Stop Selling Rape Videos

Target: Governor of Uttar Pradesh Shri Ram Naik

Goal: Stop the sale of videos of sexual assaults and bring those responsible to justice.

Shopkeepers in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh have been selling videos of sexual assaults. An investigation found videos showing rape and other acts of violence against women for sale for as little as 30 cents. Many of these videos were initially made for the purpose of blackmailing the victims of sexual assault but were either sold or stolen and then sold.

Incidents of violence against women increased by nine percent last year and the circulation of these videos may contribute to the continued rise of rates of this violence. When contacted, law enforcement officials stated that they had no knowledge of the existence of these videos, or that such videos were being sold.  It is critical that the authorities clamp down on this practice as a lack of action amounts to tacit acceptance which can only produce a culture of impunity. Sign our petition and demand that the governor of Uttar Pradesh take decisive action to end the trade in these obscene videos.


Dear Governor Naik,

I was shocked to read the Al Jazeera investigation into the black market for videos depicting sexual assault in Uttar Pradesh. More worrying were the quotations of a number of inspector generals professing their ignorance of the videos’ existence. Without law enforcement working against this trade it will continue and grow. I urge you to ensure that members of Uttar Pradesh law enforcement are working to ensure an end to the sale of these obscene videos.

Furthermore, given these videos depict crimes, the criminals in these videos must be identified and arrested. Given the recent increases in violence against women, it is unacceptable that while these videos circulate those that committed the heinous acts within them continue to walk free. I urge you to uphold the rights of women and act to end the sale of these videos.

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  1. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no violent rapes!

  2. India really is becoming as despicable as China and Korea.

  3. Well, they can’t deny knowledge of them now… they need to do their damn job!!

  4. Someone’s darkest moment should never be someone else’s entertainment!

  5. ROSEMARY Anderson says:

    What a vile disgusting country, lacking morals, normal decency and any sense of honor. You as a people are just showing the world that you lack any moral fiber. Sick sick sick

  6. Wendy Waltenberg says:

    and they wonder why they have such a huge problem with rape in this country – Really ?????

  7. Nobody should profit through RAPE!

  8. Gigi Middlebrook says:

    These degenerate men in India give the rest of the decent men there a bad name.

  9. Sandra Tursilo says:

    For all of you idiots denouncing India for promoting rape, take a look at your own countries where rape & sexual assault of varying degrees & types are an every day occurrence. Where is your disgust & outrage for that? Our countries are supposedly more educated, less sexist (HA!), more ‘developed’, more ‘tolerant’ etc…..fact is, our own countries are no better.

    Yes, this petition should be signed by everyone, but don’t think your own society is superio. Women, little girls, children in general & even animals are victims of rape in every single country on the planet. What needs to change is the fact that the most vulnerable living beings living amongst us are viewed as things to be owned, controlled & raged against. We are ALL a part of this problem, regardless of what we have hanging between our legs.

  10. If there were men being raped, there would be outrage.

  11. I wonder what causes such outrages acts, not just in India,why is no one locking into this disgusting act, why?

  12. Heather Brophy says:


  13. You are veiwed as barbaric and unlearned by allowing this practice.

    People will boycott your merchants and stop patronizing yoour country.
    .Please show the qorld that you are above thus and stop stooping to this horrific practice.,x

  14. Catch these lowlife greedy monsters and jail the bastards or put them to death.
    Women suffer enough in India and these sadistic and evil lowlife monsters all deserve to die.

  15. Gene Sengstake says:

    How can a country allow such pervertedness and violence towards women? Well – the simple answer – “men” rule. But then you could probably look at the world in general and come up with the same answer – – –

  16. It is unbelievable that this patition really has to take place. What’s wrong with these people?????? Absolutely outrageous!!!!

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