Dolphins Being Harassed By Tourists Deserve Better

Target: Brian Schatz, Senior Senator of Hawaii

Goal: Protect spinner dolphins from tourist harassment.

Spinner dolphins are being harassed by tourists in Hawaii, in addition to being forced to perform tricks and socialize with people during the daylight hours. The spinner dolphin is a nocturnal species, they use the daylight hours to rest up after a busy night. And while the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is trying to put rules in place to protect the dolphins, several tour boat operators have reportedly objected, claiming it will be too strict for the tourists and spoil their vacations.

This is entirely self-centered reasoning on the part of humanity. The ocean belongs to these dolphins, they have the right to rest and relax in their natural habitat without humans harassing them, treating them like objects. Dolphins have already undergone enough suffering over time; being hunted for sport, being caught in tuna nets, and held in captivity at aquarium theme parks. The last thing they deserve is more harassment from humans.

We cannot let politics and human selfishness disrupt the welfare and lifestyle of these creatures. Sign this petition to demand the Hawaiian tourist industry step back and allow stronger protection rules be put in place to protect the spinner dolphins.


Dear Senator Schatz,

Tourists have been harassing spinner dolphins off the coast of Hawaii and encouraging others to do the same. This is not fair to the poor creatures, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is currently attempting to implement stronger rules protecting these dolphins from such disturbances. However, several boat operators have been reported as not wishing to ruin the fun of the tourists with the enforcement of such rules.

The safety and comfort of the dolphins should come before the selfish wishes of the tourists who seek to cause trouble for the animals. The tourist industry should be made to see this rather than bowing to the wishes of people who care little for the welfare of the spinner dolphins. Please allow the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to enforce the rules they need to in order to protect the dolphins, and do not allow the tourist industry’s politics to stand in their way.


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Photo Credit: Alexander Vasenin

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  1. Humans have got to stop believing we are the only important species on earth and as such, have the right to abuse all other species. Animals are not here to be human entertainment! If these “tourists”, I prefer to call them abusers, are adamant about interacting with dolphins them teach them to scuba dive or snorkel and let them view the dolphins at night! I’m really not a fan of this either but at least they would be watching the dolphins on the dolphins timeclock not theirs! If this SAD human practice of animal cruelety continues I say suspend the boat captains license and fine them very hard for animal abuse them force them to take a class on compassion and respect along with being educated about the daily life of a dolphin!

  2. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    look humans r not meant to be the master of animals! humans and animals r meant to be free not to be mastered by evil!

  3. People chasing the dolphins with selfie sticks, reported, boats going right through the pods, separating the moms and the calves, the predictable habits of spinner dolphins apparently taken advantage of by commercial tour operators who know exactly where and when to find the resting creatures…
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has more intelligence than a few tour boat owners [seemingly] operating from the premise of greed!
    A human vacation should not involve detrimental harassment and abuse of dolphins, every intelligent vacation goer would AGREE to that once enlightened… When something is available and then taken away, there may be an upset and grudge, and sadness, in the beginning, but guaranteed, boat tour operators…and vacationers…CAN adjust and adapt and move on to other creative ideas and intelligent choices.

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