Get Toxic Weed Killer Out of Our Food

Target: Tom Vilsack, U.S. Secretary of Agriculture

Goal: Ban the use of dangerous weed killer made by Monsanto that is contaminating popular foods.

Many popular food brands reportedly contain an alarming amount of toxic weed killers made by Monsanto. These chemicals are extremely harmful to the human body and can cause many types of cancer as well as hormone disruption, leading to obesity and diabetes.

We must stop these companies from allowing these highly toxic chemicals to taint these foods. Too many people love brands such as Cheerios, Oreos and Fritos for them to simply never eat them again. The problem lies not in the fact that people consume these popular foods, but that they are unable to do so without fear of ingesting chemicals that could kill them. The companies that produce these foods must stop allowing toxic chemicals to be used in their ingredients.

Humans should have the right to eat food without the fear of death by chemical intoxication — the food industry owes its consumers that much peace of mind. We must take action to protect our health and our favorite foods. Sign this petition to demand a ban on the use of toxic weed killers.


Dear Mr. Vilsack,

Many popular food brands are reportedly allowing dangerous levels of toxic weed killer to contaminate their products. This cannot stand, for this particular weed killer causes many different types of cancer and hormone disruption. People should not be made to feel they have to give up their favorite foods because of companies that seem ignorant of or do not care about the fact that they are effectively poisoning their customers.

Please issue and enforce a ban on the use of Roundup and other toxic weed killers made by companies like Monsanto. They are highly dangerous and there are enough alternative methods of destroying harmful weeds that we do not need to resort to poison. The health of the population is at stake, so please act as soon as possible.


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  1. Phyllis Swank says:

    I prefer to eat food that does not have poison chemicals.

    • Interesting. Perhaps you weren’t aware of the natural pesticides in foods. These poisons have evolved to help plants resist predation. You might consider the astringent chemicals in pepper, mustard, and horseradish, the solanaceous alkaloids in potatoes, and the cyanide in cassava (the source of tapioca). The concentrations – and toxicity – of these natural pesticides often greatly exceed the levels and hazards of the pesticides applied in the fields.

      • Tara Glasacb says:

        A truly ridiculous comparison. As if there is any serious similarity between plants developing poisonous protectors to that of the Frankensteinien Monsanto monsters that are harming, and serious illness. Sometimes I think greed has driven a good part of the world mad-they have to be to poison hundreds of millions of people, including infants, just to make a buck. Moral lepers.

  2. You need to be specific on the chemicals. Don’t get into the “Monsanto is the devil” talk without backup. I’m all for getting rid of dangerous chemicals IF they’ve been shown to be them after washing and 2. Dangerous.

    • Absolutely agree, Joshua. This is a very sloppy petition, I am afraid to say. I was looking for some link, some evidence to back up the claims and there is nothing. Anyone can put up any old petition, you know. I believe it may well all be true but I want to see the source of the claims. Sorry, I will not be signing! Until this petition is corrected.

    • They have changed the genetics of the seed and the seed contains it. Hence non GMO

  3. Afonso Henriques says:

    Monsanto and all its supporters and lobbyists must be brought to legal account and justice. Enough is enough.

  4. Why in Gods name are these companies, entitled to use poison on our food, if you can’t farm without it, get out of the business, and those legislators allowing this, should be charged with murder, albeit slow it might be,one should add a charge of cruelty.

  5. First, Cheerios are made with oats. There are no varieties of oats that are glysophate tolerant any where in the world. Second, glysophate had never been linked to any adverse side effects ever. You are spreading lies about something you know nothing about. Refusal to learn facts before you point a judgmental finger shows your ignorance on the matter. Ignorance is not a bad thing, but refusal to learn facts and stay ignorant is just plain stupid. Read something from a university, not some idiot with a blog.

    • We certainly have a pre harvest recommendation for Roundup on oats in UK. If the label is obeyed this should not lead to a detectable residue. Some customers specify no pre harvest Roundup as an additional precaution.
      The risk level attached to glyphosate was described in the same terms as the risk from a hot cup of coffee.

  6. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    It is far too wide spread from Monsanto through to chemicals in water from other type companies and mining…. they are all contaminating the water.
    The EPA was formed to stop these things from happening, but sadly they are so lax and the Laws are often so full of ‘loop-holes’ that these big companies with mega millions of dollars bribe their way through.
    They really don’t give a hoot about the humans they make sick, it probably helps Big Pharmaceuticals companies they have shares in…Who Knows!!!

  7. Monsantos has been around for a very long time, my uncle when he was alive used to work for them. It’s only recently I’ve found out how dangerous this company is and to allow ill health in some people is just not good enough.

  8. Glyphosate is one of the least toxic pesticides ever marketed, with a mammalian toxicity less than that of table salt. Your petition is so ignorant of the facts that it hasn’t any chance of being taken seriously. I would encourage you to study pesticides and their toxicity enough to be able to direct your attention in more productive directions.

  9. Garth Neumann says:

    Let’s see some evidence please.

  10. These chemicals are essential for modern food production; it seems the current theory is that if Monsanto are involved it must be bad!
    Specifically for Roundup, it saves mechanical cultivation which destroys bird nests, it facilitates minimal tillage which gives a vast increase in worm populations (a crucial indicator of soil health),this also protects soil organic matter, it saves labour and reduces Greenhouse gas emissions by around 20%.
    If there’s glyphosate in your food it’s been used illegally and that should be detected by residue analysis and the foodstuff condemned!

  11. Glyphosate absolutely causes harm to lab animals. Studies show that glyphosate added to the drinking water in lab mice cuts their life expectancy substantially and causes tumors in female mice.

  12. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    if you dont want gmos, go to europe or other nations!

  13. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared ?

  14. Its all corruption and conspiracy and they are all in on it together.
    Its the governments form of population control!
    The government allows these big profit multi million dollar companies to get away with it since of course the government is corrupted as shit and they make money off everyone and everything.
    Then these million & billion dollar companies make their profits then in turn the big pharmaceutical companies and government funded hospitals make theirs when everyone gets sick and is dying.

    Our government don’t give 2 shits about us, these billion dollar companies don’t give 2 shits, then big pharma loves us when they swoop in and we have to pay dearly just to try to live and survive.

    The entire thing is absolutely sickening and sad.
    Conspiracy and corruption at it’s finest!

  15. e olha que ontem ela irene quase fica doida tentando impedir o divulgamento dessa pekkuisa,skkqkkk é irene pode tentar impedir ou mandar alguem jogar arame na rede eletrica antes do juran falar que nada ipede de vc e seu candidato pegar uma taca de lascar

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