Justice for Woman Punched in the Face for Not Supporting Trump

Target: Eric Gonzalez, Acting District Attorney for Brooklyn

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the man who punched a woman in the face because she did not support Donald Trump.

A male Donald Trump supporter punched a woman in the face, per witness reports. The assault occurred following an argument about the election results. Demand justice for this innocent woman.

“It’s the worst thing ever — a guy in front of kids punching a girl in the face,” stated Jonas Leon, the manager on duty at Brooklyn’s Bar Tarmac. The attack began with an argument between the suspect and two women seated at another table. The women expressed disappointment over Trump’s victory, which angered the suspect. Though the suspect was moved to another table, he later returned and punched one of the women in the face.

The suspect fled the scene and has not yet been identified. Police are investigating. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear District Attorney Gonzalez,

A male Donald Trump supporter punched a woman in the face because they disagreed about the election results. The suspect is still at large. We demand justice for this innocent woman.

“I went up to her and she just held me and started sobbing and said ‘What is happening? I just got assaulted,’” stated Kelly Freeman, a witness to the assault. The victim refused to be hospitalized but appeared to suffer only minor injuries. The suspect was reportedly aggressive with the manager, as well, and fled the scene before the police arrived.

This man not only harmed an innocent woman, but also frightened a restaurant full of bystanders. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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Photo Credit: linglingn

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  1. This has already been proven to be a hoax so how is it still allowed to be up on this site? The VAST majority of violence right now is HIllary supporters attacking Trump supporters. That’s the truth.

    • Right. Hillart supporters went nuts when she lost glad i read the comments before signing

    • Annie Onymous says:

      You got THAT right!
      I saw “Trump Rules” spray painted on walls, and I’ll bet my last dollar it was done by Hillery supporters to stir the shit. It seems to lots of us the LAST thing her supporters want is to “do this together”. Otherwise they’d grow the hell up and figure out a way to make things work. Or just go away 🙂
      What could anyone expect from people who support one of the biggest liars ever.

  2. is there also a petition for the guy in Chicago, that Hillary thugs bestup…just because they thought he may have voted for Trump (deduced from his white skin, I guess)? Think that one needs attention, as well…

  3. I WILL NOT SIGN THIS! No one in NYC who cared about his life and physical well-being would dare to open his mouth and admit he had voted for Trump. The city has gone fascistic and there is no democracy or constitutional rights here. I didn’t dare put up campaign posters in my yard or stickers on my car for fear of vandalism and assault. There have been videos of victimized Trump supporters, why aren’t there petitions for them? Why haven’t Hillary or Obama spoken out about the violence in their name? I forgot–deplorables don’t deserve justice.

    • Why haven’t Hillary or Obama spoken out about the violence in their name?

      Are you kidding me? They are the ones behind the violence. The most violent attackers during the campaign were paid by them to create the disturbances at Trump’s rallies/speeches.

      • Please. Of course I know that Soros and the DNC is behind every bit of this. I watch YouTube campaign videos and subscribe to alternative news sources. No need to jump down my throat; you’re preaching to the choir. It was a rhetorical question meant to show the difference between them and Trump who did address the people who engaged in undesirable behavior after the election.

  4. Annie Onymous says:

    What I saw on newsclips – Hillary supporters accosting Trump people when they were trying to go into sanctioned venues. How is it free speech when a person tears anothers’ sign because they don’t agree? These are the same people who talk about respecting a person’s rights. Puh-leeze. NOT SIGNED.

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