Punish Police Officer Who Allegedly Shot a Dog and Joked About It

Target: Nick Metz, Aurora, Colorado Chief Of Police

Goal: Punish the police officer who allegedly joked about shooting and killing a dog.

An Aurora police officer reportedly shot an allegedly aggressive dog in the face, leading to its death. The officer’s body camera reportedly recorded him joking about shooting and killing the dog. Sign below to demand that this officer be punished for his alleged unprofessional comments.

“I’ll put this mother-(expletive) down in a minute.” An officer reportedly stated these words after responding to a call about two aggressive dogs. His body camera then captured him shooting Angelo, the 3-year-old American Staffordshire terrier, in the face. Angelo whimpered and screamed before running away. He was later euthanized due to the severity of his injuries.

Shooting or killing an animal is no joke and should not be treated as such. Sign below and demand that this officer be reprimanded for his alleged unprofessional behavior.


Dear Chief Metz,

An Aurora police officer allegedly shot a dog in the face, leading to the dog’s death. The officer’s body camera reportedly recorded him joking about shooting and killing the dog. We demand that this officer be reprimanded for his alleged unprofessional behavior.

“It just angers me the way (the officers) talked about (the dog); the way they joked about him; the way he ran off in pain screaming.” stated Valeria Rios, the dog’s owner. “And he was just wagging his tail at them the whole time he was shot.” The officer was called to the scene following reports of two unleashed dogs attacking someone.

Aggressive or not, this dog did not deserve to be treated like a joke. We demand that this officer be reprimanded for this alleged unprofessional behavior.


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  1. This makes me sick. These low-life, uneducated losers who can only feel power by killing animals NEEDS to be stopped.

    All of these losers who hurt innocent animals should pay.

    It is about time that educated, intelligent, humane people are hired as police officers not the low life scum that kill animals.

  2. These arseholes need shooting cruel bastards whats wrong with these idots the world is full of cruel do it back to them what they do to animals . People like that should face death. No reasons for any cruelty. People are the problem in this world not animals. Rather have animals then humans.

  3. Carol Crowell says:

    These cops think they are above the law. Clearly, they are corrupt and need to pay the consequence.

  4. I will always stand with Police, fire fighters, soldiers, paramedics etc.
    But I will never stand with an ass hole!

  5. Inferior people like to use their power in terrible ways. You will always be a little shit bitch. And you know what awaits you, as a cop… you’ll get shot and someone will make jokes about it. Just wait.

  6. America is a shit hole my daughter is her 3rd year in LA they just missed a shoot out going to a concert your Country is a sham.

  7. Now you got Trump god help you all lol.

  8. This callous police officer thinks that he is above the law. He needs to be put in his place, and taken off the streets. What nerve he has to kill someone’s beloved pet. He is a pompus ass.

  9. This lowlife police officer has a twisted mind and he would cause more harm than good to society. He behaves worse than a criminal as he was shown to have abused his authority in murdering someone’s innocent beloved pet. He is definitely NOT cut out for a law enforcement job.

  10. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  11. Any So-Called Law Enforcement OFFICERS? Who Would & HAVE done things like these? Are those who SHAME ALL OTHERS! Those who Would NEVER think of doing something so Damned Cruel, & HEARTLESS. We ALWAYS Stick UP for Law Enforcement, But these “KINDS?? NEVER! We’ve unfortunately known of too many through out the years, who have spoke openly about their use of EXTREME FORCE on ANIMALS Who had NO WAY to Protect or Defend Themselves, those who WERE NOT AGGRESSIVE, OR..Were Just BEING AS THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO Be, WHICH IS DEFENSIVE & PROTECTIVE OF THEIR OWN HUMAN FAMILIES AS WELL AS IF & WHEN THEY HAVE YOUNG OF THEIR OWN. I’ve heard in the past “officers” joking years ago, once when we were doing a charity function at a mall, & these were female & male officers, talking loud enough for me to hear every word as we were doing what we had to do for the EVENT, in a Local MALL, they were Laughing about shooting a box or basket full of puppies, they had no reason to say it for my benefit one way or another, & there have been FAR TOO MANY who’ve over the years, also had NO FEELINGS what so ever, for SHOOTING A DOG, OR A PUPPY, OR CATS OR KITTENS, OR using a TASER OF ALL THINGS< to KILL PEOPLES BIRDS..HOW SICK! JUST BECAUSE they could USE THEIR BADGE as an EXCUSE..SAYING they were being AGGRESSIVE or what ever OTHER "LAME EXCUSE THEY MADE UP" on the Scene..SO, ALTHOUGH WE FULLY STAND WITH ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT>DEFENDERS, when they are in FACT, the Aggressors, NOT the ANIMALS. THEY ARE THE REAL..BEASTS.

  12. Too bad we don’t have a eye for a eye.
    This useless ass cop should be shot in the face while people gather over him laughing and talking about how much of a useless piece of shit he is while he cries and pain.

  13. What a moron! He should be fired!


  15. Such Psychotic Police men should NOT be allowed to serve for the fellow citizens. This man is mentally deranged psycho. What a shame on this entire Police force? Surprising that these type of lunatics are being given job opportunities to work in such areas?

  16. Make this cop accountable — WHAT ARE YOU THINKING! — these beautiful animals are DOGS — Your job is to calm the situation & ensure dogs are in a safe environment with experts, e.g., behaviorists — just because they’re animals does NOT mean they have less value & deserve death — you do NOT have the right to kill animals — keep in mind, Police are held to a higher standard — what kind of society is it if those in authority behave like mindless, clueless monsters – ARREST these cops & HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE — otherwise, this hell for animals will continue — WHO DO these individual cops THINK THEY ARE TO SNUFF THE LIFE OUT OF ANYONE WILLY-NILLY — Get some enlightenment & education in animal management — change your ways; otherwise, change your profession — again, Police are held to a higher standard — those in authority must be wiser, smarter, compassionate, rational, clear-thinking, decisive, emotionally & mentally stable. This kind of abusive behavior poses more of a danger to society than anything else.

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