Justice for Mutilated Deer Found Dead with Fast Food Bag Over Her Head

Target: Chief Constable Francis Habgood

Goal: Find and punish the person that killed a dear by smashing in her dead, leaving her with a branch shoved up her rear and a bag over her head.

A cyclist found a dead deer on a bike path that had been horribly mutilated. The man was sickened to find the dead deer crumpled in a heap with a branch sticking out of her hindquarters and a fast food bag callously pulled over her crushed head. The blood was still wet when he found the animal.

According to the Mirror, the man had this to say about what he discovered, “”The worse part of it was it looked like somebody had forced a tree branch up the backside. That was really gross.” “It was very disturbing, that was why I did not share the picture, even to my wife. It was very sadistic. Why would you do that to an animal?”

The police believe the sadistic killer shoved a rock into the deer’s mouth before caving in her head with a concrete slab. Then the perpetrator had dumped the body of the deer on the bicycle path where a passerby would be sure to discover it.

Police have yet to find the disturbed individual who committed this cruel act of murder. Sign this petition to urge the police to quickly find and punish the person that killed this innocent animal.


Dear Constable Habgood,

A deer was found murdered and mutilated on a bicycle path in Slough, Berkshire. Given the unusually grotesque nature of this killing, it is unacceptable that the Thames Valley Police have yet to find the disturbed individual who committed this act.

This poor animal must have suffered terrible pain and fear as a rock was forced into her mouth and her head was crushed with a slab of concrete. Then her body was subjected to mutilation by her killer as someone shoved a tree branch into her backside.  Then she was dumped with a discarded fast food bag over her head, so that she would be sure to be discovered by a passerby.

The person that did this must be deeply troubled. There is no telling what this individual is capable of or what will be the next victim of his brutality. Please quickly find and punish the sick person that killed this innocent animal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Gellinger

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  1. Judith Mitchell says:

    Do not allow these psychopaths to walk about unpunished. They are truly deranged and you need to take responsibility for them too, so we don’t have to see, read about, or hear about these sickening deeds — because the perpetrators won’t be at liberty to repeat them. People like the person who so brutally tortured and disrespected a fellow being, do not belong free among the rest of us. This is now squarely in your laps.

  2. What a sick, vile act committed by a sick, vile individual(s). Humans that murder an innocent being are not only deranged, psychopaths who are not only mentally unstable but a threat to society.

  3. i’m sorry but how is that misfit any different from his ilk who with or without their deer licences use guns to accomplish the same sick thing? it’s destruction of life any way you look at it

    • Agree to an extent, but the extra unspeakable thing this monster did to this poor wild animal, has added to its immense suffering.

  4. Disturbed individual!! That’s putting it mildly! Are people so desperate for entertainment that they can only find torturing innocent animals? If they have to pick on poor defenseless animals they themselves, must be lower than the scum of the earth. I truly wish I could do the same to the person(s) who committed this heinous crime. An eye for an eye!!

  5. This “thing” that did this to the poor deer is a threat to any and all living beings. A time bomb in a very real sense. No point in trying to rehabilitate this monster. Just put a bullet 6″s deep into his brain.

  6. Everyone can be “disturbed” at some point, but to even think about torturing a wild animal puts someone with those thoughts into a different league. This sadistic, cowardly scumbag needs to be caught now – decent society that cares for all its living beings, especially the helpless, demands this monster receives retribution. In fact, do us and life a favour, and hang this evil parasite.

  7. It had to be more than one person. It is sick. How scared she must have been while these creeps tortured her. I would love to do the same to whoever did this.

  8. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Time to put these sh!t for brains down❗️?
    I see plastic wrap AND Dexter’s table in the scums future❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  9. One person can’t catch a deer by themselves, even professional wild animal handlers need help. This guy had to have had at least one or two people helping him catch the deer and hold it down while he tortured it to death!

  10. Oh, I can’t print what I want to happen to this or these sadistic pos, lowlife, scumbag, subhuman monster/s! You should DIE!!!

  11. Someone needs to find this EVIL MONSTER!!!! & make them suffer big time for the rest of their stinking life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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