Replace Detention With Meditation in Schools

Target: John B. King, Jr., Secretary of Education

Goal: Require schools to explore alternatives to detention and teach children meditation instead.

Traditional punishments like detention can be isolating and frustrating for students, and do nothing to encourage a proactive approach to behavior problems. Students are forced to sit quietly, stifling productivity, creativity, and reflection. Robert W. Coleman Elementary school introduced meditation as an alternative to detention, with incredibly encouraging results.

Coleman Elementary introduced its Mindful Moment Room, where children who misbehave are encouraged to relax and reflect on what they did wrong. Students learn from their mistakes by fostering positivity toward the people or situations that cause them stress. The year that the Mindful Moment Room was introduced, Coleman Elementary did not have to suspend a single student. School systems and their students throughout the country could benefit hugely from following the example of Coleman Elementary. Sign below to make meditation a replacement for detention.


Dear Secretary King,

Students hugely benefit from the use of meditation as an alternative to punishments like detention following misbehavior. Implementing meditation to encourage relaxation, the direction of positive energy, and reflection about wrongdoing is a much more successful method of combating behavior issues than the frustrating and isolating “sit still and do nothing” environment that detention creates. It is time we reassessed our punishments to ensure that we are really doing what is best for our kids.

Robert W. Coleman Elementary school introduced its Mindful Moment Room to replace detention with meditation. Students are encouraged to relax and to create a positive environment surrounding stressful situations. This has been hugely successful and resulted in a significant decrease in suspensions — the same year that the Mindful Moment Room was introduced, Coleman Elementary did not suspend a single student. Schools and students across the country stand to gain a lot from emanating Coleman Elementary’s example. I urge you to encourage schools nationwide to follow in Coleman Elementary’s footsteps and use meditation as a healthy alternative to detention.


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Photo Credit: Michal Jarmoluk

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    A kid ain’t got the ability to know how to clear mind !
    I’m 52 & it took severe chronic back pain to know how to have mind over matter
    OR to learn the ability to clear my mind !

  2. Children absolutely have the ability to clear their mind and enjoy the benefits of yoga and peaceful thinking time. Many children do not tolerate noise and chaos which is what most grammar school classes are like due to human overpopulation, not enough teachers and the fear teachers have of keeping order the way they were able to when we were children because of parents that don’t discipline their brats and teach them redirect and then get offended when the teachers do their job! I’m 53 and I’m appalled at some people’s childish comments regarding this. These are the parents that created the mayhem of a public education classroom in the 21st century! They also lack spelling and gammer skills, truly SAD!

  3. Great Idea. What a wonderful way to enlighten children. Unfortunately, those who left negative comments are a bit naive.

  4. I am the mother of 3 grown kids and I always gave my kids time to themselves when they lost their tempers or were upset. I let them know that their feelings and emotions were acceptable and they had a right to them..after some time to themselves they were fine. All people have a right to their feelings and emotions. Meditation is a wonderful way to teach kids that its ok to feel what they feel and be able to calm their own minds and emotions. It is a coping skill that is absolutely healthy and beneficial! Wonderful idea!!

  5. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    thats not fair to kids who need this! parents need their children to meditate!

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