Don’t Strip Funding From Climate Research

Target: President-elect Donald Trump

Goal: Don’t defund NASA climate research.

The next administration will reportedly cut all funding to NASA’s Earth science division, the portion of NASA responsible for climate science according to Bob Walker, an adviser to President-elect Donald Trump. If this funding cut goes forward, it will be a significant step backward for climate science. Not only is NASA a leading producer of high-quality climate science, the agency’s fleet of satellites produces a large amount of data to the global community of climate scientists.

Walker stated that NASA should focus on space rather than Earth and that there were other agencies to research our environment, such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). However, many of these agencies, including NOAA, rely on NASA data to produce studies on the climate and to launch their own satellites. Cutting funding would limit continued study of our climate and, therefore, make it far harder to monitor progress in mitigating climate change. Sign our petition and demand that President-elect Trump commits to maintaining funding for NASA’s earth science division.


Dear President-elect Trump,

I was shocked to hear your senior adviser Bob Walker state that your administration will strip funding from the NASA Earth science division, stating that other agencies are more appropriate to continue studying the climate. However, Mr. Walker is either ignoring or ignorant of the support role NASA has in advancing climate science and helping agencies such as the NOAA to launch satellites that have greatly contributed to the advancement of our understanding of the climate. Furthermore, NASA is widely regarded to be at the forefront of climate sciences.

The vast majority of scientists agree that the climate is changing and that humans are a major driver of that change. Furthermore, the Pentagon recognizes anthropogenic climate change as a major national security threat to the United States. However, whether you personally believe in anthropogenic climate change or not, it is impossible to deny that the climate can change and those changes have a large impact on human wealth and survival. Undermining the advancement of our knowledge of climate science is fundamentally incompatible with securing and protecting the country that, come January, you will represent. I urge you to cancel any plans to strip funding from the NASA Earth science division.


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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    dont defund nasa u evil rich tyrant!

  2. The only thing that NASA needs to be researching and funding is defense against space born threats like asteroids and comets. They don’t need to be getting into crap like so called climate change. Global warming would be a good thing not a bad thing. You can’t grow crops in cold temperatures, but you can grow tons of them in warm weather!! Carbon is necessary for plants to survive. We literally breathe out carbon! What next? A limit on breathing? ????? stfu and gtfo with your climate change nonsense.

  3. Does anybody believe a warped climate change denier like the Trumpet will take any notice of any petition? This maniac still thinks the Earth is flat for gawds sake!

  4. neil moorcroft says:

    The climate has and always will change. Man made climate change is a Hoax. Yes us humans do some despicable things to the environment, pollution, deforestation, Fracking,our over use of plastic which is devastating the oceans which should be addressed NOW. How many climate scientist don’t believe in man made climate change? Alot more than those that do, those that work for the elitist ‘powers that be’ so that they can tax it. It all comes down to money and how much they can make from us. Wake Up…

    • Do you read, do you observe, dobyouvgdt facts? The air you breath beyond limits, you cEnt drink water from rivers, ice is melting in arctic making the polar bears suffer sow death, disasters are happening, hurricanes, storms, floods, less crops because the weather change………….I don’t know where you live if you can’t see that.

    • 97% of the world’s top scientists are concerned about climate change-as well as, all of the largest industrialized nations. The ONLY ones that disagree are the U.S. congressional republicans and Trump–and, the 3% of scientists paid off. Of course, the fossil fuel industry doesn’t want to acknowledge the facts. They don’t want ANY environmental regulations (like the Clean Air/Clean Water Act) to interfere with their drilling, nor any competition from CLEAN ENERGY–where we could provide millions of new jobs while cleaning up our filth!

      The U.S. is the largest per capita polluter in the world. Yet, with the republicans in Congress, we will only get worse. They want to bring back filthy coal, disgustingly dirty tar sands, thick crude oil pipes, toxic fracking, etc. You talk about money–That’s where the big money and greed are!!! They want to set up operations in pristine areas of the Arctic/Antarctic and take over National Parks and Forests. Trump Assoc. will, probably, give him his blessings!

  5. Denise Devereux says:

    Don’t defund NASA climate research.
    We have a responsibility to future generations. You have a young child and grandchildren think about them.

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