Florida: Change Your Vote To Clinton

Target: Pam Bondi, Attorney General and Elector of Florida

Goal: Change Florida’s vote from Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has won the electoral vote for this election, and many are afraid. Trump does not have the country’s best interests at heart, and he does not have the first clue about what it means to be president. He tells people what they want to hear, to save face on national television, and has close to zero political experience. His opponent Hillary Clinton, however, won the popular vote easily due to her experience and overall concern for the country’s well-being.

There is still time to change the outcome of this election. Florida is one of several states whose vote can swing either way, and there are still ballots being counted even after the official election has ended. If we can convince enough swing states to change their overall votes, Hillary has a chance of turning this election around and becoming our 45th President.

We must act now to ensure the best future for the United States. We need a leader who has our best interests at heart and will not condone the recent waves of bigotry and prejudice that Trump has encouraged with his campaign. Sign this petition to ask Florida to change its vote to Hillary Clinton.


Dear Attorney General Bondi,

Even though Donald Trump has won the official election, there is still time to change this. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and many votes have not yet been counted. Trump has almost no political experience and does not have the country’s best interests at heart; his campaign was fueled by the encouragement of bigotry, greed, and racism. This is not the man we want running our country for the next four years.

Your state is among several whose vote can easily be changed to avoid four years of a man who does not know what he is doing and could easily ruin our democracy. Please change your state’s final vote to Hillary Clinton, for she is a strong and experienced politician who understands what it takes to keep this country well. There is still time, the final tally will not be in until December 19th, 2016. Please change your vote. You are one of several states who could make or break the next four years for the United States.


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  1. If there has ever been a candidate who lies simply to say what people want to hear it’s Hillary. The majority of people in Florida voted for Trump because they know how corrupt Hillary is. This nonsense needs to stop.

  2. Good grief. You liberals are sore losers. Trump won the election fair and square so get over it and move on!

    • This is deeply disturbing to me that you would ask an attorney general to circumvent the will of the people! The people have spoken via their vote and you would be comfortable asking an official to overturn that for your political gain?!? Shameful!!! That is stealing the people’s liberty how dare you we are not a banana republic!

    • Apryl, for your information, even Conservative Republicans run away from Trump like the plague.

      Trump did NOT win “fair and square”.

      We will be as gracious as you and your Republican friends were when Obama was elected twice. Obabma was burned in effigy, mocked to be “like an ape”, there were riots, and even pledges to make him fail at any cost.

      I didn’t see many of you people just “getting over it.”

      Grow up.

  3. To bad Trump sidled up to Pam Bondi to make another pair of cronies.

  4. Caroline Poole says:

    Nothing could compel me to support this petition. If I had wanted another corrupt pathological liar in the WH, I would have voted for Clinton, but I didn’t. If I had wanted to inflict another 4 years of pandering, pay to play sleaze fests, I would have thrown my support her way. But, I didn’t. No, I voted for Mr. Trump – who offers a very real path out of this disgusting embarrassing slimy pit that is Washington. I have faith in his values for our country, and I trust in his ability to implement those values.
    Unlike Clinton who would sell her grandchild’s baby teeth to the highest bidder. To properly start your real education on Clinton’s greed and moral deficit, go way back in the Arkansas governors mansion where the dynamic duo made their first dirty money selling contaminated blood to Canada. Check on the 8,000 Canadians who were infected with HIV and Hepatitis. You’ll probably run across news of the $8 billion lawsuit that came out of that. Start there at the tip of the iceberg that is Clinton fraud and cowardice and work your way to present time. If you have a shred of integrity, you will school yourself on the darker side of this pos who has the gall to present herself as a candidate. Or you can go running in the streets with the rest of the children, having your tantrum, sucking your thumb in rage because your side didn’t “win”. Thank God enough people came to their senses and elected the only candidate who is tough enough, smart enough and loyal enough to get our country moving forward again. Clinton belongs in prison like the lying, thieving corrupt loser she is – and the sooner, the better.

  5. I will not sign this. The Founding Fathers in their infinite wisdom created the electoral college to prevent the tyranny of the majority. It has been fine for over 200 years, but now because of one vanquished candidate we should demolish the system? All our presidents have been elected by the electoral college–including Lincoln, FDR, JFK, even Obama. Why should the rules be changed for Hillary? In 2000, Gore had the popular votes; where were the protests then? What makes Hillary so special?

  6. Gillian Miller says:

    Pathetic whingeing. Democracy says that you vote and live with the results whether or not you agree with them. The idea iw that you keep voting until you get the result that you want. But then those that wanted Trump will object so that you have to vote again until he gets in…..

    Grow up!

    • My husband and I were just talking about how most of the “protesters” are clueless, BUT learned – while growing up HAH! – that if they whined loud and long enough, people will give in. Double HAH!
      These are the same people who believed Hillary when she said “we can do this together”. Yeah – on THEIR terms.

  7. The LAST thing Hillary Clinton thinks about is doing things in the best interest of our country, and lots of people know this. Now her “donations” to the Clinton Foundation are going to dry up because she has nothing else to sell to those who do not like America. I only wish AmericanPravda would be a bit more forthcoming about her double-dealings. They do not report news, they stifle it.

  8. I don’t support Trump!

  9. Petitions are serious business! Stop making a mockery of a powerful and efficient tool such as petitions. You are just trying to get your way and doing whatever it takes, just like any corrupt person would do. And this not even to get started on how wrong you are about your Hillary Clinton…you seem to share the same shameful visions as Hillary C, “my way or the highway” although it is well know that her way usually involves a hell load of millions of dollars transferred to her account (foundation) abuse and intimidation of people, in particular any woman whom may have been the target of her dirty husband and the list goes on. Lets also not forget how much of a deluded person she is when telling all of her “Bengazi” stories….accusing brave and courageous people ( SNOWDEN )of being traitors when all they do is shouting to the world how much of a biased and hipocrit the US institution is! I don’t even want to think what the consequences would be if the cases were reversed, imagine all kinds of countries doing the shameful invasion of privacy that the US carries out….the Delta forces and baby brothers the Seals would have been sent in in no time, countries invaded or whatever the US so well does all the time, starting wars around the world and then pointing the finger at others. Stop the nonsense! If you don’t like Trump do like the rest of the world does in regards to the US, try to ignore and if you want to do something positive try to understand and fix the real reasons that took people to vote for Trump. This really is the main point your moaners should be addressing, when a country like yours gets to the conclusion that Trump and Hillary are the top choices something is really bad. Although one thing you can be sure of, Saudis Qataris, Emiratis and anyone with money does not own Trump like they own Hillary. Take some solace on that and get your brilliant mind out of your back side.

  10. cicilee JONES says:


  11. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    are trump and hillary corrupted? if yes, they need to just stop corruptions!

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