Don’t Expose Child Refugees to Health Risks to “Check Their Teeth”

Target: Member of British Parliament David Thomas Charles Davies

Goal: Revoke and apologize for ridiculous proposal to do invasive x-rays of children’s teeth as a way of “determining their age.”

A British MP has asked that children from Calais have their teeth tested to verify their age as a way of reassuring citizens of the U.K. that they are not being duped by asylum seekers. This would require that children get an x-ray using radiography which would unnecessarily expose them to electromagnetic radiation. According to the Association of British Dentists, this is a very inaccurate way of measuring a person’s age.

Teeth x-rays were called for after several news agencies printed photos of refugees with captions questioning their ages. This fear mongering led many to question the motives of some of the more mature looking children. Some of the children from these areas full of conflict will certainly look older than their age suggests. Greif, stress, and hard living will mature you not only mentally, but also physically.

These children are traveling unaccompanied by an adult, and are only able to come to the U.K. because they have a family connection there. The government spends about 10 hours on each child’s case. They use documents and interview family members to figure out each child’s age. This process may not be perfect, but it is enough to determine someone’s age to a reasonable degree of certainty.

These children have been through so many horrible experiences at a tender age. They often are in dire need of mental and physical care. As a society it reflects poorly on us when we accuse people of deception and force them to undergo invasive testing when they are at their most vulnerable. Sign this petition to demand that MP Davies retract and apologize for his call to put these children through intrusive and inaccurate testing.


Dear Member of Parliament Davies,

Forcing children to undergo teeth checks to ensure that they are not trying to deceive the British people is unethical and inaccurate. You should revoke your call to have these tests done and apologize for proposing this measure.

You said this is a “very accurate” way to determine the ages of refugees. Yet experts on the matter, the British Association of Dentists, claim that is an imprecise way to determine the age of a child.  It is clear that you did not consult with specialists when you made this erroneous comment. It is your duty as a public servant to issue a statement correcting yourself, so that the public is informed about the inaccuracy of these tests.

These young people have seen such horrors at such a young age. They are often in critical need of mental and physical care. Their situation should inspire empathy, not suspicion. As a society it reflects poorly on us when we accuse people of deception and force them to undergo invasive testing when they are at their most vulnerable. These tests are clearly unethical.

It is wrong and manipulative to use people’s fear of terrorists to bar young refugees from asylum. Please apologize for proposing such an unethical and inaccurate medical test to let the public know that you no longer seek to detect the age of refugees in this manner.


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Photo Credit: fsHH

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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    This woman is an idiot with absolutely no understanding of what she is petitioning for.

    First of all dental X-rays are now very low grade and taking them will not hurt the person involved. If they did then we wouldn’t be using them on us, would we?

    Secondly, we are talking about protecting children and many of the migrants in Calais are much older than they claim to be. Many of these migrants will commit crimes such rape, burglary and murder. No, I am not exaggerating, one of these Afghani “children” murdered his social worker in Sweden after raping her and there are many incidents in the UK.

    I believe that CHILDREN should be helped and protected and not the vicious young adults that don’t care about us.

    • Absolutely spot on. These are not children but strong healthy men, it is a scam to get into the UK.
      The PC mob think dental x rays are against their human rights. Do they think these “children” give a toss about us, this country is ruined.

      • Totally agree. Here in Kent we are landed with hundreds of so called ‘children’ enough is enough. There is no way the ‘children’ travelled tgat distance alone, bargaining with people smugglers. Carrying vast sums money, its a joke..they arrived with own family, who are somewhere else in camp…waiting to join the children We have to look after our own homeless, we have no idea who these poeple are….lets nit be fooled. Send back and apply through correct procedures

  2. You’re right Gillian! I’d say KEEP THEM ALL OUT!

  3. Absolutely right Gillian. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw pictures of the ‘children’ ……. These youths have been brought up in countries where women are shown no respect and they are taught western countries are there to be taken advantage of.

  4. Margaret Melnick says:

    I would sign this petition if it wasn’t so stupid. Since when is having teeth examined invasive and humiliating? If that was the case I guess I have subjected myself and my children to these invasions and humiliation. If they really are children they may be in need of dental care and this would be a good start. My guess those complaining aren’t children but adults posing as children. Kick them out.

  5. Anna Borsey says:

    Anyone claiming asylum on the grounds of being a child is obliged to PROVE his claim, one way or another. These strapping young men are hardly “children” in the true sense of this term. They are certainly not vulnerable 5-12-year-olds …

    I cannot feel any empathy for a young man claiming to be a “child” and trying to get permanent rights of abode here by lying about his age.

    This is a tricky issue, as people mature at different rates and at different ages (and some never mature at all, even though their biological age may well be 37 or 48 … ). Perhaps we, as a society, ought to have a different, sliding scale when determining this elusive status of “childhood”.

    Certainly NOT signing this petition as I firmly believe that anyone claiming asylum as a “child” must have his true age determined somehow.

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