Don’t Free Man Accused of Raping Dog

Target: District Attorney Benjamin R. David

Goal: Seek the harshest possible punishment for the man accused of raping a dog and physically attacking her for resisting.

A man was reportedly seen carrying out a vicious physical and sexual attack on his Collie, named Lola. A veterinarian gave the dog a rape kit, which reportedly tested positive. According to police, a witness saw the 24-year-old carry Lola to his porch and start having intercourse with her. Lola began resisting the sexual assault immediately, but the alleged attacker drop kicked Lola off the porch before going back inside, according to reports. The accused, named Sisto Fea, reportedly returned to continue his sexual assault on the dog, but quickly retreated back inside when he saw the lights of the witnesses’ car. Lola ran away, but both the dog and her alleged abuser were taken in by police the following day.

However, once Fea went in front of a judge, his bond of $50,000 was cut in half to only $25,000.

The sexual assault and cruelty that Fea is accused of is inexcusable. If guilty, this is the behavior of a violent, highly dangerous individual who needs to be behind bars. Please sign the petition below to demand justice for Lola and to protest the reduction in bond.


Dear Mr. David,

A man was reportedly seen sexually assaulting a dog. When the poor animal resisted, the attacker allegedly drop kicked her off the porch and walked off.

This shocking sexual and physical abuse of an innocent animal must be taken seriously, if true. A person who is capable of doing this to his own dog is a danger to society as a whole. We urge you make certain that this man receives the most severe penalty possible, if guilty and that he not be released on bond until he faces trial.


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Photo Credit: Chris Leung

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  1. Lola is the most beautiful dog and her breed one of the most hard-working, loyal and intelligent there is. Please do her the justice of making sure that her vicious assailant is punished properly and within an inch of what the law allows in such cases. My concern is that Lola may well have been the tragic and opportunistic substitute for a toddler. Thank you for your time. RA

  2. If this, so called ‘man’, is sick enough to do this, he’s too sick and deranged to be walking the streets. Castrate him if you plan to set him free


  4. This poor excuse for a human being needs help in many ways. Lola should be removed from this person and placed in a better home for her sake.

  5. Jean Bakowycz says:

    My comment is re: Judge Sandra Ray. I reside in Wilmington, NC in New Hanover County, where this abuse took place. Ms. Ray is running for re-election for 5th District Court judge. I did NOT vote for her, based on the reduction of bail for this depraved sociopathic individual who lives in our midst. It’s way past time that ALL animal abuse, such as this horrendous case illustrates, be treated as a serious offense in New Hanover County, NC. Pathological abusive behavior of animals is a stepping stone to abuse of humans. Animals and children cannot advocate for themselves. It’s up to the citizens of this county and state to advocate for them. Animal cruelty and abuse is a SERIOUS CRIME.

  6. It will be a child next

  7. Crimes against animals MUST be taken seriously — I strongly URGE authorities to take swift action — society does NOT want reoccurrence of animal abuse — there are too many idiot-monsters loose in our world committing cruel crimes and NOT being held accountable — we MUST round these monsters up & throw them into rubber rooms — ensure that Lola is NEVER returned to Mr. Fea — mete out SEVERE punishments to Mr. Fea, along with attaching hefty fines — so that repeats of such abuse NEVER occur. — GET SOME CARE & RESPECT FOR ANIMALS — Ensure that Lola gets loving & caring people.

  8. keep this jerk in jail….maybe he’ll be forceably raped! Maybe he’ll know how it feels to be unwillingly involved in this stupid act.

  9. Cut off his stinking thing in put it in his mouth until he cannot breath anymore… a good punishment from the good old days for rapists!!! We call ourselvws civilized?? A civilization is only as good as the most criminal and perverted individual allowed to be part of it. If we as an ethical and reasonable civilization tolerate and approve such scum to go unpunished, we are equally guilty!!! May he burn in the worst parts of hell for ever!!!

  10. If you all are moronic enough to believe that a 24 year old educated man would do something as disgusting as this than the city of Wilmington has much larger issues.

  11. Easy fix – castrate the creeper – he won’t rape again!

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