Rescue ‘Pizza’ the Polar Bear

Target: Guangzhou Ocean and Fishery Bureau in Guangzhou, China

Goal: Permanently relocate Pizza the polar bear to an accredited sanctuary.

Dubbed the world’s saddest polar bear, Pizza has been trapped inside a mall’s aquarium for the past year. His enclosure consists of no sunlight, brightly painted concrete and a window that visitors bang on and cram against to get a look or photo of Pizza. Thankfully, Pizza is getting a small break from this nightmarish life.

While the mall upgrades some of the facilities, Pizza has been moved to the marine park where his parents live. While this temporary break will be greatly beneficial to Pizza’s mental and physical well-being, a permanent relocation is what he really needs.

In just one year, Pizza has shown clear stressful behaviors due to his captivity including excessive pacing, swinging his head back and forth and mouthing at the gate. Sign this petition and demand the aquarium allow Pizza to live a happy life where he can experience friendship, sunlight and a more natural existence.


Dear Guangzhou Ocean and Fishery Bureau,

Recently, a polar bear named Pizza was relocated to a marine park while the mall he lives at upgrades some of its facilities. This will be a great break for Pizza since he has been displaying some serious stress behaviors due to his extreme confinement at the Grandview Aquarium. Pizza has been seen violently shaking his head back and forth, pacing excessively and mouthing at the gate. While this break is great for Pizza, what would be even better is a permanent relocation.

Pizza’s enclosure in the mall denies everything that is natural to him. It is a concrete pit painted an unnatural blue and offers no sunlight. The only window is for people to look at and take photos of Pizza. It is common for visitors to bang on the window to try to get Pizza’s attention.

Please consider permanently relocating Pizza. He deserves to live a happy life where he can experience friendship, sunshine and a more natural existence. A life at an accredited sanctuary would do wonders for Pizza. No animal should suffer a lifetime for a few moments of human entertainment.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Animals Asia

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  1. Come on China authorities make this aquarium sendPizza to an accredited sanctuary This is no place for a polar bear for gods sake Everybody should boycott this place until someone comes to their senses

    • Fucking ignorant China again. I wouldn’t go to China or even Thailand (which is just as bad – they eat dogs there too) if you gave me a free ticket. No country is faultless when it comes to animal abuse and Governments are totally gutless to stop this.

  2. “Upgrade”? More Chinese BS. These money-crazy soulless automatons will never let Pizza now that he’s been made an issue of and the negative publicity is bringing in the stupid patron. The Chinese don’t care about animal rights. Just look up the various ways they exploit, torture, kill animals for ignorant and selfish reasons.


  4. Vegetarianism is the best and healthiest for all, but this Petition is for a different issue right now – freedom for a wild animal that should never been made into a shop display.

    • Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

      vegetarian is eating plants and animal secreations. just eat only plant based food not mixed diet from plants and animals. just go on a vegan plant based diet.

  5. China – the immoral, greedy parasite of the world. The way China and Asia treats its animals, such as animals that belong with their families in the wild and domesticated animals, for profit, is despicable. We will never visit that barbaric country.

  6. Keep Pizza – a really stupid name for a beautiful animal – at the marine park, where his parents live. Then tell everyone who wants to see a polar bear to go there. It may not be ideal for him or his parents, but it’s better then a BS tank at the mall.
    This world gets scarier by the minute.

    • Yes, a bear made into a shop display, this poor sad, lonely bear, experiencing a bit of relief with his parents.
      Listen to YOUR OWN PEOPLE, please, please, please…Chinese animal rights groups fighting (alongside the Humane Society International) for this polar bear’s release to a sanctuary if you regard outsiders’ views as nothing more than “imperialist arrogance”.
      Why do you even need animals in a mall, especially today….A focus on all things digital, and digital interaction, would be much more up to date.

  7. I wish we could hold China accountable for the horrendous and evil behavior that the citizenry appears to have for animals. I can only hope that the young people today in that country will start fighting for more animal rights (as much as can you it is China I know). But this country has got to make changes. I will
    NEVER visit this country knowing what I do about the dog and cat trade and how they treat this poor polar bear. But what can you really do when a country that slaughters its own people for protesting? Very very sad state of affairs for animals in China. I guess you could look on the bright side at least they like their Pandas.

  8. Guangzhou Ocean and Fishery Bureau in Guangzhou, China; AND The Guangzhou Zhengjia Group (THE COMPANY THAT RUNS THIS DREADFUL HELL ON EARTH):

    What does it take to make you transfer this abused bear to a safe animal sanctuary where he can finish his life FREE. Only GREED makes you keep Pizza in a shopping mall. You chinese “political decision makers” are greedy. I can’t wait for KARMA to finally find you.

    Permanently relocate Pizza the polar bear to an accredited sanctuary.

  9. I wish the governments in China and all these Asian countries who torture and abuse would show some compassion and put laws into place and make sure they’re enforced to put an end to all the animal abuse and torture that goes on in these countries. Disgusting and disgraceful! The world is watching all of you and I’ll speak for myself. You suck if you keep this up!

  10. These Asian countries all the same cruel heartless mongrels WHERES THE JUSTICE ALL USELESS

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  12. Brainless! Compassion-less! Cruel! Mentally constipated!

    Is this how the Government of China encourages its people to be viewed by the world?

  13. Please get this bear out of there and into a sanctuary where he can enjoy what’s left of his miserable life! What is wrong with you people that you would think it’s OK to have a bear stuck in a boring cell so people can gawk at it? C’mon China – show some compassion for once…

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