Uphold Democracy in the Presidential Election

Target: Robert Satiacum, Democratic presidential elector for Washington

Goal: Vote for the presidential candidate who is chosen by Washington residents.

An elector from the state of Washington has announced that he will not vote for Hillary Clinton even if the majority of citizens choose her. While it is not a law for electors to vote in line with the state they represent, most states impose a fine for what are known as “faithless electors.” These rebels are usually rare and uninfluential, but in an election that is becoming harder to predict, enough electors could possibly band together to swing the vote.

Robert Satiacum previously revealed that he was considering stepping aside to allow an alternate elector to vote in his place because he was uncertain he could follow through casting a ballot for Clinton. He faces a $1,000 fine if he votes against the majority, which he claims does not concern him. During the primaries, he supported Bernie Sanders because of the attention he gave to environmental issues. Satiacum, who is Native American, believes Clinton is a criminal who has not done enough to help his people or land. It is expected that Clinton will win Washington, yet he says he will not vote for her even if national results are close.

When U.S. citizens vote, they are telling the Electoral College who they wish to be president. Just 538 people make the final decision, and Satiacum is one of only twelve for his state. Electors are chosen by their parties to represent their candidate. When that candidate wins the most votes, their electors are the ones who meet in order to place the final votes on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December. Satiacum says he has spoken to some electors who commended him for speaking out, and he hopes they will follow his lead. It is typical for electors to vote the same as the people they represent because that is what they were chosen to do. Sign this petition to demand that Satiacum retract his statement and that all presidential electors vote for the candidate their state chooses.


Dear Mr. Satiacum,

Your recent statement claiming you will not vote for Clinton if she wins the race is appalling. Americans already have little faith in the Electoral College, and you have given them more reason to believe the voting is rigged. You were appointed to elect Clinton president if the state of Washington chooses her, and going against that duty would negate the process and the people’s vote.

So called “faithless electors” have not been successful at affecting the outcome of the election, but in an age where information spreads fast and during an election with an unpredictable outcome, enough defectors could alter results. Taking a vote from Clinton gives her less of a chance of beating Donald Trump, and a vote for any other candidate at this point is not worth that risk. I urge you to reconsider your decision and revoke your statement about refusing to vote for Clinton.


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  1. Or how about we just GET RID of the electoral college, and go with total number of votes???

    This man should be replaced if he will not vote as his state decides…..clearly a $1000. fine is a joke!

  2. Good for him. Seems like the only one with common sense in Washington. Electoral College crap is a joke in the first place. People vote and decide not the Electoral College!

  3. Why is this even a petition? Dont individuals have their OWN right to vote the way THEY want to?

    Guess I missed the memo saying we are “Force Voting” now. Smh

  4. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    i fed up with usa anyway! im moving to canada anytime soon!

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