Cat Decapitated and Dumped on War Memorial – Demand Action

Target: Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions, England and Wales

Goal: Demand the maximum penalty for the person who ripped off a cat’s head, front legs, and tail and placed her body on a war memorial grave.

A dead cat was mutilated and placed on a war memorial grave. The cat was decapitated and her tail and front legs had been ripped off. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

A vicar at Wickford’s St. Catherine’s Church found the body of 5-year-old Missy, a tortoiseshell cat, after she’d been missing for about a day. “They said it was a terrible sight, they said her tail had been hacked off and they couldn’t find her head,” stated Sandra Pillar, Missy’s owner. The remainder of her body had been dumped on a war memorial on church grounds, organs intact.

The RSPCA and local police are investigating. No suspects are in custody at this time. Sign below and demand the maximum penalty in this case.


Dear Director Saunders,

A popular Wickford cat was decapitated and placed on a war memorial grave. Her tail and front legs were also removed. We demand justice for this innocent cat.

“She was such a lovely little cat. She would go off into other gardens so everybody knew her, she was popular and she was so sweet.” Stated Sandra Pillar, Missy’s owner. A local vicar found Missy’s mutilated body and immediately reported it to the RSPCA. According to the vicar, pranks involving mutilated animals occur at the church every year around Halloween.

A beloved pet is dead and a war memorial desecrated. We demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


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  1. Gene Sengstake says:

    What a better world this would be if we could just cleanse it of bastards like these – – –

  2. We have a special place for this thing. Catch it and bring it here.

  3. It takes a very warped and twisted individual or individuals to abuse innocent and helpless animals and people for that matter!!! I agree with Rosemary and Gene! Let them experience the exact terror and pain that they caused this beautiful and precious cat!I say find them and re-create the experience for them!! Nice and slow….. I’m tired of these sick abusers and murderers getting away with their brutality. It is past time for them to be found and held accountable for their actions.

  4. Rosslyn Osborne says:

    Just beyond comprehension and words…. Mentally sick!
    Sympathy to Missy’s dear owner and the Vicar, who had the horror of discovering her. May God comfort you all, and may He severely punish the Perpetrator/s.

  5. Please can you remove this and contact South Norwood Animal Rescue. There is an ongoing long term investigating regarding this and others, this is not helpful. Please contact them for further info but please take this and the picture down, it will only hinder the investigation. Thanka

    • I cannot understand why this case should be hushed up or ignored unless the culprit is known!I am sure no one here would want to interfere and everyone wants this monster caught here are just comments of peoples feelings of support and anger so maybe this way better animal laws will be enforced to protect them at last.I hope if this piece of trash is caught it will be made public!

      • It hasn’t been hushed up but if this was your child’s pet and you had not given them them gory details would you want this pic to be seen? Go on Facebook south Norwood animal rescue (SNARL) this is the pinned post from thieir site


        We are currently working alongside the police and the RSPCA to find the identity of the “M25 cat killer”. We now have 31 cases confirmed by post mortem, with around 90 since Feb 2016 which bear the hallmarks of what is believed (through forensic evidence) to be the same killer.

        Most of the attacks are occuring across a wide area in greater London, but we have also collected bodies from St Albans (confirmed by post mortem), Brackley in Northamptonshire (confirmed by post mortem)
        Brighton, Maidstone, Manchester (confirmed by post mortem), Birmingham (confirmed by post mortem) and the Isle of Wight with identical wounds and are awaiting post mortem results to either rule these in or out.

        If you live in Greater London you are currently living in a high risk area for these killings. However, we also now want to know about any cats, foxes or birds found with the following combination of injuries from Manchester down to the South Coast:

        Decapitations/ removal of tail/ removal of paws/ any combination of these.

        Please note that a high number of birds found decapitated are caused by predation injury, but we have one case of an owl who was decapitated in East London with a bladed instrument so we would rather know about them all.

        If you see anyone behaving oddly around cats, foxes or birds in the area from Manchester down to the South Coast, please call this into police via 101 with a full description of the person and what they are doing, and quote Operation Takahe in the call. Where possible get vehicle registration details. Please then send us the police or CAD reference number.

        If you see anyone catching a cat, kidnapping a cat or fox or bird, hurting, kicking, standing on or otherwise causing harm to a cat or fox or bird in the same geographical area, that same advice applies except that’s a 999 call.

        If you find a body which bear the injuries listed or body parts (heads, legs, paws or tails) above from Manchester down to the South Coast, please call us on 07961 030064 or 07957 830490 immediately. Please stay with the body/parts if you can and prevent any council or waste services from touching or removing it and anyone from photographing it. Our phones are by nature busy so if you can’t get through on one number, try the other.

        We advise that anyone living in the greater London area keep their cats indoors as much as they can and let them out only during the day when they can be supervised. Please keep your cats in at night. We appreciate this isn’t easy, particularly as the weather gets warmer but you will cut the risk to your cat dramatically if you keep them indoors during the hours of darkness.

        If you have any information about who might be committing these offences, please call the team running Operation Takahe on 0208 6490216. If you feel uneasy speaking to the police, you can contact us instead on the mobile numbers listed above. All calls will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

        • This is obviously very serious, as it is evident that animal abuser’s go the step further to humans. Basically this person is a serial killer, animals now but what or who next. We must keep our cats inside as much as possible.
          This is the first time i have commented here, i do sign a lot of the petitions, and i know my comments are common knowledge. But the magnitude of this case makes me wish i could protect all the creatures that could become prey to this monster.

        • Caroline Burton says:

          Well, it does sound as though there is an investigation going on, but why did “the authorities” call this “a prank”? Is this correct? If so, please explain why this was said.

  6. ait ouaret zaia says:

    c est ignoble de tant de cruautes sur les animaux domestiques chats chiens il faut les punir et les condanes severement

  7. Nancy Dunlap says:

    Please put information about this poor cat on the news. Someone out there might know who committed this horrific crime.

  8. Cynthia Cheek says:

    If the church sees this happening every year around Halloween, why don’t they have surveillance cameras around the property and more security? The church is more a bystander looking the other way than actually putting forth an effort to find out who this is, unless you already know.

  9. Anita Biers says:

    What kind of a town has people that do this around Halloween? Wow. Maybe this sweet kitty should have been kept inside during this dark time. She could have enjoyed the garden later.

  10. This individual is on the way graduating to murder and decapitate the Humans eventually. Spend the money to get hold of this scumbag ASAP and put the evil away & locked up for the rest of his/her life. There’s no excuses for such horrendous crimes committed by a two legged human being. These type of criminal minded barbarians should never be allowed to mix up within any community. Please do the needful soon as possible. When doing so, you will save & protect a generation of innocent Animals and the humans alike.

  11. Atrocious. Despicable. And this goes on more than anyone (other than people who care) cares to realize, especially around Halloween. There are security cameras all over the place, and near monuments and churches…they need to be made use of –- and perhaps in relation to today’s world, more installed…
    One way or another, we are moving closer towards stringing these perverts up, so to speak.
    Can you tell, Director Alison Saunders, that the general population has HAD IT…
    RIP “Missy” and DEEPEST condolences to her owner.

  12. Kill SON OF A BITCH the same way!!!

  13. Caroline Burton says:

    The police call this “a prank”? If they can’t take animal abuse seriously, they have no business policing anything. Animal abusers are scum and do other things, they are a danger to society in general. If the so-called “authorities” think such cruelty is just “a prank”, then maybe it’s time citizens started dishing out the justice, real justice!

  14. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Absolutely hideous & horrid❗️?
    Hope the piece of sh!t rots in hell for this❗️?
    Signed & Shared

  15. Please find this person and prosecute… maybe even a lobotomy. This person is evil! Evil.

  16. Please find this person and prosecute… maybe even a lobotomy. This person is evil! Evil.

  17. Why hasn’t this been removed as previously requested??? The owner did not give permission for photos to be used. This is a violation of their human rights and privacy.As already stated,there is an ongoing investigation and this so called petition will achieve nothing apart from the distress it has caused. It should never have been stated it was a “prank”,it should have been reported to the relevant authorities and left for them to deal with.

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