Protect Tigers from Being Killed by Poacher Gangs

Target: Abdul Hamid, President of Bangladesh

Goal: Protect endangered tigers from being poached by gang members for profit and prestige and call to expand the tigers’ protected habitat.

Bangladesh has seen a rise in the killing of tigers by mafia-style gangs brandishing illegal weapons. Once a country with a healthy tiger population, today it is home to only around 100 endangered tigers.

British colonialists are largely to blame for the rapid decrease of the tiger population. They were hunted for sport, until there were too few left to hunt. Hunting the animal was outlawed in 1974, but since then the tigers have had to deal with other threats.

They are often killed to establish goodwill with the local communities. The tigers often attack people because they have had their territories over-hunted and encroached upon. Locals talk about seeing gang members with tiger skulls and limbs. They create talismans with “mystical powers” from parts of the tigers to sell or wear. Being armed with modern weapons makes the poachers feel safe from the tigers.

Around 30 people are killed each year from tiger attacks. This creates animosity towards the animal in local communities. There is a growing movement to turn poachers into wildlife protectors by paying them to protect the animals. If the government increases the habitat for the tigers and hires gang members to protect the area, the tigers would have a better chance of thriving without interfering with humans.

Globally, efforts have been made to end the killing and trafficking of this ferociously beautiful animal. Sign this petition to request that Bangladesh does more to protect this endangered animal from poaching gangs, and to ask that they set aside more territory for tigers to prevent deadly altercations with the community.


Dear President Hamid,

The population of endangered tigers in Bangladesh is very low and it is being threatened by mafia-style gangs and by the proximity of locals to the tigers’ habitat. Tigers kill as many as 30 people in your country a year because locals hunt their normal prey and encroach on their territory. Tigers must be given more protected territory, if they are to coexist with people.

Local gangs kill the tigers to gain status or to endear themselves to the community. You have the power to hire the people who work outside of the law to protect the tigers. This would grant legitimacy to the earnings of these gang members and save the tigers from slaughter. Please work to expand tiger habitats and end illegal poaching in Bangladesh before there are no tigers left in your country.


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Photo Credit: Keven-Law

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    whats wrong with u humans?!

    • PUBLIC HANGING FOR ALL POACHERS, THE ONLY DETERRENT. IT’S TIME GOVERNMENTS HAD THE GUTS. It’s time the ignorant deranged people were educated that animal parts are not medicinal. FUR IS WORN BY BEAUTIFUL ANIMALS AND UGLY IGNORANT HUMANS.



  3. Bangladesh alone is a poverty stricken, much brain damaged villagers lives in. The Governing parties need to do much more useful ways to protect these Majestic animals from those morons. There are no “Mystical powers” when murdered and snatched a body part of these animals. Living in this modern era, yet still the Bangladeshis think wearing or having the animals body part close to their necks and wrists makes the life superior. How pathetic is that? BAN this unnecessary murder of the animals who are belong to the planet earth. They don’t belong to those idiots.

  4. Backward Bangladesh – Uneducated and ignorant. These fabulous animals deserve so much better from the criminal humans they share their home with.


  6. I agree with everything said – catch these poachers and publically hang them or shoot them I’ll offer to help! How can people do this to such a beautuful majestic animal The authorities must give more protection. If we are not careful our children will grow up in a world without animals because of man’s action today

  7. Abdul Hamid, President of Bangladesh:

    Protect endangered tigers from being poached by gang members for profit and prestige and call to expand the tigers’ protected habitat. IF THE JOB IS TOO MUCH FOR YOU, GET SOMEONE WHO CAN DO IT.

  8. Nooshin Perla says:

    What is wrong with people? We are supposedly the only animal that knows about right and wrong, but all we see is that some are the dumbest animal ever. They destroy and kill any thing they touch. There is NO room for those sick and heartless morons on this earth!!

  9. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared❗️?

  10. NEW REALISTIC tiger count raises alarm, only around 100 still stalk the forests… The gangs, or pirates, self-appointed overgrown bullies and not much else, behaving in a manner similar to the way drug lords operate, are SUPPOSEDLY not scared of the guards because they are armed with modern weapons. And just WHERE are they getting their weapons… THEY are the ones promoting the idea of mystical powers associated with animal body parts, canine teeth, etc… The Bangladesh Tiger Action Plan recommended the establishment of a specialist Wildlife Crime Unit, more boots on the ground, in 2009. What has become of THAT??
    Tales of some becoming disenchanted, expressing interest in returning to the normal life…In CERTAIN areas of the world, poachers have successfully been turned into wildlife trackers, paid to protect the animals, most certainly feasible in Bangladesh…IF THE TIGER HABITAT INCREASED BY GOVERNMENT and GANG MEMBERS HIRED TO PROTECT THE AREA, the tigers would have a better chance of thriving without INTERFERING WITH HUMANS, legitimacy granted to the earnings of gang members…

  11. Something worthy of MENTION…stumbled on:
    “Police kill suspected tiger poachers in Bangladesh shootout”… A fatal encounter with law enforcement in Bangladesh has left at least six suspected tiger poachers dead.
    One year ago, still much to do, but worthy of mention…

  12. i just hate these people with all my heart and wish them all the very worse for them to face in their life time, very painful and full of suffering, evil vile sick bastards,

  13. Track and kill, these subjects do not deserve to live
    So much sick in the head you have to exterminate

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