End Cruel Trapping of Hundreds of Cougars

Target: Paul M. Kienzle III, Chairman of the New Mexico State Game Commission

Goal: Ban cruel cougar trapping in New Mexico.

It is legal for 749 cougars to be trapped and killed every year in the state of New Mexico after the New Mexico State Game Commission approved the practice of cougar trapping last year.  Such a number is more than twice the number of cougars normally killed annualy. As a result, their population will not be able to sustain such increased hunting.

In addition, the steel trap not only leads to painful injuries for the cougar, which will bite its own limbs in an effort to free itself from the trap’s jaws, but it will also harm other forest animals. It is easy for animals of a similar size to also become trapped, including other endangered species. As a result, not only will cougars face diminishing numbers, but other mammals will as well.

Conservationists and humane societies are taking the commission to court in an effort to end the practice of cougar trapping. Sign the petition to show your support and demand that the violent practice be brought to an end.


Dear Mr. Kienzle,

Under new regulations enacted in the past year, nearly 750 cougars are legally allowed to be trapped annually. This is niether a sustainable nor humane practice. The cougars face a violent, painful death and oftentimes try to bite their way out of the trap, causing considerable harm. Other mammals that make their home in the forest may also be caught in the trap. As a result, the lives of an entire habitat are endangered.

Cougar trapping was a practice that citizens of New Mexico never wanted, as polls in the state against the practice suggest. I ask that the New Mexico State Game Commission respond to the public outcry on the part of conservationists and citizens of New Mexico and ban this horrible practice.

Thank you,

[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Greg Hume

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  1. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Oh how I would like to give Paul M. Kienzle III, a first hand experience at what and how these traps work, and what they feel like to him once his arm or leg is in it!
    This is 2016 (almost 2017) and you, Mr Kienzle can’t come up with a more humane way of culling one species of animal? These traps are a heinous cruelty and you are targeting many species, which is the same as condoning animal abuse to which you and those carrying out this act should be charge with! Destroy these traps now please. Ban them forever.

  2. Why do all these cougars need to be killed? If for control then this antiquated, primitive and inhumane method is shameful and certainly does not show your country in a good light at all- rather as a backward third world place. Get up to date and have a conscience.

  3. Edh Stanley says:

    It’s to show off how manly the destroyers of these creatures are. Big murder by big man, huh! Him so deadly must bear his children.

  4. These politicians do not have any compassion, their hearts are as barren as the Southwest deserts. I would admire any politician who would do the right thing, but are there any?

  5. Stop & pursue this criminal rabble and this deformity  –  instantly!
    Not humane than barbaric, really stupid and worthless criminal and ignorant ASSHOLES, which should be banned on an island for their whole lives! Or not?


  6. what a sick and very sad world for the animal kingdom, we should be ashamed of the human race.

  7. Rubens Jean-louis says:


  8. new mexico end the killings of the great cougars now. change the law now.

  9. What I don’t understand is why aren’t these complainers going out gathering up their cougars and taking them back home themselves. Why do they need trappers since they have all the answers. I’d charge them for letting them run free. What other animals of similar size that eat meat do you have in that state besides a wolf or dog? Do you not have vehicles, catch poles, rope, blankets or boards to release a non-target animal?

    • Magiera, complainers, gathering up cougars, what are u talking about, cant figure out. Why does anyone have to ‘gather’ free life up? Leave them alone, nobody, including u or I wants to be ‘gathered up.’

  10. Look to the dollar. The State makes money from the blood of these animals by selling trapping licenses w/ an annual fee. e.g. 4,000 licenses sold in the state (incl. to anyone from out of state anxious to trap a cougar) @ $25 per license, reaps the state $100,000 a year clear profit. S
    Since costs the state nothing to raise & feed these animals, Sale of licenses to kill them is all net profit.

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