Ban Barbaric Executions that Violate Human Rights

Target: Prince Muhammad Bin Nayef, Saudi Minister of Interior

Goal: Put an end to the barbaric executions for minor crimes in Saudi Arabia.

Over 130 people put were put to death this year in Saudi Arabia for minor crimes. The most common form of execution is beheading, but for crimes like adultery, stoning is often used. Other crimes that can carry the death penalty are apostasy, homosexuality, witchcraft, repeatedly consuming alcohol, and burglary.

These crimes are normally considered minor offenses, social offenses, or a person’s basic right as a human. No nation should be able to force its citizens to follow its religion or religious teachings. People should have the freedom to practice their religion without the fear of persecution.

Punishment in Saudi Arabia is often cruel and unusual. Not only do they behead and stone people, but they are also known to put bodies on display for public abuse. Bodies might have heads reattached or they might be crucified for all to see.

This week, Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir was executed after being convicted of murdering his friend in a fight. The prince may have been spared this fate if the family of the victim had accepted “blood money” from the prince’s family. This “blood money,” when accepted, is essentially a bribe that allows the rich to avoid the same punishment as the poor.

It is time that these medieval punishments for petty crimes are abolished. Sign this petition to help ensure that punishments are equal to the crime and that human rights are protected.


Dear Prince Muhammad Bin Nayef,

It is time that Saudi Arabia stops punishing people by beheading and stoning. Putting the bodies of executed people on display is a cruel and unusual punishment that forces undue suffering on the family members of the deceased. These punishments are cruel and barbaric. Executing people for minor crimes like repeated alcohol consumption or other non-violent crimes is absurd.

The practice of allowing someone to pay the family of a victim of a violent crime “blood money” to avoid the death penalty allows the rich to escape equal punishment and leaves the poor in desperate circumstances.

You cannot force a person to believe in your faith. By imposing a law with the penalty of death, you only ensure that people will say that they believe in your religion. There are many people who practice a religion, but do not believe it in their hearts. It is better to let a person choose their faith willingly out of devotion rather than out of fear of death.

You have the power to help your country become a modern country built on loyalty rather than fear. Please work to end the death penalty in your country.


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  1. D. Farrimond says:

    A Look At The Life Of Primatives In The 7th Century

  2. Agnes Losonczi says:

    Saudis, meanwhile you wear high offices in the laughably ridiculous un committee for human rights offences; aren’t you ashamed because of your hypocrisy?

  3. neil moorcroft says:

    But remember its Nothing to do with Islam…?

  4. Lajeanne Leveton says:

    OH, but Islam is the “religion of peace”….how many times have we all HEARD THAT!!!

    Neil Moorcroft, it has EVERYTHING To do w/ Islam, it is a inherent part of the religion……don’t lie to yourself!

  5. Patricia Dumais says:

    Put an end to barbaric executions for ALL crimes.

  6. Eleonora Oldani says:

    It figures that Saudi Arabia is the closest bed-fellow of the USofA! As to those “smart” comments re Islam: IF it were stipulated and based in their religion then how come that out of the 50 Islamic countries only two have such cruel laws …?!?! Ignorance is NOT a bliss … Stoning is in the Torah but not in the Qur’an.

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