Demand President-Elect Trump Denounce Racist Attacks

Target: President-elect Donald Trump

Goal: Publicly condemn racist abuse and acts of violence in response to the outcome of the presidential election. 

In the wake of the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America, there have been dozens of reports of hate crimes and racially motivated bullying across the country. Muslim women have reported being targeted for wearing hijabs and footage has emerged of students in one South Philadelphia school marching through the hallway holding a Trump campaign sign aloft while saying ‘white power.’ Furthermore, LGBTQ community suicide hotlines have reported increases in the number of calls.

President-elect Trump claimed in his victory speech that he would be a president for all Americans. Given the pervasive nature of this violence and the multiple instances of reports alleging the involvement of statements made in support of the president-elect, it is his duty to condemn these attacks. Sign our petition and demand that President-elect Trump immediately denounces and condemns these hate crimes.


President-elect Trump,

I am writing to you concerning the recent, and widespread upsurge in hate crimes and abuse aimed at African Americans, Latino Americans and Muslim Americans. Many of these incidents have allegedly included references to you or your recent successful campaign for the presidency. This has had the impact of making a large number of Americans afraid for their safety in public.

In your victory speech, you claimed that you wanted to mend the country and be a president for all Americans. I believe, in order to begin to bridge the deep divisions in the country you must show that you believe in justice, safety, and constitutionally guaranteed rights for all Americans. I urge you to immediately, and unequivocally condemn these acts of racism.  


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    Any “pro-Trump” violence is so wrong, and very misplaced. Trump has not encouraged or supported this in any way. However, what I’m observing is a great deal more violence and threats against Trump and his supporters. I believe this kind of abhorrent talk and behavior is so wrong, and largely accepted and also tacitly encouraged by the media and the Trump haters. The violence targeted at Trump and his supporters should be denounced and completely unacceptable to any American.

    • Gigi Middlebrook says:

      I think you are delusional lady. You better wake up because remember the days of Tricky Dick Nixon they are about to be back. Welcome to your making America great again.

    • I agree with you completely. Trump is president because the majority of America voted for him, and if people don’t like it, nobody’s forcing them to stay in America! Muslims amd blacks are just as likely to commit hate crimes as anyone else, and I didn’t see any rioting or anything when Obama became president!

      • Hillary got more popular votes than Trump did. Without the Electoral College, Clinton would have won the election. It was the electoral votes that Trump did better in.

        • So what? That’s the way system has been for a long, long time… and now that an election result had cider in that you don’t like, then suddenly it’s faulty?

    • I don’t know what news you are watching, but it is Trump supporters who have been attacking women and men of colour, different nationalities, threatening with guns, and acting like the KKK. The videos I saw the day after the election were shocking. The KKK used to lynch African Americans. The KKK supports Donald Trump. Trump wants to send all Muslims, Hispanics and other minorities back to their own countries. However, Hispanics have been here longer than caucasions. Native Americans have been here for 13,000 years or longer.

      • How silly. What is the obsession with the KKK? They are irrelevant. It is only people like you who keep running to them to see what their opinion is that gives them any relevance at all.

      • Post links to support your absurd position! All of the attacks have been by liberals against Trump supporters, whites and conservatives. You libs are utter loons.

    • Brendan Burger says:

      I agree with you.

    • You have to expect all that from a sick society. This country doesn’t realize how sick it is, emotionally, or it wouldn’t have elected that hunk of garbage as its president to start with.

  2. Liam Sauer-Wooden says:

    I see that you let Gays out of this petition.

  3. He already did this.

  4. Uh….he’s the reason these things are happening…ignorant, hateful people are following his lead.

    • Frank Staples says:

      LH, I take it you’re talking about the liar in chief? Because Conservatives are not the ones doing the rioting and burning…it’s all liberal idiots.

      • Exactly Frank…..All I’ve witnessed so far of violence and rioting has been from the anti Trump supporters. Absolutely disgusting and I would be ashamed to be called American at this moment in time. It’s embarrassing to watch

  5. I love the way people like to blame someone else’s ideology and opinions for reprobate minded behaviour towards others.

  6. Heather Kelly says:

    Dick I agree with you about abuse of animals.I wrote my MA thesis on Animal Rights.I’d love to do a Ph.D on the subject but I can’t cope with intensive research on such distressing accounts of cruelty.

  7. ROSEMARY Anderson says:

    Trump – another Hitler. Even the campaign smacks of Hitler the manic hysterical rush of voting for someone they see is going to save them. Hitler in America who’d have thought it.

  8. Maria Mahyorova says:

    That’s what you’ve elected. Enjoy. I don’t sign. If he is a racist, he must speak like a racist, not pretend being something else. Face your choice, America.

    • Frank Staples says:

      Maybe if the demo party had not screwed bernie, maybe if hilly had not threatened the security of the country, maybe if she had not ranted about shutting down the NRA and putting coal miners out of work, maybe if she had not laughed about Benghazi, maybe if she had not repeatedly lied about snipers in Bosnia, just maybe if she had been a decent person instead of a whiny beeyatch…

  9. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    People will not tolerate the behavior of Trump supporters who resort to violence. So for the people that did vote for this piece of scum get ready. The revolution will be begin soon. People are mad and they will fight back so if there is blood in the streets it is on the heads of the Trump supporters.

    • Frank Staples says:

      Well Gigi, if that’s the way you really think then bring it on. I’ll load up some tracer in my thirty rounders so we can all see where it’s going, okay? I can’t believe you peace loving liberal idiots got so violent in such a short period of time.

      • Frank….that is a threat. I don’t see Democratic supporters involved in racial hate crimes. The marches in most places were peaceful. There were a few garbage cans set on fire in some places…in marches that were peaceful. These few guys who did this were NOT the norm. I’ve seen videos of white students attacking students of other nationalities including a young Asian woman who was groped and taunted by white male Trump supporters. She was harassed and terrified. There were many shocking videos of this type posted in since the election.
        Now if Hillary Clinton’s actual number of votes cast had been used to determine the election, she would be president. Look it up online. Trump got less votes, but got more electoral votes. its a twisted system. Yes, the left came out to march. None of us want to live in a racist country, where suddenly white supremacists think people of colour have to get off the bus, or sit at the back. or women are supposed to tolerate sexual assaults, both verbally and physically. I urge people to just simmer down and for the hotheads to stop attacking people of different ethnic backgrounds and places of origin, and celebrate the US as a great melting pot of cultures from around the world. This is amazing, its beautiful and this multicultural country needs to be celebrated for this. The European whites came later. Native people were here first. Respect them. Chinese came here, respect them. Africans were rounded up and forced into slavery, and have had to deal with the brutality of this for centuries. There is no place in today’s America for racial violence and abuse. Respect them. Later Japanese, and many other ethnicities came here..respect them too. This is the beauty of North America, we hope, unity in diversity. Peace.

        • Oh dear, so much wrong with this statement, I don’t know where to start. The college electoral system has never been in question, but now suddenly it is? Is Donald Trump going to be held accountable for every crime that is committed in the US from now on because it certainly looks that way. Have you not seen the many crimes committed by “peace loving” Clinton supporters? Most of us as sick to death of the racist “you are white, therefore you don’t get a say” argument that is promulgated by the regressive left.

        • Frank Staples says:

          Linda, I’ll put it to you as simply as possible so you can understand it. Close our borders…there is no country on the face of this earth that allows just anyone to come traipsing across their borders. I’m a first responder and FEMA put on a couple of courses down in New Mexico in past years that basically said that we know radical muslims ( who came across our open borders ) are here, and have access to firearms and exlosives. What we don’t know is why they haven’t hit us yet. Filling our country with muslims or other outsiders who simply walk into our country is STUPID!! Electing trump, who is a slob, will protect our 2nd Amendment, our Supreme Court, and possibly our very way of life from liberal idiots.

  10. I think you will find that hatred and violence and every evil thing comes from an unregenerate mind….. and by all accounts both Trump and Clinton supporters are more than capable of behaving in such a way. I have already witnessed attacks on Trump supporters. Why can’t people wake up and see this is exactly what they want….chaos and division

    • Gabriel Levitt says:

      Would you send me a link to a story about attacks against Trump supporters?

      • Brendan Burger says:

        There’s a video circulating where these black thugs are beating up a white man and yelling at him “DON’T VOTE TRUMP”, steals his things he has with him, then steals his car. It shows his arm caught in the car door as the black thugs drive down the street.

    • Brendan Burger says:

      You are so right. This could cause Obama to declare Martial Law.

  11. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    we dont need u tyrant!

  12. With Trump becoming the American President –

    • You’ve got that right. The Canadian Embassy website crashed because of so many people inquiring about leaving the US and moving to Canada.

      • That’s exactly right Linda. If you don’t like it in the US, you can always go through the appropriate channels and immigrate to another country. I wonder how many off the chronic complainers will actually leave? My guess is not that many – they’ve got it too good in the land of the stars and the stripes (but that won’t stop then complaining).

  13. Seriously?? Do you not read or watch the news?? **ALL** of the violence has been by Hillary and Bernie supporters along with other anarchist groups such as Black Lives Matter towards conservatives and Trump supporters! Not the other way around. You people need to move out of the black hole you’re living in!

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