Black Woman Allegedly Forced to Clean Dog Poop Off White Patron’s Shoe Deserves Apology

Target: Mitchell J. Silver, Commissioner of the New York Department of Parks and Recreation

Goal: Demand apology for black woman allegedly forced to clean dog poop off artist’s shoe.

Carl Schurz Park worker Tasheema Chatman was brutally humiliated and driven to tears when wealthy artist Christos Palios stepped in dog poop and allegedly forced her to clean it off his expensive shoes. The woman had only been assigned to clean the mess from the sidewalks; she had not expected to be asked such a thing. Her supervisors reportedly did not do anything to stop her mistreatment, all they did was smile and look at their phones, and when Chatman was able to escape she broke down in tears. Furthermore, Palios claims he did not make her clean his shoe.

This cannot stand. While we cannot stop patrons from making demands, this woman’s supervisors should not have stood by and done nothing while she was allegedly degraded in such a way. While it has not been proven, there is a possibility the ugly incident was motivated by racial and gender bias–a black woman expected to clean the shoe of a white man. Her supervisors, whether or not they saw it as such, should have spoken out against the blatant mistreatment. Sign this petition to demand they apologize to Chatman for their alleged acceptance of her degradation.


Dear Commissioner Silver,

A black woman in the employ of your department was allegedly forced to clean dog poop from a white man’s shoe while her supervisors reportedly looked on and did nothing to stop this act of cruel degradation. The woman was crushed and humiliated, driven to tears by what she felt was a sexist, racially-motivated demand. She had signed on to pick up the dog waste from the sidewalks, not to clean up after the patrons who stepped in it. Her supervisors reportedly were too busy looking at their phones to pay attention to the situation at hand, despite being right there at the time.

Tameesha Chatman, the employee in question, should not have been forced to endure such humiliation, racially motivated or not. Those who supervised her should have stepped in to stop the harassment and been more sensitive to her discomfort at being asked to do such a thing. Please demand these men apologize to Chatman and ensure that they will not allow such a thing to happen again.


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Photo Credit: Jim Henderson

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  1. I don’t believe it’s because she is black, I believe that it could have been anybody! He is obviously an arrogant bastard that thinks that he is above others,the supervisors should have spoke up for her,and to be honest if that was me, I would have told him and others where to stick it!? Regardless of needing the job, I will not kow tow to anyone!

    • If you’re uneducated and poor, it can be HARD, in fact impossible, to find a job when you are fired for insubordination (as she could have been if she’d refused).

      When you have a lot of safety nets, as most of us do, its easier to “take a moral stand” and walk away…….

  2. not sure where the evidence of him doing this was based on race or gender.

    or is it anytime, anyone but a white male is “victimized”…by anything close to looking like a white male?

  3. Absolutely no excuses for such arrogant behaviour. He should be made to kiss her feet and apologise in public

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