Justice for Dog Whose Untreated Broken Paw Fell Off

Target: Eric J. Smith, Prosecuting Attorney for Macomb County

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the people who allegedly neglected their dog so severely that her paw fell off.

A dog was reportedly abused so severely that her untreated broken paw was attached only by hair mats. The suspects denied ownership of the dog. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

When Elvira arrived at Macomb County Animal Control, dirty hair mats covered her entire face. The seven-year-old Shih Tzu was blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. Matted hair caused her broken back legs to bend and her broken front paw was attached by mats alone. Elvira was allegedly kept in a basement and neglected while her family’s other dog was reportedly well taken care of.

Christopher Penn, 36, his wife, Sonja Sturdivant, 49, and her son, Demico Knight Jr., 21, each face one count of torturing an animal. Elvira is slowly recovering from her injuries. The other dog is still in the suspects’ custody. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Prosecutor Smith,

A dog was reportedly tortured and neglected so severely that her broken paw fell off. Hair mats covered her face and pebbles were found in her stomach. We demand justice for this innocent dog.

A neighbor reportedly found Elvira cowering in the corner of Demico Knight Jr.’s basement. She was reportedly unable to walk and could barely move at all. A visit to Macomb County Animal Control revealed multiple broken bones and a broken paw attached only by hair mats.

This poor dog lived a life of pain and torture. The people responsible must be punished to the maximum degree.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Macomb County Prosecutor’s Office

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  1. this is an appalling case neglect and cruelty. How can this sort of thing occur? There is no excuse. There are animal shelters which would help. That poor creature- this did not occur overnight-the animal must have gone through lonely hell. These cruel, unfeeling trio must be punished to the highest peak of the law and their vile action be made public. For pity’s sake!

    • Debbie PATTERSON says:

      There are people like this that do the same with children, while one is taken care of and goes too school the other is locked in a basement room and barely fed.They should prosecute and remove the other dog and Children.

  2. Margaret Melnick says:

    Why would they leave the other dog with them? Once the target of their cruel actions is removed they will probably turn on the other animal. STOP THEM FROM OWNING ANY ANIMAL.

  3. Denise Devereux says:

    As a citizen of the world I DEMAND JUSTICE!

  4. Please find a good home for this poor baby that suffered so! Why on Earth would they allow that other dog to stay with these abusers? Why was this poor little thing the one chosen to be tortured? Do the same to them, then maybe they will feel the same pain this little dog did! Pain is pain….whether you have two legs or four!!!

  5. Seize and rehome the other poor dog and implement the death penalty for these animal abusing bastards.

  6. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    Full penalty imposed by law. The people are guilty, taxpayers want JUSTICE served! Enough is enough. All ANIMAL OWNERSHIP BANNED FOR LIFE!

  7. Tina shurtleff says:

    Another case of extreme animal torture given a slap on the wrist. It’s a shameful lack of common sense to leave any animal in their care. Put them in jail and ban pet ownership for these cruel morons

  8. These people or should I saw monsters are sadistic psychopaths who enjoyed torturing this poor baby. They must pay for this horrific crime. Just breaks my heart. I hope they receive karmic justice.


  10. WTF! Another dog is still in the suspects’ custody? What the hell is wrong with you there in Macomb County? Are you waiting for another concerned neighbor to call? These people are monsters, and shouldn’t even be allowed to have cockroaches.

    Get Elvira well, get her a new home, and get her a prosthetic.
    You deserve better, Little Elvira ?

  11. These three people are heinous monsters and need to be punished to the full extent of the law immediately!!! I pray that authorities have removed the second dog from this disgusting trio. I can not even call them humans. As days pass I am disgusted by most humans and ashamed that I am one.

  12. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    How utterly horrible❗️Hope these bastards rot in hell for all eternity❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  13. Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith pushing for the TOUGHEST charges he can levy against the 3 who co-own Elvira – torturing an animal, a four-year felony… THANK YOU Eric Smith for aggressively attacking this cruelty and neglect… This didn’t happen overnight, it was years that the dog suffered pain and agony like that, matting cutting off circulation and loosing a paw, ulcer forming over the eye and blindness… Makes you feel like the people who did this should be hung or put down.
    And what of the other dog, apparently treated better, inexplicable, WHERE IS IT now, JAIL TIME looming…

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