Protect Transgender Rights in Schools

Target: John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Goal: Nationally require that transgender students be allowed to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.

The Supreme Court is set to decide whether public school systems will be required to let transgender students use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. Currently, school districts are split on this issue and many still force people to use the public bathroom assigned by the gender on their birth certificates. The case reached the Supreme Court through a petition from Gloucester County, VA. The petition sought to overturn the decision made by a lower court that Gavin Grimm, a high schooler who was born female but identifies as male, be allowed to use the boys’ restroom at his high school. While the case remains on appeal, Grimm is still not allowed to use the boys’ bathroom.

Grimm came out as a transgender boy his freshman year of high school, and hormone therapy helps his appearance correspond with the male gender identity that is his true self. He says he tries to avoid using the bathroom at school altogether. When he cannot, he has to use the single-stall bathroom in the nurse’s office as per the school board’s current policy, which is meant to protect the privacy of others from having to share a bathroom with someone who has “gender identity issues.” While attending a football game at his school, Grimm realized he would have to leave and go to a gas station to use the bathroom because the stadium had no unisex stalls and the main school building was locked. This is discrimination and a violation of basic human rights. Transgender students say that it is critical to their well-being that they be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender that they live every day, and as equal members of our society it is unjust to deprive them of that. Sign below to defend the rights of transgender students across the country.


Dear Chief Justice Roberts,

The case for transgender students to be allowed to use the public bathroom that aligns with their gender identity is a precedent-setting issue of civil rights. Public schools nation-wide should not be able to discriminate against these students.

Gavin Grimm is the transgender student from Gloucester, VA, whose school board sent a petition to overturn the ruling that Grimm be allowed to use the boy’s restroom for his finally high school year, despite his birth certificate stating his gender as female. Grimm has fought for this right for three years — a right that most other students in his school never have to think twice about. Grimm says he suffers daily pain and humiliation because of this, but that he hopes some good can come from his situation being made public. He says, “I hope the justices of the Supreme Court can see me and the rest of the transgender community for who we are — just people — and rule accordingly.”

I urge you to defend the civil rights and the well-being of transgender students across the country, and rule that schools must not discriminate against them. Please allow transgender students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity.


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Photo Credit: David Smith

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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    This girl is a moron of the first order! I stand for transgender rights but, in this case, I am standing for the rights of normal people, the ones trampled to death in the rush to protect the less than 1% of the population.

    Any girl or women has the right to a shower room, changing room or toilet where they feel safe and, more to the point, they are safe. A 30 something bearded male demanding the right to use a woman’s toilet then sticking his mobile phone under the partition is a pervert. Or a 15 year old boy deciding he wants to see girls showering. What about their rights? And, Leah, they are my rights too and you have no right to interfere with them.

    If you don’t mind being salaciously ogled by a pervert then that is your choice. Personally, I prefer to protect the virtually 50% of the population from such males.

  2. Gen Agustsson says:

    stop cissexism on trans and nonbianry people cause its wrongful.

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