End Deadly Bow-and-Arrow Bear Hunting

Target: Senator Stephen M. Sweeney, President of New Jersey Senate

Goal: Bring an end to bow-and-arrow hunting of wild bears after more than 487 were killed in less than one week.

About 487 wild bears were killed in New Jersey after five days of bow-and-arrow hunting. This was the first time bow-and-arrow hunting was allowed in the state in over forty years, and another firearms hunt is planned for December.

Such a hunt is not only deadly, but also horrifically inhumane. While the bear population has expanded significantly and it is understandable that citizens fear for their safety in the presence of wild bears, there are ways in which bears and humans can safely coexist. More education is needed, not more death.

The slaughter of the animals in one week was so excessive that, if this hunt continues at the rate it is going, there may be no wild bears left in the state. With an estimated 3,000 bears in New Jersey, the population of wild bears may deplete rapidly should 500 bears be killed every few months. Sign the petition to demand that the bear hunt, especially the bow-and-arrow hunt, be brought to an end.


Dear Senator Sweeney,

Nearly 500 bears were killed in less than a week during New Jersey’s bow-and-arrow hunt. This excessive slaughter seems unreasonable, especially considering another hunt is only weeks away. While it is understandable that the citizens of your state fear for their safety due to the number of bears in the state’s forests, if the bears continue to be killed at this rate, there may not be any more bears in the state left.

A balance must be found between controlling a population and depleting it. I ask that you take action to pass recent legislation posed by several of your fellow senators that would bring an end to the cruel bow-and-arrow bear hunt.


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Photo Credit: Steve Hillebrand

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  1. Neville Bruce says:

    End trophy hunting, regardless of the weapons used.

  2. Responsible bowhunting is by far tbe humane way to hunt and kill any animal. We should all feel and have a responsibility for conservation of nature. With out a hunting season with in 10 years you would witness starvation and disease. Animalsnatural habit has been over taking by people. Its our responsibility to respect our responsibility as being superior to them. To make sure there is a balance. If the human race did not exist then there wouldn’t be a need for responsible conservation of our natural and native resources. However, we are here. And i believe it should be everyone’s responsibility to respect life no matter if its a animal or human. Alife is a life. I believe the difference in a human and animal, is a human has a soul,and a animal no matter its intelligence or value only has a spirit. I could be wrong but it makes sense to me. However you you believe why do have people have try ad cause chaos over nothing. 500 bear was harvested in a hunting season. Next year they’ll be lucky to have have 200. After next year unless yyou’re poaching you would be lucky to kill a bear. However there will be a proper balance “that is necessary, because of our presense” and you will not see disease starvation and nuisance bears. Because there is a healthy population,that is still sustainable and will be sustainable. Lets all take a silent honest moment and think about this. We have starving homeless children abused and molested, homeless vetrens mentally ill cripled people all over this country. The world is in near absolute chaos and choose to defend and petition for the bears. I love wildlife and nature, words can not express how much i love life, nature and our natural world. But its our responsibility to maintain it all and do right. I love hunting bow hunting as a matter of fact. I lobe fishing and love life and no evil deed be done to any thing or one on this eath. Buti hust dont understand why if all these people care about bears. No seems to care about people any more.

  3. Of course we care about people; this petition is about bears. I respect that you took the time and trouble to write on an anti-cruelty, anti-hunting forum. That opens up dialogue. So let’s begin. I would think twice about saying it is “everyone’s responsibility to respect life” as you kill it without blinking an eye, and in brutal manner, with a bow, archaic, and no need for a bow in these times except for the indulgence of luxury “sport” (and self-interested “recreational satisfaction”)…the bow open to missing the mark many a time due to botched aim, not EVERYONE an expert shot, and the hapless animal tortured needlessly and senselessly, assistants with rifles quite often near by in relation to this VERY REAL FACT, as in the case of Cecil the Lion, lured unfairly with bait…and in cruel, unspeakable agony for 40 hours, tracked, until they finally found him and shot him…dead. And do you have the unfair practice of luring with BAIT in your practices…a cowardly way of attracting an animal in underhanded fashion, to gain false one-sided edge. Luring with bait, manipulatively and underhandedly, is not “hunting”…
    MOREOVER, “though rationale for introducing hunts is to reduce nuisance bears, the primary cause of human-bear conflict is human garbage and other unsecured attractants” (HSI). Hunting does not address this; in this sense, bear hunts do not reduce conflicts with nuisance bears… Bear-resistant trash cans, Bear-Wise programs, aversion programs, other humane methods, and plain, old fashioned human effort work better to solve problems (and in addition, jobs can be created).
    As commenters have said, why do some people immediately resort to the idea of KILLING EVERYTHING as the answer; it takes NO time at all to be destructive; it requires more effort to apply long-lasting creativity, intelligence and resolution. At the risk of surmising something, I would say that the “nuisance issue” is just a handy excuse for [certain] members of the hunting community…
    Ahh, yes, conservation…the constantly touted idea that to protect something, you must kill it. Wonder how nature, and animals, ever managed without us. Historically and overwhelmingly, imbalance is created by humankind’s encroachment on the self-sufficient environment. In relation to this, instead of shooting mindlessly, PERHAPS it is time we focus on and investigate our “style of encroachment” instead and invest in sustainable ways to manage our own “harmonization” with the planet.
    There is only one thing stronger than all the armies of the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

  4. end the killing of sacred bears now new jersey.

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