Goal: To add a choice of “None of the Above” to ballots for all federal elections

Target: Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, and in the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and Kevin McCarthy,

The next President will be chosen from two most disliked candidates in polling history. http://fortune.com/2016/07/06/donald-trump-hillary-clinton-2/
Nowhere in the Constitution does it have the words Democratic or Republican Party. Nowhere does it say that only candidates who poll at 15% can be included in Presidential debates. Yet, we are being treated as if we are forever locked into choosing from these two vending machines. Wikileaks has added to our knowledge of the absurdities of Hillary Clinton. Is the world safer because of her work as Secretary of State? The Philippines has just announced their departure from being an ally of the US and has aligned itself with China. Aside from being able to sell oil now, Iran has restarted the hostage taking business. Their drive towards nuclear weapons continues. Bernie Sanders ran for President but it was a waste of time because the outcome was already known – Hillary. Her economic policies are nothing new – tax the rich. Assuming the polls are right, we will likely discover during her tenure as President that her medical issues are serious – they will progress to the point where wearing blue sunglasses on a cloudy day will not hide her neurological issues. The point here is not that she has health issues, but that her campaign has lied about them. Etc. Etc. Due to her health issues, we have a higher than normal possibility of a President Kaine, should Hillary not be able to finish her term in office. So, as Governor of Virginia, he cites abolishing smoking in public buildings as one of his top accomplishments. Yawn. He also left the next Governor a $4.2 billion-dollar budget shortfall that the next Governor of Virginia reversed into a surplus.
Donald Trump’s issues are best not done by anyone other than Trump himself. He is his own worst enemy and Hillary Clinton’s strategy is to let Trump self-destruct. For the sake of fairness, his issues include: Trump University, failure to release tax returns, questionable contributions to politicians who happened to be involved in litigation/regulation with his affairs, his charity, and to get to the meat of the matter, Trump Steaks. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/trademark-trump-steaks-was-canceled-two-years-ago-records-show-n535876
Both Hillary and Trump have a very questionable record when it comes to women – Hillary working to discredit women that her husband was involved with – consensual or not, and Trump claiming that all the women who have come out accusing him of unwanted attention are lying.
Most of you who are reading this have no doubt thought that if you had been on the podium for the debates, that you could have defeated one or both candidates. The truth is that you are correct. When both candidates lie to the point where they border on being a sociopath, most honest and intelligent people could have blown either of them off the stage. On Facebook, I mentioned that we are being asked to choose from (borrowing from “The Godfather”) the Corleone crime family or the Tattaglia crime family. It does not have to be this way and must not continue. A message should be sent and it must be heard. The survival of our nation depends on it. I would like signatures to continue past the election until we become impossible to ignore. The natural question of what happens if a majority of voters choose “none of the above” in an election must be addressed. It will be addressed but your voices must be heard in order to make that happen.

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