for animals.

    • Margaret Smith says:

      I’m so angry…this vile woman should be given a dose of exactly what she gave to these dear stricken Animals!!! KARMA will work it’s magic…..

    • Carmen Aguilar I put a cancer curse on you. May your ugly body be riddled with tumors that you suffer untold agony for the rest of your life. Vile creatures like this do not deserve to live. I hope that her punishment will be severe. Public hanging is what they should do to this filthy creature. Set an example to all animal abusers.

  2. First of all I despise the fact that we allow people to murder animals under their ‘care’ to begin with, but this is just disgusting in so many ways. This subhuman female needs to be made to suffer lots of pain and anguish just as she did the thousands of animals! Jail is too good for pieces of filth such as herself. I cannot believe they’re thinking of giving this……thing…4 years for making so many defenseless, INNOCENT animals suffer!!! Be rid of her. She doesn’t deserve to live another second!!!!

  3. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no yulin festival!

  4. this sick savage just needs the same thing done to her, four years, what a giggle, 40 years would be better, or just strung up and left to dangle.

  5. People like her should not be allowed to live another day on this earth!! She’s a piece of garbage!! I say they do the same thing to her!!


  7. Ellis Toscano says:

    Perhaps Spain glories in being considered one of the most barbaric countries that is not a third world country or Asian. What a pathetic excuse for civilization.

  8. Something beyond psychiatric help.. Nothing can help someone a like that. Nothing inside. Sociopath., heartless.

  9. Gerard FABIANO says:


  10. I have heard that Spain’s animal welfare leaves a lot to be desired but-4 measly years for a crime like this- judges- get real and give this miserable witch a hiding she deserves. Shut her away out of the way of any more creatures, and for a long time. Trusting you!

  11. Vile bitch. I wish her the worst of all things.

  12. Frank Staples says:

    Why are you starting a petition for Spain when right here at home PETA is doing the same damn thing? And a lot of you people donate to them without realizing that it’s simply a big money deal that does literally nothing for abused animals??

  13. any one guilty of animal cruelty must be killed so we can rid the earth of this filth. but please torture them severely first. this woman must be killed!!!

  14. She should be given a small dose of lethal injection over a 3-4 day period so she doesn’t die right off but, suffers severe agony and pain as all her organs slowly shut down one by one.
    Duct tape the shit out her mouth and blare some good tunes so no one has to deal with listening to her sorry evil ass cry and scream as she suffers and slowly dies off.

    A EYE for a EYE!
    Do us all a favor and rid the world of these lowlife scumbags that harm innocent animals and children.

    They don’t deserve to live or enjoy 1 day of life for the trama and hurt they have caused the innocent beings of the world.

  15. Why don’t we give her a low dose of something and play music why she writhes in agony! What a filthy piece of you know what!

  16. Patricia Dumais says:

    What evil people dream up to make a buck! She definitely deserves a maximum sentence and needs to be kept away from animals for good.

  17. Someone PLEASE hunt down this filthy evil inbred slag & make her pay, BURN IN HELL YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!

  18. 2000 innocent precious lives were lost as a result. Please, this dangerous and cruel criminal bitch must never be allowed to handle an animal again in future. I also hope that her life is cursed for as long as she stays alive for causing so much pain and sufferings to those defenseless and harmless animals.

  19. Cecelia Nelson says:

    There is a place in HELL for this waste of human flesh… R.I.P. you PRECIOUS babies

  20. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope this bitch dies a slow & painful death❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

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