Punish Man Who Threatened to Set Fire to Student Wearing Hijab

Target: Brian L. Mackie, Prosecuting Attorney for Washtenaw County

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the man who threatened to set a college student on fire for wearing a hijab.

A man threatened to set a University of Michigan student on fire if she refused to remove her hijab. This incident occurred amid a nationwide increase in threats against Muslims. Demand justice for this innocent woman.

University of Michigan public safety officials stated that they were “very concerned and disturbed” by the hate crime. Witnesses reported that the suspect was a white male in his 20s or 30s who appeared to be intoxicated. There is no report as to whether the student removed her hijab or if she suffered any injury during the incident.

The Ann Arbor Police Department is investigating, but does not yet have a suspect. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Prosecuting Attorney Mackie,

A man threatened to set fire to a college student if she did not remove her hijab. Public safety officials at the University of Michigan are calling it a hate crime. We demand justice for this innocent student.

This is only one of the numerous hate crimes currently sweeping the nation. Donald Trump’s rigorous campaign against immigrants and Muslims has sparked an increase in anti-Muslim sentiment. Though he has reportedly backtracked on his promise to deport all Muslims, hate crimes continue to escalate.

We must take a stand against hate crimes for the safety of all. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty for the person convicted of this crime.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    why burn ourselves down?!

  2. So of course it is Trump’s fault..so I guess Hillary is directly to blame for all the Anti Patriotic protests and violence. Guess her constant lies and accusations have caused all this fear and anger. She should be ashamed. Now that being said…anyone of any race who harms another innocent individual should be punished…that included any violent hateful people who may have voted for Trump and also includes hateful ignorant protesters who are threatening people and committing acts of violence in the name of Hillary.

    • Judith Mitchell says:

      Whoooaa, delusional FoxNewsFan — you are totally off your rocker. Wake up, grow up, and learn to differentiate Truth from Propaganda. At this point you are a captive of Propaganda, and that is a very ugly business.

  3. Sadly until Hijabs are banned this will keep happening

    • shall we ban the amish dress, orthodox jew outfit after that?

      • Of course. Haven’t you heard? American is now only home to people who have been pre approved by trump to fit into his designation of who is allowed in the country do it will “be great again.”

      • darrel wake up or say what you really are an islam man with an occidental name so convenient. Why are you coming with those like usually islam people do? Is always islam people in terrorists acts, or non terrorists as their own cult is all a terrorist thing against women at least and against all if not a men from the same tribe. Is not orthodox, jew which are victims of islamics since long time and I am not one, but i like justice and to see things as they are, is not those you mentioned that are always in the news causing problems with everyone else, or raping, and murdering innocents is ISLAMICS OR MUSLINS IF YOU PREFER so don’t try to disguise the sun with a sieve and take the discussion to another direction.
        Is islamics who are tyhe direct cause of millions of people suffering and many deaths, they will keep doing so as they are a cult of the devil, learn and we are not all asleep. Go telling nice histories to small children as well as others trying their best to defend who has absolutely nothing to be defended, on the contrary and if he wants to burn better set fire to mosques when they are all there smelling the asses of each others.

  4. Gillian Miller says:

    I don’t have a problem with a hijab which is a head covering, I have a problem with a niqab which covers a woman’s face. This has NOTHING to do with Islam and everything to do with denigrating women.

    I wonder when the police and the universities will do something about the rampant anti-Semitism caused predominantly by Muslims.

    • anti-semitism caused mainly by Muslims……that is a straw-man if ever i heard one. also the two ‘hates’ is like comparing apples to oranges

      • This darrel is an islamic probably. so much for the poor islam people who are nothing than a bunch of savages, and treat women below shit. You must ba another of those men who think women were maid to be salves of men. I have a problem with hijabs, with islam people as if you read the shit qu’ran you might (the ones with brain) understand that they are a menace to any other people, because they are obligated to do jihad which is submmit all to their shit below cave men ways.

  5. I never heard Clinton promoting anti American sentiment. I never heard her support violence or promote rhetoric that spoke against anyone or advocated bigotry, xenophobia, Islamaphobia, or hatred against anyone. On the other hand trump encouraged violence against others at his rallies, he advocated bigotry, promoted xenophobia, approved of blaming Muslims and promoted the idea that Muslims are all terrorists. So yes, this current outbreak of hatred, violence and bigotry can be directly traced to his “leadership.” He is the one who has been going around the country calling on people to “Make America Hate Again.”

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