Dogs Rounded-Up, Slaughtered and Left in Piles on “Paradise Island” – Take Action

Target: Anerood Jugnauth, Prime Mister of the Republic of Mauritius

Goal: Stop the horrific killing of dogs to control their population on an island that is a popular tourist destination.

A video has emerged showing the full extent of the barbaric methods used to control the dog population on the island of Mauritius. In the video men drag the dogs into a cement enclosure, step on their necks, and puncture their hearts with lethal injections. The other dogs in the enclosure try to desperately scramble up the walls to escape meeting the same fate, but all of them are eventually killed.

The video is difficult to watch. There is no anesthetic used on the animals to dull their suffering. They panic as they watch other dogs stand up, stagger, painfully convulse, and die in contorted heaps on the cement floor.

Officials want to control the population of dogs on the island to keep it appealing to the tourists that love to flock to there to bask in the sun and enjoy the sandy beaches. Tourists are unaware of the torment being wrought on these dogs. Perhaps, if they knew, they wouldn’t be so eager to visit.

There are other more humane ways to control the dog population. They could implement a spay and neuter program, which would prevent the current generation from having more puppies. This solution would be effective without being cruel.

Sign this petition to stop the slaughter of these dogs and encourage the government of Mauritius to implement a more humane way of dealing with the dog population.


Dear Prime Mister Jugnauth,

A video has emerged of the brutal capture and killing of dogs by the government-funded Mauritian Society for Animal Welfare. In the video men drag the dogs into a cement enclosure, step on their necks, and puncture their hearts with lethal injections.

The video is difficult to watch. There is no anesthetic used on the animals to dull their suffering. They panic as they watch other dogs stand up, stagger, painfully convulse, and die in contorted heaps on the cement floor.

You have the power to protect these animals from being murdered. You could implement a more humane way to control the dog population. A spay and neuter program would prevent the current generation from having more puppies and reduce the dog population without cruelty. Please stop this animal abuse from occurring in Mauritius.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Screenshot from YouTube Video by PETA UK

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  1. Nancy Jakeman says:

    Under divine Law such cruelty as this leaves your Island of Mauritus under a dark cloud. This is not good for the happiness of your nation. Gently I say that dogs radiate the love mankind needs to feel. That’s their job on the planet. You may need “new eyes” to see this. Please appreciate and celebrate them and spey and neuter them as precious partners for mankind.

  2. Where’s the video?

  3. Nature treats back now ? Monsters
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?
    Higher Justice works now ?

  4. I wouldn’t visit there. After seeing how cruel they threat dogs. I wish someone did that to there family members. Kicked them in the head

  5. Cruel, unnecessary horror going on on a beautiful island. Tourists will learn about this gross behaviour and will be horrified to know what is going on during their holiday and take their money elsewhere. Pain and terror, do you understand what this feels like? Any other horrors we should know about?

  6. f**king stick them bastards with a needle there a bunch of pricks kill them

  7. Nancy Raymond says:

    PARADISE FOR WHO????? These animals deserve a chance – killing them indiscriminately only shows that this place is no paradise for animals. Thanks for letting me know what a hell hole Paradise Island actually is for now I know it will never see me there.

  8. Margaret Melnick says:

    If people would just ban together stop all tourist visits till this stops see how fast action would be taken. But people just don’t care enough and continue to visit these barbaric countries.

  9. All will go on our Facebook and encourage everyone else to follow. Message: Don’t visit “Slaughter Island”! Don’t support killer governments! May God have No Mercy on You Demons!

  10. I went there once and it was beautiful. But after seeing this… I NEVER GO BACK!!!

  11. Lilian Caughlin says:

    since Mauritius is part of the British Commonwealth somebody from the UK should appeal to one of the animal loving Royals like Princess Ann and Prince Harry to show them better solutions since they are dimwits. No wonder these places are called 3rd world. The island maybe beautiful but the inhabitants have no humanity which makes them ugly cretins. No amount of latest architecture and western affiliation will make them equal to people in the western world. I would never travel to such a vile place.

  12. This is absolutely horrific. I will NEVER visit this place. These men are complete monsters.

  13. Have a Mercy on Animals hope everyone kill any Animals to get Cancer in his hands and eyes too

  14. Jennifer Armstrong says:

    I agree with Michelle and everyone else. What kind of so called people are they. This is horrendous cruelty and no warranted in ant means. Will I will defiantly not put this place in my bucket list. Bunch of looser and assholes!

  15. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Total Savages❗️?
    Signed & Shared ?

  16. Some PARADISE! More Like ISLAND OF MOREAU! SICK BASTARDS..More of the SUB SPECIES, the TRUE BARBARIANS & SADISTIC BEASTS of the WORLD, Not HUMAN AT ALL, BUT WILL DO Same SADISTIC & BARBARIC CRIMES TO ANY & ALL “BEINGS” Who CANNOT DEFEND, PROTECT, OR SPEAK UP OR OUT..FOR THEMSELVES..WE stopped TRAVELING back in 2007, after one too many, places, where if I wanted to see Horrific, Abuse & Cruelty to Animals, we do enough of it right here, but these other COUNTRIES?? Territories? They are even WORSE, More BARBARIC, MORE SADISTIC than MOST could ever IMAGINE..these are NOT HUMAN BEINGS, that do these HORRIFIC ACTS/CRIMES, these are of the SUB SPECIES, NOT A HUMAN AT ALL, they are VOID OF A HEART, A SOUL, BRAINS! COMPASSION, CONSCIENCE, & EVERY ONE A COWARD, They only PREY ON THOSE WHO CANNOT DEFEND, PROTECT OR SPEAK OUT For themselves, this includes REAL HUMAN BEINGS..they don’t stop at ANIMALS..They never have, they never will..They are the TRUE BEASTS of the WORLD..

  17. Trap Neuter Return can be used for digs as well and it is the only proven, sustainable method to control free roaming dog and cat populations. The Humane Society of the United States aided another island with a free roaming dog population to create a larfe scale TNR program and within only a few years the population was lowering. It is cruelty free and it works!

  18. Don’t go to slaughter island. Hit them where it hurts… $$$$$$. Disgusting.

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