Don’t Outlaw the Right to Protest

Target: Doug Ericksen, Republican Senator for Washington state

Goal: Don’t prevent Americans from demonstrating their First Amendment right to assembly.

Doug Ericksen, Republican Senator for the state of Washington, is planning on proposing a bill that would outlaw any form of protest the government believes would be economically damaging or harmful to “private citizens” or the government itself. In his bill, Erickson associates this First Amendment right with terrorism. Those who donate money to protests would also be held accountable. Anyone caught protesting or donating would be charged with a felony.

He argues that protests cause “fear, intimidation, and vandalism” and are not “political expression.” While he did not blatantly acknowledge the protests currently occurring against President-elect Donald Trump, it is convenient that his proposed bill would be introduced while these protests are occurring.

His bill is dangerous because there is no clear definition of what he would deem a dangerous or damaging protest. This bill, if passed, could be used to silence Americans as they voice their opinions. Such a bill is dangerous to the right of assembly our founding fathers made possible. Sign the petition to demand that the senator throw out his bill before it moves any further in the state’s senate.


Dear Senator Ericksen,

Recently, you proposed a possible bill that would outlaw certain forms of protest. Anything the government deems damaging to the economy, private citizens, or the government itself would be considered illegal. Those donating to the protests would also be punished. All involved would be charged with a felony under your bill.

Your bill is extremely dangerous. You not only associate protests with terrorism, you never specify what exactly constitutes an illegal protest. This will give the government the ability to shut down any assembly it does not agree with. This goes directly against our nation’s First Amendment. Americans have a right to be heard. Our democracy has flourished because of this right and sets our nation apart from the world’s authoritarian regimes. I demand that you revoke your proposed bill. You were elected to office to protect Americans and their rights, not rob them.


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  1. michael guest says:

    This is a terrible idea. It undermines our civil rights and also a threat to Americans. Protesting is not a felony or a crime. I insist that you drop this unnecessary proposal before it goes any further. Our rights need to stay protected.

  2. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    u think protest is a crime? i think not!

  3. JosephPascavage says:

    So, on top of using congress and the courts to fire American citizens to be replaced by people here on H1-B visas (Intel and Disney, among others); firing citizens and moving the business overhead to other countries for cheaper labor; battling to remove health and safety regulations from the workplace to make business nice and cozy; downsizing; fighting the minimum wage per-se or fighting to prevent raising it; cutting back on unemployment compensation/welfare; refusing parental leave; Business through government wants to criminalize protesting it?

  4. So it’s okay for them to throw money at elections, because, according to Citizens United, money is free speech – when it benefits them. However, when money is used to speak freely against them, it’s terror. Hypocrisy!! Burn it DOWN!

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  6. Hurray for Gwen! She’s got talent and courage. And how old is she? She did what I dreamed of doing but never would or could. Bravo! Bravo!

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