Protect Endangered Orcas from Big Oil

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Stop the construction of a pipeline off the coast of Vancouver that will decimate or even eradicate a population of endangered orca whales.

The orcas that reside in the waters alongside Vancouver, B.C. may be completely eliminated by an increase in oil tanker traffic. The fate of the last few remaining orcas in the Salish Sea are about to be decided as the federal government of Canada votes on the Trans Mountain Expansion project. This project will add almost 1,000 kilometers of pipeline that would claw from Alberta to Vancouver; wreaking environmental havoc each time a leak is sprung.

These whales have long suffered from the presence of their human neighbors. From being ripped away from their families to be sold to amusement parks, to absorbing dangerous chemicals leeched into the water by local industries, the orcas have had trouble fighting for their survival. There is now a shortage of the whale’s most common food, the Chinook salmon. This shortage has led to the whales facing severe starvation.

This problem is exacerbated by traffic from shipping liners, traffic that will dramatically increase if this pipeline expanded. This traffic drowns out communication between whales, and it causes the orcas undue stress. The whales will not move to another habitat because the one they currently reside in is critical to their survival. There is also the tangible threat of an oil spill contaminating the water; killing a variety of marine animals.

There are currently only around 80 whales left in this region. The Federal Canadian government is voting on this pipeline soon, so time is running out for these endangered animals. Sign this petition to stop this pipeline expansion, and protect the majetic orca whales.


Dear Prime Minster Trudeau,

The Trans Mountain Expansion project would add almost 1,000 kilometers of pipeline from Alberta to Vancouver. This immense pipeline will go under schools and communities. It will exacerbate problems created by climate change. It will destroy the endangered genetically unique population of orca whales that reside off the coast of Vancouver.

You have the power to sway the government to vote against a pipeline that will wreak havoc on the environment and communities it runs beneath.

The orca population only has about 80 whales left, making them critically endangered. The increase in oil tanker traffic and the risk of an oil spill spell doom for these majestic creatures.

Canada is a country that is known for its pristine, untouched nature. Don’t pass a proposal that could stain your country’s environmental reputation. Vote no on the pipeline and put your support behind clean energy.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Christopher Michel

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  1. orcas first not big oil now.

  2. “When the Last Tree Is Cut Down,THE LAST FISH KILLED, and the LAST STREAM POISONED, You Will Realize That YOU CANNOT EAT MONEY.”

  3. Denise,you really think they are smart enough or care enough to understand what you are saying.

    • simon rickman simon rickman says:

      No they’re not but let me reply for her, fuck them (excuse me) if they don’t know what we mean, they ARE stupid morons but we have to say it anyway, over and over again, if only for our own sanity – you cannot eat money even if it is slathered with ketchup.

  4. Please Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Do everything you possibly can to protect, the environment and the animals.
    Thank you!

  5. Denise Devereux says:

    Another atrocity by the Selfish Human Race who care less about animals or the environment. Shame on the perpatrators and the enablers.
    Have they learnt nothing of the environmental impact on others.
    Unless it affects them and theres they don’t care. Karma

  6. Jack Culshaw says:

    Canada – a land of “enlightened people”. Selling their souls for the almighty buck and the motor car.

  7. Barry MCMaster says:

    These noble animals have nowhere else to go. They cannot get away, as on land. Their habitat is already being poisoned by general nuclear waste and from the Japanese tsunami, garbage dumped into the ocean, etc. Where, oh where else can they go? Heartbreaking.

  8. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Please save our planet and to do that you must stop the big oil companies, right now!
    Please leave our oceans alone, we have destroyed almost everything for money now… Please stop this and save these orcas.

  9. Sooner the Whales than “Big Oil” in my opinion!
    Sooner the Planet than greedy profiteers who care nothing for the planet only themselves!

  10. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    humans are not meant to be predators. animals are meant to be predators.

  11. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    This country cares not for any animal that moves, and as such, has a bad reputation regarding their welfare. We can’t even get a new animal cruelty bill passed, instead we are still under the 1892 laws. Also Canadians naively thought Justin Trudeau was going to bring good changes and “sunny ways” to the country. Well, we’re still waiting and the signs are not good. 99% of politicians don’t give a damn for the animals When the animals are gone, the oceans destroyed, the trees are down,so we, as the worst species on earth will ber gone as well. Enjoy your money while you can. It’s not forever.And Justin, ditch the fur.

    • Canadian grizzlies, at RISK as well, hunted mercilessly for “sport” in the western provinces, and free rein given to trophy hunters, many Americans coming to Canada to do what they are not allowed to do at home…heck, Trump’s sons hunt in Canada, what does THAT say, and unethical, manipulative “bear baiting” allowed.
      The nice “polite” Canadian mask, behind it something “NOT so nice” after all…

  12. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    So sad, the beginning of the end of these magnificent creatures all for greed.

  13. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  14. We MUST protect our Orcas including all of the precious life in our oceans — our planet depends on this — the human race and the animal kingdom depend on this.

  15. Best Wishes to you my friends and Great Protection ?
    Special candle for you ?
    Nature treats back now ?
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Take responsibility for your Being on Earth ?
    Live your hell ? now
    Higher Justice works now ?

  16. Elias Niflis says:

    Very good

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