Reinstate Teacher Who Used History Lesson to Compare Trump to Hitler

Target: Jeff Harding, Mountain View/Los Altos High School District Superintendent

Goal: End suspension of history teacher who drew comparisons between Trump and Hitler in his history lesson.

Frank Navarro, a history teacher with more than 40 years of experience, was suspended from his position after using one of his lessons to compare President-Elect Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Navarro is an expert in Holocaust studies and has even been honored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. His lesson was not based on bias, but based on facts gathered after decades of research.

Navarro explained the situation — “I said (to school officials), ‘I’m not pulling these facts out of my hat. It’s based on experience and work and if I’m wrong, show we where I’m wrong.’ And there was silence,” he said.

“Is it better to see bigotry and say nothing? That’s what the principal was telling me (during our conversation). In my silence, I would be substantiating the bigotry,” indicated Navarro.

Suspending Navarro is an infringement on freedom of speech. In addition, when offered the opportunity, school officials refused to even look at Navarro’s lesson plan comparing the rhetoric and propaganda Hitler used against Europe’s Jewish population to the rhetoric and propaganda Trump has used against America’s Latinos, Muslims, and others.

The only way society can progress is if we learn from history. However, silencing historical facts and evidence will never enable us to move forward as a society without making the same mistakes. It is important that we learn from history and use it as a means of understanding our current society. Sign the petition to support Navarro’s return to the classroom so he can continue to use his expertise to teach children to think critically about the world in which they live.


Dear Mr. Harding,

Mr. Frank Navarro, a history teacher in your school district, was recently suspended after a parent complained about his lecture comparing the rhetoric and propaganda of Adolf Hitler to the rhetoric and propaganda of Donald Trump. Mr. Navarro, an expert in the area of Holocaust studies and a fellow of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, was not basing his lesson on opinion, but instead on his decades of research. His lesson was based on fact, not opinion.

We study history because it is the only way in which we can understand the world in which we live. We use the lessons history provides us to think critically about our current society in an effort to learn from past mistakes. By silencing an educator, one who has an impressive list of credentials and expertise, you are preventing this valuable discussion from happening. I ask that you reinstate Mr. Navarro immediately so he can return to the classroom.


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  1. Dorothy Gastman says:

    Now I understand the hatred. How pathetic that the comments here don’t even reflect a third grade reading level.

    Totally clueless and brainless!

    Lord have mercy!

  2. I feel the teacher is right to draw comparisons but I have been threatened for voicing my support of him.

    • If someone threatens you for standing up for what you feel is an injustice then they silence your voice, then they have won and it is all for nothing.
      If someone is treatening you then the law should be involved because this is how freedom dies, a slow death, silently into the night.
      And if you allow them to choose then you have given them your power and your rights as an American.

  3. Robyn Youlten says:

    We are supposed to be able to LEARN SOMETHING from History and the mistakes and evils done by others.This teacher was doing just that – pointing out that there ARE comparisons to be drawn between Hitler and Trump.I agree that there are and I think it is important for people of ALL ages to be able to see that – teaches us to be wary,to EVALUATE a situation before plunging in and being DUPED by powerful rhetoric and promotion.Sadly,for the world and the USA,you HAVE been sucked in by the propoganda – and THAT is exactly what Hitler and his cronies did – read the Resistable Rise of Artuo Ui by Brecht…good luck.

  4. M Andrew Whiteman says:

    Mr. Navarro is entitled to his opinion even though I don’t agree with him. It is called freedom of speech!

    • I do know a few Holocaust survivors and they said the same thing, that Trump is just like Hitler and we are all in trouble if he is elected. Mr. Whiteman, if you truly study that period and study Hitler himself, you will find out that what you’re calling Mr. Navarro’s opinion is actual fact and perhaps you will find that you do agree with Mr. Navarro when you really study that dark, dreadful period in world history. And yes, thank you for saying he has a right to his opinion. I hope this new administration doesn’t stifle that right or any of the rights Americans have held so dear for so long.

  5. I am all for freedom of speech (which the left curtails – Jordan Peterson is a prime example). But to compare Trump to Hitler is utterly pathetic.

    You will not see any Trump army marching into South America taking it over (which the CIA have been doing for decades clandestinely). You will not see gas chambers.
    Utterly insane to think that will happen.

    The man does not want war with Russia or any other countries (Clinton did).
    He will rebuild poor communities without TAX DOLLARS (already has plans)
    He plans to have no federal taxes for anyone earning under $40,000.
    Will deport illegals who committed crimes (which Obama is doing right now – 2 million since 2008) and make sure they will not return.
    Will vet people from certain countries (Obama has banned people from Venezuela from entering the USA).
    I could go on, but the nonsense about Trump is tired.
    People were sick of the corporate controlled USA running their chosen one – Clinton.
    Paradoxically, the people protesting (paid protesters – here is a link: )supported a Goldman Sachs proxy.
    Did they ignore the Project Veritas exposes (Clinton’s people paying mental people to cause trouble at Trump rallies) or take notice of the Wiki Leaks releases on the Clinton camp (spirit cooking, screwing Sanders, working with the corporate media, giving one opinion to the public and one to the banks)
    Cognitive dissonance from the left)?
    I will not sign this.

    • Sandra Zaninovich says:

      “Navarro is an expert in Holocaust studies and has even been honored by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.” Please list your qualifications which would cause us to believe you more qualified to comment on this issue. Kthnxbai.

      • Why should SSD need to give you facts based on their opinion? Who gave you the right to even ask for qualifications from someone who gives their opinion? Who cares that this teacher is an expert in Holocaust studies? It still does not mean that Trump compares to Hitler just because he compared him to Hitler. I don’t believe Trump has caused any deaths or did the horrific things that Hitler did. Smh

    • Caroline Burton says:

      I don’t think your signature will be missed here, for this is an international petition and most of the world did not believe the American people would ever vote for such a buffoon. And here we are you see, already needing to support one of your citizens who has been punished for exercising his right to freedom of speech.

    • Absolutely agree with you. Another desperate attempt to get at Trump when the real criminal is Clinton (‘We came, we saw, he died’ + cackling laughter from Clinton – she should have been immediately disqualified from even entering the presidential race based on that alone), who is responsible for countless deaths in Libya and Syria.

      • Sanity Check says:

        ‘We came, we saw, he died’ was about Gaddafi dying in the war that we helped with. Gaddafi is regarded as hero or tyrant, depending on who’s talking.

        I don’t like taking someone’s death lightly either, J M. If we had better candidates, it would disqualify her in my opinion.

        That said, her statement was about a ruler being killed in a war. Donald went way beyond that when he advocated for killing the families of terrorists. That’s literally a war crime. Multiple future murders of civilians.

        How does that not disqualify him? While we’re on the topic, who does that remind me of? Oh, right, Hitler.

    • Interested in the comment ‘rebuilding poor communities without tax dollars’. I’m from the other side of the pond and, as far as I’m aware, that’s a nonsense. What has that man filled so many heads with?
      This aside, check historical facts and see for yourself the extreme similarities between the circumstances of these two men on their road to power. It can’t be ignored and Mr Navarro is actually correct in his teaching.
      I am however, getting really tired of people bringing Clinton in to this debate. ‘She did this, she did that’. We get it, you don’t like her. Well who cares? We didn’t particularly like her either.
      The concerns are about the loose cannon who trampled on all of the other candidates to get to a job that he’s not equipped to do. Why did he do that? You faced a poor choice America. And then you made a worse one.
      I wish Mr Navarro a great future after this and hope he gets promoted to a better position in a more tolerant school.

    • A voice of reason.

    • Grazyna Plewka says:

      I 100% agree with you SSD, freedom of speech should be kept out of classsroom. Teach the material to our children not your opinion
      I will not sign this he should be suspended and fired, how ignorant especially during (at the time) on going election.

    • I agree with you 100%. Besides children should not be poisoned against our current president. That is called indoctrination! Which the left has always done in every country they get their hands on… They also indoctrinate adults that dont do much thinking of their own. Thank God Trump won or we would have been going into the abyss in the next few years! God bless America!

    • I’m with you ssd. Children go to school to learn – not to be further indoctrinated into political propaganda. This man has NO business forcing his political opinion on impressionable children. Period.

      Moreover, if anyone were paying attention to the ‘Russia did it’ rhetoric, they’d have realized that we were guaranteed WWIII if Hillary was put in power as planned.

  6. Ministry of Truth, much?

  7. teacher ONLY job is to teach not to spread their personal FEELINGS and propaganda ..current world events can be introduced but both side must be taught. the nazis like this teacher taught only their teachings and personal views not both sides

  8. Linda Booker says:

    So in your country Donald Trump can stand and spew hatred, lies and ridicule against minority groups, but an intelligent, informed teacher who points out that this is how Hitler rose to power is suspended from his job?! Unbelievable!
    You need to be informed regarding history, if people don’t learn by their mistakes they will continue to repeat them.

    • Seriously? Are you that brainwashed by MSM that you cannot differentiate between what Trump actually said and what ‘they’ TELL you he said? Do you have any idea how many minorities Trump employees? He doesn’t “spew hatred”, all he said was that he does not want ILLEGAL immigrants in this country siphoning of a system supported by the working class Americans….a system that is broke and cannot afford to support ILLEGAL immigrants. That many of ILLEGAL immigrants are known criminals is an entirely separate issue.

      The teacher can, of course, TEACH HISTORY, but using his position to force his political opinions on impressionable children is not okay.

  9. Caroline Burton says:

    So now there can be no criticism of Trump for fear of being suspended – what comes next? This teacher’s suspension only proves how right he is to compare Trump to Hitler.

  10. Anita Colley says:

    I am interested to read that in the land built on the premise that freedom of speech is paramount you’re all getting in a twist when somebody practices that concept. and yes god forbid encourages your children to embrace it too. Do you want moronic ‘yes’ people who don’t think for themselves to be in charge of your country in years to come? I’m struggling with your reactionsthat a history lesson based on facts should not be delivered to impressionable students – really? How else are they meant to make sense of the world if not by comparing historical events? I’m from the UK

  11. Not just Trump has similarities with Hitler, here in the UK we had to endure a speech by our Home Secretary which was virtually lifted from Mein Kampf, the Hitler diatribe that he wrote whilst in prison in the 20’s.
    Just gives you and idea of the thinking that our own Nazi Government has in store for us!

  12. Maria Gallegos says:

    It’s absolutely wrong what this”teachear” We have to pay for our mistakes. He can look for another job. I will not sing for something so despicable like this.

  13. So what makes Trump comparable?
    Has Trump invaded anywhere… NO
    Has he killed anyone …. NO
    Is he instigating forced labour…NO
    Has Trump told any citizen of the USA to leave …. NO
    Has Trump picked on Jews …. NO
    They are nothing like each other to be realistic … Just social warriors jumping onto any available horse to ride off into the sunset whilst they shout racist pig… Trump is not racist he want to remove illegal immigrants … ILLEGAL being the key word here. I would expect to be kicked out of the US if I overstayed or sneaked in without a visa and permission.
    What is wrong with you people … Get a job as you have to much time on your hands obviously..

    • Check out the road to power for both of them, and how it was achieved. Mr Navarro was perfectly correct in his analogy.
      With regard to your other comments, i.e. ‘has he done this, has he done that, the same could be said about Hitler before he came to power, no he hasn’t.
      Hopefully Trump won’t crave any more power but we won’t know yet.
      The issue is Mr Navarro picked up on an uncanny parallel which is plain to see in history and that’s not a bad thing. For the rest of us, to be aware is to be watchful.

  14. Christine Grassman says:

    As a mother, teacher, and attorney, as a person whose ancestors were on both sides of the Holocaust, I am appalled by this. Mr. Navarro is teaching critical thinking, encouraging young people to bring prior knowledge and lessons to the present and the future. It is most telling that there was a refusal to analyze his lesson. Would you pander to a parent who called to complain that facing math was too harrowing for his or her child? Would you remove a teacher for insisting that students use standard written English on essays? Would you remove a teacher for having the audacity to suggest that the Boston Tea Party was terrorism from the point of view of the British? (Come to think of it, you just might.)

  15. Mr. Navarro is merely repeating what had already been been stated by historians. The similarities were pointed out throughout Trump’s rise to power. Punishing Mr. Navarro is exactly the path Hitler’s regime took. Get rid of anyone in opposition or who speaks the truth. The fools who voted for Trump completely ignored all the warning signs such as his statement that Putin is a good leader. Putin is a dictator not a leader. Good job American fools. You have destroyed your own country for decades to come. You may have destroyed the planet as well.

  16. Sanity Check says:

    Donald said “Somebody hits us within ISIS — you wouldn’t fight back with a nuke?” No, we wouldn’t, because we’re not totally insane monsters. We’re not going to kill 90% of people who are innocent civilians in order to kill 10% of people who are ISIS.

    Donald said he would order torture for terrorism suspects. What happened to innocent until proven guilty?

    Donald advocated killing the families of terrorists. That’s clearly a war crime.

    About our military he said, “They won’t refuse. They’re not going to refuse me.”

    That’s how he thinks.
    Sounds a lot like Hitler to me, or any tyrant, really.

  17. ets compare: Trump: German Ancestry = Hitler German Ancestry. Hitler used hate and rhetoric and fear = Trump used hate, rhetoric and fear, Hitler appointed top aides of his beliefs = Trump appoints men like Bannon as his right hand man. And they say history isn’t redundant. History repeats itself because humans do not listen. Hitler used his Gestapo to round up Jews, Christians, and Gypsies = Trump, using his Gestapo to round up Muslims and Mexicans.

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