Improve Bus Stop Trash Cans

Target: Therese McMillan, Chief Planning Officer,

Goal: To upgrade local transit trash cans by adopting the triple-trash recycling container.
As Chief Planning Officer for L.A. Metro, Therese McMillan is in charge of overseeing all projects that strengthens their already strong bus operation. According to their website, Metro has completed projects that include the construction of El Monte Station, extensions to rail lines, and upgrades to Division 13 Bus Facility for the benefit of the bus rider. However, none of these plans include maintaining already established bus stops that have been cursed with trash.
I appreciate that Metro always pay attention to customer complaints, but recently Metro has been oblivious towards a recurring problem, trash. There is one specific rule that all passengers of the bus must follow which is one of the causes of the abundance of trash. Food and drinks are not permitted while on board the bus due to possible spillage and disturbance to other passengers. Avoiding the $250 fine, bus riders dispose of their waste by the nearby trash can along the route. By doing so, they sometimes have no choice but to discard their trash onto the streets of their neighborhood due to the missing or over flooded trash can.
Although Metro has been refurbishing their stations, they never realized that the bus stops along the route to and from their facilities are being littered with trash. They rely on local maintenance departments to do the cleaning for them, when it’s their property in the first place. One project they should focus in the future is upgrading the standard trash can to the triple trash recycling trash can. This trash can organizes the trash into three separate parts: commingle, cans/bottles, and waste. Separating the trash into three sections would increase cleanliness around the bus stop. Metro should invest, up-grading their trash cans, with prices ranging from $800 to $2,000 with their annual budget of $5,568.4 million. By doing this, it will improve the experience of the bus rider and clean up the mess they left behind.

Petition Letter:

Dear Mrs. McMillan,
Los Angeles County Metropolitan authority is in charge of overseeing over 15,967 bus stops along L.A. routes. It’s good to know that Metro has always paid attention to their customers by listening to requests and solving complaints. They have opened up several projects this year that will focus on updating old bus lines stations and safety regulations on traffic control but none have focused on the conditions of the bus stops along the routes to the bus stations.
Trash has negatively affected the bus stops with their foul order and toxic pollutants. Due to the standard size of the trash can, the container can get over flooded with unfollowed trash sweeps. To solve this issue, I want metro to adopt the triple trash recycling can that would organize the trash into three separate sections making recycling easier.
If you really care for the people using your bus lines, you should implement a plan that would decrease the trash around the bus stops and use the triple trash recycling trash can.
[your name here]

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